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Grimm Finale Post Mortem: David Giuntoli and EP David Greenwalt Talk Adalind's Tawdry Trickery and Nick's New Normal in Season 4

Grimm - Season 3Warning: The following post contains spoilers from Grimm‘s Season 3 finale. If you haven’t watched, make like an eisbiber and scurry away.

That was one heck of a wedding reception, eh?

By the time the credits rolled on Friday’s Grimm, Rosalee and Monroe’s marriage was the only event that unfolded as expected — too bad the couple had all but banked on a Grimm-Wesen brawl, and their fears were realized not long after the new Mr. & Mrs. said “I do.”

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Elsewhere in the episode, Adalind got Nick to sleep with her by posing as Juliette — and he did! — and Captain Renard took a couple of bullets in the chest, thanks to Weston, whom Trubel later beheaded. (Later, Ponyboy!)

But the biggest surprise of all came during the aforementioned wedding throw-down, during which Nick realized that none of the Wesen were reacting to him… because he’d lost his Grimm abilities!

TVLine chatted separately with star David Giuntoli and series co-creator/executive producer David Greenwalt about the tumultuous hour and what’s ahead in Season 4. (You’ll notice there’s not much on Renard’s fate; some knowledge, like the mysterious keys, must be left for you to acquire later.)

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TVLINE | So Nick slept with Adalind… and didn’t even know it until after?!
GIUNTOLI | It’s the only state-sanctioned way to cheat on your lover: Have someone else embody them. Yes, Adalind turned into Juliette and slept with me, and I did not know the difference — except there was a certain wild, witchy energy that I think Nick maybe liked.

TVLINE | Nick went from being a Super Grimm at the beginning of the season to basically having no powers at the end. Can you tell us about the decision to de-Grimm him?
GREENWALT | We had this idea that, at some point, it would be good for him to lose his powers. Then we thought, “That’s a great way to end the season.” And I like what you were just saying, Kim: He started as a Super Grimm, and you just think he’s going to get Grimm-er, but in fact by the end of the year he’s lost his power. When we began noodling about just how he was going to lose his powers, it became very exciting… We said, “Well, Adalind has his blood in her. What else could she possibly get in her? What if she made herself look like Juliette?” Obviously, there’d be no other way for them to ever do that with Adalind. And then we were on fire. The whole thing became so much fun. It’s almost farce, really. It’s our normal drama/comedy/horror/adventure, but there’s a little bit of farce in this one.

And then we got so excited where Adalind-as-Juliette is driving the captain crazy, sleeping with Nick, doesn’t know who the heck Trubel is and just raises hell – but for a good cause. The nice, new thing that happened toward the end of the season, she wants her baby back. She’s not just being evil; she’s like, “I have to do this to get my baby back, and I’ll go to any lengths to do that.”

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TVLINE | I kind of hoped she’d gallivant as Juliette a bit more. It was fun to see Bitsie Tulloch play Juliette the way Adalind sees her.
GREENWALT | We could’ve done it for two or three episodes, I suppose. But we needed to get her on that plane to Europe. Of course, she thinks her baby is there — and guess what? [And] obviously, Nick has no powers,and Trubel can become his eyes and ears for the Wesen world.

TVLINE | Does this mean that Trubel is going to be around for the next season?
GREENWALT | She’s definitely going to be around for a good part of next season, possibly the whole season.

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TVLINE | Even though Nick had been complaining about it earlier in the episode, the de-Grimming comes as a shock. Percentage-wise, what part of him is happy he’s no longer a Grimm, and what part wants to go back to the way things were?
GIUNTOLI | Split it down the middle. For every personal life reason, he does not want to be a Grimm. But now that he knows so much and he knows he’s needed… he would like to be a Grimm. But that’s a big struggle, between personal life and crimefighter life.

TVLINE | Juliette’s been very understanding of everything that’s happened, but this episode is the first time we see her chafe at that. Will she argue for not reinstating Nick as a Grimm?
GREENWALT | That’s going to be her first point of view, and it’s going to eventually become his point of view. But then you realize: He’s only half a man if he’s not a Grimm. The way to get him back is very complex and kind of fun, too. They will come to agreement, eventually, but it’ll be over a long period. He might even quit the force for a while.

TVLINE | The antidote spilled out of Trubel’s hands during the wedding melee. Was that a time-sensitive thing? If Nick can find the rest of it and take it, will he be OK?
GREENWALT | It’s a time-sensitive thing. First of all, they’ve got to find that storage shed where all that stuff took place. But then, [by] using Rosalee and Monroe and another very interesting character that’s going to have a relation to our captain, they have to figure out how to reverse this, what they’re going to have to go through.

Grimm - Season 3TVLINE | What does life look like for Monroe and Rosalee now that they’re wed?
GREENWALT | They did have a beautiful honeymoon planned, but they put that on hold to throw in with Nick and Juliette and their problems and see how much they can help fix what’s happened. Eventually, there are a lot of Wesen who don’t like interracial Wesen marriage, if you will. They’re going to run into a lot of trouble with some very radical Wesen like that, and that’s going to be a big thing that happens to them in the first half of the season.

TVLINE | At the very end of the episode, Wu sees Trubel’s drawings and has a flashback to his encounter with the aswang. When you and I talked a while ago, you mentioned that his Wesen-related story isn’t over.
GREENWALT | They’re gonna have to decide if they want to bring him into this or not, because now he’s been through enough… Definitely, all of this “Is it real or not?” will be coming up for him, big time.
GIUNTOLI | I think it’s better if he [remains in the dark], for the show — probably not as fun for Reggie Lee. If Wu knows, then everybody we know on the show knows. Certainly there’s a precinct full of people who have no idea what the hell’s going on, but the audience does not know those people. He represents that other side. And if we lose that, then the story is a very different story.

TVLINE Nick now has another key and a partial map of the Black Forest. What can we look forward to, regarding that plot, in the next season?
GREENWALT | We can look forward to a third key, and we know the royals have four, and Nick and his cohorts have three, and in Year 5 — we promise –we will put all this together and find out what the hell they lead to.