Camilla Luddington to the Grey's Anatomy Fandom: Jo Is Not 'Izzie 2.0' — and Here's Why

Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Jo IzzieGrey’s Anatomy‘s Jo is a fiercely independent and outspoken woman who survived a tumultuous childhood before launching her career at Grey Sloan Memorial.

She’s also in love with a fellow doctor by the name of Alex Karev and is partial to updos.

Hmm… sound like anyone else we know?

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Yes, Karev’s current squeeze shares a few things in common with his first love, Izzie, but, as Jo’s portrayer Camilla Luddington points out, the two characters are very different people — particularly when it comes to how they treat Alex.

“I feel like Alex can be more himself in front of Jo,” the actress tells TVLine. “She doesn’t see anything wrong with him. His hotheadedness is the same as hers. She accepts him. I almost see them as partners in crime.”

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Case in point: Alex’s sad little apartment. “I feel like Izzie would’ve made it look all pretty,” Luddington offers. “It’s still a little bit trashy, and I can see Jo and Alex thinking that it looks nice. Like that’s nice for them. Like they made an effort to buy some crappy thing from CVS and put it in the corner and they’re ready to throw a party. But I think that’s what’s endearing about them.

“I do think that they’re different,” she adds. “I know people think that because Jo grew up with not a lot of money that she’s Izzie 2.0, but I just don’t see it that way.”

Should Katherine Heigl’s previously-announced desire to reappear on Grey’s result in an actual return engagement at some point — something that is admittedly looking less likely as time goes on — what would an Izzie-Jo showdown look like?

“I think Jo would want to throw down,” Luddington says with a laugh. “I really do. That would be very interesting. I don’t know what Alex would do. I would like to think he would stay with Jo.”

Grey’s Anatomy resumes its current 10th season Thursday at 9/8c.