Nashville's Charles Esten, Chris Carmack & Will Chase Tease 'Messy' Season 2 Finale Cliffhanger

Nashville Season 2 Finale Spoilers Charles EstenNashville fans may feel like they’ve already endured enough of a cliffhanger this season, what with ABC holding off on renewing the series until after all of its other returning dramas had been announced.

But those fans will have to cowboy up, because the country-music saga will wrap its second chapter with a finale that leaves at least one emotional plot line without resolution. (And you thought the car accident destroyed you…)

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“I was joking with Callie [Khouri], our creator, when we were shooting the finale,” Chris Carmack tells TVLine, “that our audience should probably just climb into a bathtub to watch it, because it’s going to be a very wet episode.”

The copious tears might start when Carmack’s sexually conflicted Will succumbs to the pressure in both his sham marriage and the reality show chronicling his life with Layla.

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“The walls are closing in on Will. It’s a lot to handle,” Carmack says. “It’s going to expose how much he’s lying to himself, because the only reason he can keep up this lie is because he has these moments where he can explode, and then come back [to normal]. What you realize when the cameras are on you is, if you explode, that’s what they’re going to show.”

Of course, none of this escapes the new Mrs. Lexington’s notice, either. As the season’s final hour closes, “I would say the honeymoon is over,” he adds.

Nashville Season 2 Finale SpoilersAt least the Deacon-Rayna relationship seems to be on better footing coming out of last week’s episode, which found the two former lovers jamming on stage with their daughter and Daphne. Though the series this year has focused on Deacon and Maddie figuring out how to be father and daughter, Charles Esten says it’s all just an extension of the relationship fans clamor to see reignited.

“The interesting thing about it is that it doesn’t take away from Rayna; it connects him more deeply to Rayna than ever,” the actor explains. “We are [Maddie’s] parents. There’s been a bond from the word go between Deacon and Rayna, and now there’s a physical manifestation of that bond, this beautiful, talented girl.”

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The episode also features two concerts: a benefit Deacon throws for an organization that helped him during recovery and a Highway 65 launch for Rayna’s new album. At the latter, boyfriend Luke asks the First Lady of Country Music a very public question. (If you’ve seen the promo, you know what we’re getting at.)

Will Chase is aware that his good ol’ boy character isn’t beloved by Rayna-Deacon ‘shippers, but he maintains that situations like the one the redhead finds herself in at the end of the hour are “the most fun to watch… [People] want things to be messy, because things are messy,” he tells TVLine, grinning. “You want that kind of messiness in there.”