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Grey's Anatomy Post Mortem: April and [Spoiler]'s Shocking Decision Has Made Them 'Villains Now'

Greys Anatomy April and Jackson Get MarriedIf you have yet to watch Thursday’s midseason premiere of Grey’s Anatomy, hit the nearest exit. Everyone else, read on…

Well, that wasn’t the aftermath I was expecting.

Grey’s Anatomy returned from its 10-week hiatus with an episode that picked up mere moments after Jackson boldly stood up in the middle of April and Matthew’s wedding ceremony and proclaimed his love and devotion to the bride-to-be. But in a twist no one saw coming (and if they tell you they did, they’re lying), the action resumed outside the barn, and only featured two characters — Jackson and runaway bride April. After some initial hemming and hawing, the pair gleefully fled the scene of the crime and eloped!

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Below, the woman at the center of the matrimonial kerfuffle, April’s portrayer Sarah Drew, expresses her own shock and awe about the surprising turn of events, admits to being bummed that Jackson and April’s wedding took place off screen, reveals the whereabouts of jilted groom Matthew, and previews the immense obstacles that await the newlyweds (hint: their honeymoon period will be short-lived).

TVLINE | I have to say, I thought I was watching a dream sequence when Jackson and April ran out of that barn alone. Were you taken aback by that yourself?
I knew it was coming from the beginning of this season, so it wasn’t a shock to me. I was like, “Oh, so we’re not going to actually see anything happen [inside] the barn? We’re not going to see that conversation [between April and Matthew] happen? It’s just the barn doors open and there you go?'” [Laughs]

TVLINE | Right?
They’re like, ‘Yes! Let’s go!’ But at the same time, I totally love that she runs off with him because I think he is her best friend and I think he’s going to challenge her in ways that Matthew couldn’t and wouldn’t have been able to. I love April and Jackson together, so it’s a mixed bag. Greys Anatomy April and Jackson Get MarriedThey’ve also just destroyed some people’s lives and that’s pretty sad. And what we begin to see with Jackson and April as the season progresses is that there are things they just have not thought about that start to come up.

TVLINE | My theory for why they didn’t show us what happened in that barn is it was just too damn ugly for broadcast television audiences.
[Laughs] I would totally agree with that! I think it would be so painful; you couldn’t actually enjoy April and Jackson being together. It’d just be too much.

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TVLINE | What do you think transpired inside that barn?
I’ve gone through different versions in my head…. I think in that moment of ecstasy, they’re both just shoving away the hurt that they’re causing and the pain they’re leaving behind, like, “I can’t think about that right now because I need to embrace this decision I’m making and I need to go forward with this decision that I’m making.”

TVLINE | Do we get a moment of closure between April and Matthew moving forward?
No. Not as of yet. Matthew is [probably] so unbelievably humiliated by the whole thing that he doesn’t ever want to talk to or see her — or anybody at the hospital — ever again. What we do get to see is April and Jackson dealing with the wreckage of what they left behind, and that’s why [their relationship and subsequent marriage] has been a secret; they don’t want to have to deal with everything. They want to have a moment to themselves.

TVLINE | And adding insult to the injured parties, they went and eloped!
I know. That’s the thing that’s so messed up! I mean, it makes great television, but it’s so hard because you want the people that you’re rooting for to just have this beautiful, happy experience. But, the fact of the matter is, [Jackson and April] also just became villains. They have created such a horrible, horrifying situation for two people who, up until that second, thought that they were in love with them. It’s just awful.

TVLINE | Awful human beings.
[Laughs] Yes!

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TVLINE | I imagine Jackson-April fans are going to be bummed they didn’t get to see an actual wedding. Were you disappointed about that?
Yes. And I actually do think that Jackson and April fans will be sad that they won’t get to see more of the honeymoon moments, and see them actually get married and see them actually have that epically romantic thing. But there’s a lot of other really cool stuff that’s coming up for April and Jackson this season that the fans are going to get excited about.

Greys Anatomy April and Jackson Get MarriedTVLINE | Like what?
A lot of it is drama. They have to decide to reveal that they’re married. And as they are moving forward in this totally fast marriage thing, they realize there are things about each other that they never knew. There are some pretty big issues that they never talked about. For instance, how are their potential children going to be raised? These are things that most [married couples] have already talked about. They’re best friends, but they’ve never actually dated. They had a sexual relationship that lasted a little bit of time, but they weren’t even really dating! [Laughs] Things are going to come up that are going to point out some pretty fundamental differences between the two of them.

TVLINE | I have a sinking feeling that poor Stephanie is going to be the first one to find out that they’re married.
[Nervous laughter] I can’t say!

What did you think of the episode? Are you finding it hard to be happy for Jackson and April? Weigh in below (and feel free to discuss the episode’s other big developments, including Callie and Arizona’s new home, the death of Alex’s dad and Derek’s surprising secret).

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