Switched at Birth's Vanessa Marano Talks Bay's 'Issues' With Tank, Big 'Bemmett' Moment

Switched at Birth Season 3 SpoilersSwitched at Birth‘s newbie couple Bay and Tank are hitting a speed bump courtesy of her ex in Monday’s spring finale (ABC Family, 8/7c).

Not only does Bay have major trust problems stemming from her former relationship with Emmett, but as a sneak peek at the season ender shows, she’s also dropping the L-word to him!

Below, her portrayer Vanessa Marano previews the troubles ahead for Bay and Tank and the big question plaguing a “Bemmett” reunion.

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TVLINE | We recently talked to Max Adler, and he mentioned that there are some rocky times ahead for Bay and Tank.
Max Adler was correct when he said that! [Laughs]

TVLINE | What can you add to that about what happens to them in the finale?
Bay’s been questioning why he has any interest in this fraternity. She’s been very judgy about him as a whole and what fraternity he participates in — not wrongfully so, because they’ve been doing some sketchy activity. But that being said, it comes from Bay all of a sudden [being] in this new world, with this new boy. She usually dates guys who are very similar to herself. Even if they’re not that similar, they kind of have the same view on life. Tank is different. Tank is different than any guy she’s ever dated before. So she’s in a world of the unfamiliar. … Those issues get brought up again in the finale.

TVLINE | How into him is she really? Because there seems to be some hesitation on her part to get too invested in the relationship.
Switched at BirthI don’t even know, as an actor, if the hesitation is because she’s not that into him and is not over her unresolved issues with Ty and her unresolved issues with Emmett, or if she doesn’t trust [anyone] anymore. That ability for her to trust a guy has been taken away repeatedly, so many times. I feel bad for Tank in that sense because he’s fallen for this girl who really can’t open herself up to him in the way that she usually does pretty freely. Because Bay jumps into a relationship and shows herself completely, shows her true colors and lets people in. But Bay as of late, who’s been cheated on what she perceived to be three times… Now, she realized it was only two times because Ty didn’t, but that was still a lie, so she still feels like she was lied to and can’t trust. He’s fallen for this girl who can’t trust him. His character is so sweet and so willing to look past it, I don’t think he realized how hard it was going to be.

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TVLINE | The promo for the finale is pretty revealing.
Really and truly, there’s so many more surprises. I imagine everybody seeing that finale preview is like, “Oh, well, I know what’s going to happen.” You don’t know. Get excited, but don’t get too excited because you don’t know.

TVLINE | Bay and Emmett have been in their own relationships this season. Is there still hope of them reconciling?
I think there’s always hope. The relationship that Emmett’s been in this season is a little fishier than the relationship Bay’s been in the sense that Emmett’s never met the person that he’s in a relationship with.

TVLINE | That seems like a catfishing situation.
I mean no pun intended, but…

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TVLINE | In the promo, Bay is seen confessing to Emmett that she loves him. Was this shocking to you? All this season, they’ve been just friends and now she’s making this big move.
I don’t know that it’s really shocking to anyone that they still love each other. I feel like they’ve said it to each other without actually ever saying the words. Relationships in general, not just the Bay and Emmett relationship, aren’t just about love. It’s about, can I trust you? Can we have what we had together now that everything’s happened since? It doesn’t matter that they love each other. You can love your friends. You can love your family. You can love the person you’re in a relationship with. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that you guys are good together. That’s the age-old question of Bay and Emmett. They were good together for so long and then he ruined it, so can they be good together again? Everybody wants them to be good together again, but that’s not necessarily a proven fact yet.

TVLINE | Give us a tease for the cliffhanger at the end of the episode.
People are going to be so happy and so angry at the exact same time.