Vampire Diaries @ PaleyFest: 'Hope For Stelena,' Katherine's Possible Return and More Scoop

vampire-diaries-group-blogSex, death, Klaroline… no topic was off limits when The Vampire Diaries cast assembled Saturday night at PaleyFest. That said, it wasn’t all good news about the show’s fan-favorite couples.

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DELENA’S FUTURE | “They’ve got to have a lot of actual, legit, grown-up conversations,” executive producer Julie Plec noted of Damon and Elena’s current relationship status. “We just want to try to play them as human as possible, in spite of their inhuman experience.” Of course, there’s one major problem with that plan. “They keep taking their pants off, and that’s what gets in the way of the grown-up conversations,” Ian Somerhalder noted.

WHERE IS KATHERINE? | “We don’t really [discuss] heaven and hell on the show,” executive producer Caroline Dries explained of Katherine’s epic death. “I thought it was pretty obvious — her being dragged away in a church — where she went.” So does that mean we should never expect to see Kat again in some form? “Never say never on our show,” Dries said.

KLAROLINE’S CHANCES | Basically, don’t hold your breath for another Klaus-Caroline reunion. “If they were still on the same show, they might have a brief moment of something,” Plec said of the former pair. “I feel like Caroline Forbes is such a crucial element … on The Vampire Diaries. I think taking her off that show would be very damaging to the show. Right now, Klaus has [his own] s–t to do.”

CAROLINE AND STEFAN? | “Caroline and Stefan have a lot to do together in the next couple episodes,” Plec teased when a fan asked about a potential romance for the pair. “They go through some stuff together.” And for the record, Paul Wesley is all for it. “I’d like that!” he said enthusiastically.

‘HOPE FOR STELENA’ | When an eager fan asked if there’s still “hope for Stelena,” Dries made her day with this answer: “There’s some really good Stelena stuff coming up in the episode Paul directed.” She called it “satisfying” and “nostalgic,” while Wesley added that it’s “reminiscent of season one.”

Vampire Diaries fans, do you think Elena and Damon can actually make their relationship work? Should Katherine stay dead? And where do you stand on Caroline’s love life? Drop a comment with your thoughts.

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