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Blacklist Spoilers Mentalist ScandalIs there a method to The Blacklist‘s madness? Who’s meddling with a Mentalist romance? Is Glee ready to raise the curtain? What’s the deal with Once Upon a Time‘s Neal? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows. 

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Something has been floating around my slightly-larger-than-average-sized noggin: Who is No. 1 on the eponymous Blacklist? Will we know by the end of the season? Also, is the numbering of the Blacklist significant at all, or arbitrary? –Ryan
I virtually hand-delivered your query to EP Jon Bokenkamp, and he responded: “I wish I could say yes, that we will discover No. 1 on the Blacklist this year, but unfortunately that’s not the case; Red has a much larger endgame in mind, and we won’t get there this year. That said, there is a methodology behind the rankings on the list and we will reveal a some larger truths about the names on the Blacklist before the end of the season.”

When will Funny Girl finally premiere on Glee? And any news about Sue and/or Schue relocating to NYC? –Colleen
When we spoke to Lea Michele at Tuesday night’s 100th-episode soiree, she shared, “We’re shooting [Funny Girl‘s] opening night right now, and a lot of the original cast members come back to see Rachel” – apparently Sue included. “I am shooting an episode now, and Sue is in New York,” Jane Lynch said. “I probably shouldn’t tell you how she gets there, but I will say that she falls in love and it’s a lot of fun. She does some ‘Sue’s Corner’s when she gets home, because she’s changed by New York.”

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I’ll take anything you have on The Mentalist. Really. Anything. The tiniest, most microscopic bit of scoop. — Tea
You know how we’re going to meet Lisbon’s new romantic interest, Agent Pike (played by Graceland’s Pedro Pascal), in the March 30 episode? Well, Jane in a manner of speaking will come between those prospective lovebirds from the get-go. Because just as Lisbon begins sharing sparks with her new colleague, she and Jane will be sent undercover as a pretend couple, to nab a team of murderous art thieves.

Matt, can you give Mentalist fans anything on Lisbon’s new beau, Marcus Pike? –Shena
How about an exclusive photo of those two smitten kids?
The Mentalist Lisbon Pike

I’d ask for a scoop on The Mentalist, but you never give us anything anymore, so….. –Salome
Painfully true.

I really enjoyed NCIS‘ 250th episode, but one person was noticeably absent — Vance! I couldn’t believe Rocky Carroll wasn’t in it. When will he be back? –Sandra
Rest assured that Vance will be back next week in “Crescent City, Part 1” aka the opener of the two-part planted NCIS: New Orleans spin-off, for some integral scenes with Gibbs and Special Agent Pride (played by Scott Bakula).

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Do you have anything for us NCIS: LA/Densi fans? –Krisztina
When I spoke with Barrett Foa and Renée Felice Smith (aka Eric and Nell), they confirmed that there will be “some transition issues” when Kensi eventually makes her way back to the States, ones that affect her partnership with Deeks. “Hetty kind of encourages Kensi to stay close to home, in ops,” Smith previewed. “So she and Eric Beale get to share some time together, which gives Nell and Deeks some time together out in the field.”

Can you tell us anything about the Brooklyn Nine-Nine season finale? –Raven
I have four words for you: Home Alone cat Emoji.

Any news on Scandal? More specifically, anything on Harrison or Quinn’s respective storylines? –Alamin
Huck may be “done” with Quinn, but apparently he’s not done with her. The B613 Jedi and his padawan will face off again soon, and things will be intense. (I’m thinking he forgoes the Novocaine again.)

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Any clue what is going on with Neal on Once Upon a Time? His fans are worried! –Sara
Patience, dearie. Within the next few episodes, the mystery of what’s been going on with Neal in Storybrooke will be answered.

On Once Upon a Time, is there any chance that Snow and Charmings’ new baby is “Dorothy” in this Oz story? –Tom
Funny, Ginnifer Goodwin told me that she and Josh Dallas have batted around that same theory – though at the time we chatted, they were warming up to the Emma-as-“Dorothy” figure speculation. But through the filming of Episode 18, at least, there have been no hints either way.

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Do you have any scoop on what’s coming up on Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. in their eight remaining episodes, perhaps something Marvel-y? –Andy B
I’m sure I don’t need to tell you this, Andy, but RUN DON’T WALK to see Captain America: Winter Solider (in theaters April 4), which uncorks, as one S.H.I.E.L.D. star told us at the film’s Hollywood screening a “huge tie-in” to the ABC series. And perhaps because of that, “Things go crazy” in the season finale, EP Maurissa Tancharoen said, “and not all survive.”

Please tell me they’re going there with Haley and Andy on Modern Family…? – Andy
They’re (likely) going there. At the very least, the two have more scenes together ahead. (Maybe this time they reenact the pottery scene from Ghost?)

A little bird told me that the Major Crimes cast is coming back to work on Monday. Do you have any inside info on Season 3? –Ilona
Ugh, Sharon’s back. No, not Raydor. (We love her.) I’m talking about Rusty’s other “mother.”

Anything on Season 2 of Orphan Black? –Leia
The Season 2 premiere is, as expected, bananas in all the best ways, quickly bringing us up to speed on (in this order) Sarah, Rachel, Cosima and Allison (whom I possibly heart more than ever). Also, by the end of the hour, there will be a new addition to the “Clone Club” team.

I’ve seen recent promo pictures of George and Lemon from Hart of Dixie (which returns this Friday at 8/7c). Are they just working together as friends or is their hope that it will turn into more? —Tracie
I can confirm that George and Lemon will find themselves increasingly in each other’s orbit, and there will be flying sparks. I can’t confirm, however, whether they’re sparks of love or sparks of hate.

Please get some scoop on Longmire — anything. –Ucano
The Season 3 premiere, “The White Warrior,” is named for a new recurring character that will be introduced in that episode — a young-looking Native American man dressed in white-grey war paint, whom we first meet as he takes part in an almost-forgotten Cheyenne religious ceremony.

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I absolutely loved last night’s episode of Arrow. The Suicide Squad was great to see. Is there any chance it could have been a quiet backdoor pilot? –Rick
I like and share your thinking, but with The Flash destined to race onto our screens in the fall, I’d put a pin in any further spin-off plans. Yet as hinted in last night’s final scene, Deadshot et al shall return. “I don’t want to spoil too much where we’re headed,” EP Marc Guggenheim says, ” but you haven’t seen the last of Amanda, and you haven’t seen the last of the Suicide Squad.”

Will there be any appearances by Gotham City characters on Arrow? –Saif
I’m going to answer with an unqualified, “Not as long as this is around, buddy!”

Any scoop on Switched at Birth? –Darla
When we spoke to Max Adler, he warned of “some rocky times ahead for Tank and Bay,” ultimately leading to an event that will “leave your jaw dropped and is very shocking and heartbreaking for one of the characters…. What happens in the finale is pretty gut-wrenching stuff.” Eep.

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