Modern Family Season Finale Recap: Cam and Mitch Finally Get Hitched

ERIC STONESTREET, JESSE TYLER FERGUSON, JULIE BOWENThough it takes four tries, Cam and Mitch become legal spouses at last during Wednesday’s Modern Family season finale — and here’s how it all goes down (the aisle).

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• The day’s problems begin when the encroaching wildfire caused Mitch, Cam and their guests to quickly relocate — via school bus — to a venue that miraculously opened up in time. But when Sal’s water broke, causing her stymied new guy to escort her to the hospital, the guys were without an officiant… until Phil, who’d secretly gotten ordained online, stepped up to take her place.

• After hearing Haley describe Andy’s situation with his less-than-loving girlfriend, Alex realizes that her sister has feelings for the manny. Though she denies any emotional attachement, Haley stops by the coffee shop where he’s still waiting for a delayed flight and lets him know that he deserves better. He later calls to see if she meant that he deserved her, and off a warning from Alex not to toy with Andy’s heart, Haley says she merely meant that he should be happy with whomever he chooses. So Andy, who unbeknownst to Haley is outside in a cab, drives off instead. (Sad face!)

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• Back at the new venue, all is well until the couple that originally reserved the hall reunites and demands use of the space they paid for. So the entire shebang moves to Cam and Mitch’s place, where the guests are crammed into every nook and everything is so threadbare that the guys decide to call it all off. But just as they’re about to announce to the crowd that the day is kaput, Jay — whom Mitchell had thought was staging a passive-aggressive protest to the proceedings — steps up to save it all: He’s arranged for a lovely ceremony at his golf club.

• Jay walks Mitchell down the aisle, touching his son, and Cam’s folks do the same. So with Phil presiding, the two are married. Kisses, tears, joy!

What did you think of the finale? Did you enjoy the Luke-and-Manny-as-a-married-couple side plot? Was the wedding everything you’d hoped? Grade the episode via the poll below, then elaborate in the comments!

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