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Question: Although Finn was the love of her life, I don’t want Glee‘s Rachel single forever. But please tell me they’re not going to formally pair her with Sam. –Nathália
Ausiello: You want the good news or the bad news first? Let’s go with good, yes? “We’re really focused on her professionally right now. That’s probably the best thing,” executive producer Brad Falchuk told us at Monday night’s 100th episode party, when we asked if Rachel is ready to move on romantically after Finn’s death. “I think…I don’t know,” he added, pausing to shake his head. “No, no.” But when we pressed Falchuk about the sparks that flew between Lea Michele’s alter ego and Sam (Chord Overstreet) during the show’s Billy Joel-themed episode last November, he conceded that indeed, “There was a hint. I think there’s something nice about those two, but not yet.” (Uh-oh. “Yet” is an awfully loaded word, Nathália!) Ms. Michele, however, who was also on hand to celebrate Glee‘s milestone, wasn’t ready to speculate about her character’s readiness to love again. “I leave that all up to Ryan Murphy,” she deferred. “He’s in charge.”

Question: Do you have any scoop on Glee? Preferably Jayma Mays- or Wemma-related? –Elle
Take a seat and brace yourself for the mother of all teasers! When we grilled Matthew Morrison about whether Will will eventually relocate to New York — or more specifically, to the Great White Way — at Glee‘s 100th episode celebration, the actor might’ve let the cat baby out of the bag. “[Will is] going to have a family pretty soon, so I can’t see him leaving [them] and following his Broadway dreams — unless he packs up the kid,” Morrison said, before offering us a big smile and the following qualifier: “If he’s having a kid….” Glee Emma PregnantOf course, when you view Morrison’s comments in conjunction with this image of Will painting a room (possibly a nursery) in the March 4 episode called “Trio” (yes, trio) methinks the matter of Wemma’s impending bundle is as clear(blue easy) as day.

Question: Can you give us some news about Glee? –Chriss
Ausiello: If the preceding two tidbits didn’t satisfy the hungry Gleek within, let me offer a third course of scoop (’cause I’m generous like that). Though Sue finally gets her way and disbands New Directions in the 100th episode, it’s “not with the great joy” as you might expect, Jane Lynch previewed. “She is a little sad about it.” Of course, it ain’t over till the blonde A-listers sing. “The kids and Gwyneth Paltrow’s [Holly Holliday] and Kristin Chenoweth’s [April Rhodes] hatch plans to get the glee club back in the auditorium and up and running,” Lynch added. The episode, slated to air next month, marks “the end of an era,” said Matthew Morrison. “[New Directions] came in second place in Nationals, and the deal [Schue had with Sue] was that [McKinley’s show choir] had to come in first. We’ll see the end of the glee club,” Morrison previewed. The hour also finds him teaming up with Paltrow and Chenoweth for a big musical number, which he said “was really a blast, especially with Kristin. I just love her energy. We’ve known each other for a long time, so it’s always great to have her on the show.” Ultimately, though, Morrison spoiled that Holly and April’s efforts to save New Directions will fail. But that doesn’t mean somebody else’s campaign won’t work, does it? Does it?

Question: I can’t wait for The Good Wife to return. Do you have any spoilers on the next batch of episodes? —Andres
Ausiello: The first episode back, airing March 9 and hilariously/confoundingly titled “Parallel Construction, Bitches,” brings Mike Colter’s Lemond Bishop back into the fray in a big way. “Bishop brought his illegitimate business over to Florrick Agos, and some of his employees are [suddenly] being arrested,” explains exec producer Robert King. “So there is a worry about [possible] leaks coming out of Florrick Agos that are hurting [him].” The suspects include Clarke (Nathan Lane), Robyn (Jess Weixler) and Cary Without an E (Matt Czuchry). Adds King: “It’s this very complicated picture that starts with a crime case but turns quickly into suspicion that there’s a leak at F.A.” Bonus Scoop: The ep also marks the return of Wallace Shawn as Bishop’s henchman Charles Lester.

Question: Longtime reader, first time scoop-asker. Any news about my favorite Grey’s Anatomy couple, Callie and Arizona? —LaKeeau
Ausiello: The March 13 episode is going to take stock of Arizona in a big way. Explains her portrayer, Jessica Capshaw: “It’s a window into where she’s been and where she wants to go in a clearly intentioned way as opposed to you know, things just happening all over the place between the infidelity and trying to make up for it but then squashing it and sort of sandwiching in another infidelity. [The time] is right for her to have a reckoning.” Arizona’s awakening comes during “a really bad day in her life,” adds Capshaw. “But [whereas] a really bad day in her life used to be all about, ‘I lost a leg and it’s all about the leg,’ this episode is, ironically, about: She lost a leg but she’s actually OK. You can have a normal bad day that’s not all about the leg; it’s just a bad day. She has a new normal.”

Question: What can you tell us about Brooklyn Nine-Nine? —Zoe
Ausiello: The season finale will feature a drunken hookup between two characters you would never imagine (under any circumstances) hooking up.

Question: Please tell me you have some Teen Wolf scoop! —Mary Kate
Ausiello: Do I ever! The show is currently casting the role of Mason, an out-and-proud athlete, described as funny, witty and handsome. He’s also the best friend of Beacon Hills High’s new star lacrosse player, and we’ll meet both guys next season. If this sounds like Danny and Jackson 2.0, it’s probably because it is — but something tells me Mason is going to get a little more involved in the town’s supernatural shenanigans than poor, clueless Danny.

Question: Do you have any Teen Wolf spoilers between Stiles and Lydia? Please and thank you. –Miriam
Ausiello: There’s nothing romantic in Lydia and Stiles’ immediate future, unfortunately, but you will be happy to know that their bond will play a major part in the pack’s rescue efforts. Lydia has a deep connection to Stiles, and that will be crucial when it comes to ridding him of that pesky Japanese spirit. The question is: Can their connection also overcome his feelings for Malia?

Question: Can you tell me, is The Originals‘ Sophie dead dead? Or is there a chance the Deveraux witches will get some justice? —Marko!
Ausiello: Well, Marko, I’ve got some good news and some bad news. Actually, just bad news. Sophie is definitely dead, as tonight’s episode features her consecration ceremony, which will include one extremely uninvited guest. As for justice, some will be served this week — but not by a member of the Deveraux clan.

Question: I am absolutely obsessed with the new show Reign. Any spoilers at all would be amazing. –Michelle
Ausiello: How about this? Torrance Coombs hints to TVLine that Bash might just get cozy with one of Mary’s ladies-in-waiting in a future episode. “There’s a strong possibility of that,” he says, but “maybe not in the way that you think.”

Question: Does the Once Upon a Time premiere (airing March 9) answer the speculation one way or another that Snow White and Robin Hood know each other? –ZsaZsa
Ausiello: Do they know each other? No. Do they know of each other? Partly.

Question: Have you heard anything about how Rizzoli & Isles will handle Lee Thompson Young’s passing and absence from the program? –Karyn
Ausiello: Having immediately acknowledged Young’s tragic passing with an “In Memoriam” card added onto the Aug 20 episode, R&I won’t address Detective Frost’s fate until Season 5 arrives this summer, since Young was with us for much of the coming run of episodes premiering tonight.

Question: Got any scoop on Banshee? I’m addicted to this twisted show. – Ala
Ausiello: According to exec producer Greg Yaitanes, two Easter eggs have been planted — one in last week’s episode and one in this Friday’s — that hint at a storyline in the March 14 finale (and beyond). Any hardcore Fanshees out there think they can crack the mystery?

Question: Now that we know NCIS will address the loss of Ralph Waite’s character, what’s the latest on Bones‘ plans to honor the late actor? —Jaime
Ausiello: As I hinted at in last week’s AA, there will be a tribute card at the end of the March 10 episode — the show’s first original outing since Waite’s passing. As far as it being addressed on-screen, I’m told the episodes for the remainder of the season have been broken, so any memorial to Hank will have to wait until Season 10.

Cam and ArastooQuestion: Do you have anything juicy on the final stretch of this Bones season? —Rachel
Ausiello: Cam’s gonna meet the parents! The show is casting Arastoo’s very traditional, possibly judgmental mother and father, who are very eager to meet their prospective future daughter-in-law.

Question: Any info on the upcoming second seasons of the summer soaps Devious Maids or Mistresses? –Dylan
Ausiello: Tuesday is the maid’s day off at AA, so you’re going to have to be content with some Mistresses intel — and it involves the (relatively) straight-laced April (Rochelle Aytes) getting caught up in drama both juvenile (via her daughter Lucy’s heinous new classmate) and adult (brace for some half-nekkid gentlemen!). To be more specific, the show is casting the recurring role of 11-year-old Peyton, described as “a mini-Kardashian” (which is another way of calling her “a condescending, entitled, eye-rolling rich-bitch-in-training who thinks that every word that comes from April’s mouth is absurd, stupid, immature or just plain hopeless”). Knowing how April shut down her presumed-dead ex-hubby and his skeezer girlfriend last year, let’s hope she gets to unleash her delightful verbal venom on the little hellion, yes?

Question: Any Mindy Project scoop? —Vanesa
Ausiello: The season finale is titled “Danny and Mindy” for exactly the reasons you might suspect.

That’s a wrap! Please send questions, comments, and anonymous tips to askausiello@tvline.com (Additional reporting by Vlada Gelman, Kim Roots, Andy Swift and Michael Slezak)

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