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Castle Spoilers 1970s EpisodeWhat will turn Castle into that ’70s show? Is Blue Bloods‘ Erin due for a bad date? Is Beauty and the Beast unleashing a new twist? Will Once Upon a Time‘s Neal go dark? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

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I‘m extremely excited about Castle‘s episode set in the 1970s! Does the case revolve in that particular decade (á la “The Blue Butterfly”) or are we actually going to see flashbacks of Kate and Rick‘s early years? –Martina
The answer is… neither! As Stana Katic explained to me the other day, “In order to get information from one of our characters, we have to pretend that we’re in that era — because he believes that he’s still in that era.” But does that mean groovy threads and ‘dos for all? “I don’t know how extreme they’re going to go,” Katic answered. “But they’ve been playing around with, like, different hair and stuff — for the guys, mostly.”

Is there anything spectacular Holt McCallanycoming up for Blue Bloods‘ Erin? –Jen
Will you settle for spectacularly awkward? I’ve learned exclusively that Holt McCallany (Lights Out) will guest-stars in a springtime episode as Robert McCoy, a candidate at a speed-dating event Erin gets roped into – and one who calls her out for bad behavior when she repeatedly takes calls during their convo. When the two later happen to meet in court…? Oops.

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Do you have any information regarding Beauty and the Beast‘s future villains? Who’s going to ruin VinCat’s “happily ever after” after Sam? –Madge
Whoa, slow down, Sam isn’t going anywhere just yet — and certainly not until he drops some major knowledge, as seen in this exclusive clip from Monday’s episode:

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You gave a lot of good stuff for Once Upon a Time premiere! Any chance you can tease something beyond New York City? Rapunzel? Blackbeard? Glinda? – Jacquelyn
I choose Door No. 2, Rapunzel. Josh Dallas touted that episode as “awesome,” “dark” and “very psychological, an episode where you have Charming facing a lot of his ultimate fears. He’s going to have to really look at himself, when confronted with something that challenges his strength and courage.” As for the well-tressed lass, Dallas promises, “She is, like all of our women, very strong.”

Can I please, please, please get some Once upon a Time info on Belle, and Rumple? Possibly Neal, too? –Karen
I’ve already told you about Belle’s plan, and while Rumple’s fate isn’t explored much in the midseason premiere, watch for Episode 13 to dive deeper into that mystery. As for Neal, he is not taking his latest separation from Emma and Henry well, at all. As cocreator Eddy Kitsis explained, “In a lot of ways Neal finds himself in a similar position that his father did, which is: I’m stuck in a land and I need to get back to the people I love.'” But while “Rumple was willing to curse everybody to get what he wanted,” Kitsis reminds, “Neal has, up until this point, kind of been a really moral center for his dad… So the question is, ‘Will he follow the same path?'”

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Will Chris O’Donnell be directing a Season 5 episode on NCIS: LA? –Cari
O’Donnell will be directing an episode, I am hearing, though it might not air until next season.

I’m getting into the show The Tomorrow People. Is there any word on if it is going to be renewed for another season? –Donald
There’s nothing official yet, no, but the show is nonetheless setting the stage for a comeback. A casting call has gone out for the role of Natalie, an unstable and sadistic rabble-rouser/self-determined leader who speaks her mind without putting a lot of thought into the outcome. She’ll debut in Episode 20 and recur in Season 2 (if there is one).

Any news on the new villains/Big Bad of True Blood Season 7? —Tom
Who needs a new Big Bad when you’ve still got Anna Camp’s Sarah Newlin hanging around wreaking havoc at every turn? And in the show’s seventh and final season, we’ll be introduced to the vampire exterminator’s Texas socialite parents and angry, bitter, gothed-out sister. (Fun fact: Sarah’s spot-on maiden name? Crabtree!) While mom and dad will appear in just one episode, Sarah’s sis, Amber, will be staying put for an arc — an extremely juicy, twisty, this-will-explain-a-lot-about-why-Sarah-is-the-way-she-is arc.

I really enjoyed The Bridge. Is it coming back? –Jesse
Yes, the FX drama was renewed back in September – and now we have a sense of the new faces who will be showing up. You;ll meet Jack Dobbs, the blue-collar brother of the guy who killed Sonya’s sister and thus shares a strange connection with the lawman. The show is also casting the recurring roles of a deceptively sinister Mennonite woman and thirtysomething Lucy Solana aka Adriana’s significant other (who is surprisingly charmed by Matthew Lillard’s Frye).

I know that the Florrick Agos versus LG is an important part of The Good Wife now, but is either of them going to have a case with another law firm? –Ana
TGW cocreator Michelle King assured me that the future won’t be limited to repeated clashed between Alicia and Will’s respective firms, saying, “We are not going to only see the two going against each other. There will be other ways to see them interacting, as well as taking separate cases.”

Do Looking‘s Patrick and Kevin hook up by the end of this season? Or does something happen to at least hint at a romantic entanglement between the two? –Alexandru
It may in part depend on the March 9 season finale, in which Patrick looks to mend fences with Richie — and how successful (or not) he is in that effort.

Do you know what is happening with Callie and Jude on The Fosters? –Marissa
As you may know, their MIA dad is about to resurface, rousing a variety of emotions. “Callie makes contact [first] so that she can protect Jude, but she ends up wanting Jude to meet him as well,” Maia Mitchell tells us. “She kind of does a 180, and it is scary in the beginning. There’s a lot of processing for them.”

Do you know the name of the song that played during the final scene of the newest Psych episode, “1967: A Psych Odyssey”? –Quanita
That was “Big Strong Girl,” by Deb Talan.

Did I hear right that NCIS‘ Ellie Bishop is married? Are there plans to meet the husband? –Jayne
Though he has no hard and fast timetable in place, NCIS boss Gary Glasberg told me, “At some point we’ll spend some time with her husband, but we wanted to introduce her first and let people connect with her and understand who she is first.”

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