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Memories From the Set: Bradley Whitford Talks Stints on West Wing, ER, Frasier and More

Bradley Whitford Trophy Wife Pete Harrison Memories From the SetAfter nearly three decades on television, Trophy Wife star Bradley Whitford has a stellar bunch of behind-the-scenes stories – like this one, which involves running into his real-life counterpart during a West Wing location shoot at the White House.

“We were shooting on a Saturday, and I had to keep going in and out of the gate. Obviously, that’s some pretty intense security there,” he tells TVLine.

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“The guy who was then Deputy Chief of Staff – which is what [my character] Josh Lyman was – was then a guy named Josh Bolten,” Whitford recalls. “He was coming in on Saturday to do some work, and I’m going back in, and the Secret Service, y’know, they know me. I’ve been in and out, so they just kind of waved me through… and they stopped Josh and went through everything in his bag.”

He laughs, adding, “It was like, ‘Oh, Hollywood? Come on in!'”

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At TVLine’s request, Whitford shared some highlights (and lowlights) from his career so far. Click through the gallery below to hear him spin tales about circumventing wardrobe challenges on NYPD Blue, traumatizing a generation of moms on ER and faking out The Mentalist – as well as which guest star on this Tuesday’s Trophy Wife killed him with comedy.

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