Once Upon a Time's Ginnifer Goodwin Previews Wicked Childbirth, a 'Significant' Baby Naming and Season 3's Super-Secret Final Scene

TVLINE | When we spoke on set this winter, Once Upon a Time Charmings Cursecould you have imagined  back then that Snow White had cast the curse?
You know what? Truth be told, I did know. Josh and I were sworn to secrecy — even our castmates didn’t know — because there were certain things the creators realized that we needed to gear up to play, in terms of getting to the point at which we made the decision to [cast the curse]; it couldn’t just be something impulsive. But we are terrible secret-keepers, so it was really hard to sit on set with our lips zipped, listening to everybody talk about who they thought cast it.

TVLINE | The scene itself was so romantic, all the assorted beats within that flashback sequence.
Oh, I loved it. We loved, loved, loved filming that. That was the last time that I was physically able to get up and won off the floor! So that scene meant a lot.

TVLINE | The Wicked Witch storyline at large has been great fun, with the assorted Oz nods — even throwaway lines like, “Out of my way, Munchkin.”
And I feel like Rebecca Made made it so much more fun. Not a slam against any other actors, but she had so much fun with it, she made me understand a whole new motivation for this character…. It’s a testament to the writing and the acting of the people that they brought on board, that they made that world so new and refreshing and complicated and fun.REBECCA MADER, GINNIFER GOODWIN It was a joy, honestly, to watch. Jennifer and I have said this before, but there were moments where we would realize we were smiling through scenes because we were sitting there as audience members as opposed to actors playing characters, because we would be on the ride with the Wicked Witch.

TVLINE | All told, how did the split season work out for the actors?
We preferred it, to be honest. Nothing against what we’ve done in the past, but I felt like we packed more of a punch, splitting the season up this way. I appreciate that the audience experienced more momentum, and I really appreciated that ultimately there was a common goal for each of those halves, as far as all of our characters banding together and going after the same thing, even if we had individual agendas.

TVLINE | That really was a theme of both halves, and even a bit of late Season 2. We even saw that wonderful growth for Snow and Regina as frenemies.
We kept making this joke during the first half of this season, that we were “The Nevengers,” but there’s some truth in that. You have all of these “superhero”-type characters who normally would be following their own agendas. To be honest, I hope that it continues like this. I also liked the change of scenery, in that it was like doing two miniseries a year. It kept us all invigorated.

TVLINE | You joke about The Nevengers, but last week’s battle scene with the monkeys had everyone busting out their specialty. Swords, guns, fireballs…
Oh yeah. But another bone we pick is the fact that Regina doesn’t “poof” us out of all situations – and we don’t know why she doesn’t. Just “poof” us out of here!

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TVLINE | What can you tease about the two-hour Season 3 finale (airing May 11)? Adam and Eddy said it definitely points at a direction for Season 4.
Absolutely. In fact, I know that they have something up their sleeve that we the cast have not been made privy, in terms of the absolutely final moments of the season. I know that they are going to reveal something about the theme of next season, but we actually don’t know what it is. I don’t know that anybody does, outside of the boys and the people who filmed it. But other than that, we will tie up some odd loose ends, for sure, there will be a marriage, Killing Kennedyand I can tell you that someone’s going to be burned at a stake – there’s that doozy!

TVLINE | You’ve played Snow White — which you have said you did for your 8-year-old self — and you’ve portrayed Jackie Kennedy.… Is there any other iconic character you’d love to take on at some point in your career?
Oh my gosh, I’m such a sort of literary whore…. When I went into this [profession], I wanted to play every Shakespearean heroine and bring to life every Jane Austen novel, and that’s all clearly been done… I can’t say that I have one specific character I’m dying to play, but there are SO many books that I’m always reading or revisiting where I go, “Oh, if only they’d make an adaptation of this.” I loved [NatGeo’s Killing Kennedy]. I loved making it, I loved the product and everyone involved…. I’ll certainly be chasing other dreams along the way.

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