Olympics Watch: What Was Your Favorite Moment From Sochi 2014, Day 3?

Winter Olympics Sochi GamesCanada’s Alex Bilodeau owned Sochi’s Rosa Khutor Monday, repeating his 2010 Olympic performance in men’s freestyle skiing and once more taking home a gold medal.

Bilodeau glided over the moguls, hips grooving side to side like he had Daft Punk pumped into his helmet, and made his impressive  jumps seem as effortless as putting on his boots or adjusting his goggles. (We loved his exuberant fist-pump at the bottom of the hill, too.)

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Mikael Kingsbury, also of Canada, spun through the air like an upside-down helicopter, turning in a near-flawless run that would eventually nab him a silver medal.

Aleksandr Smyshlyaev’s bronze medal performance — in which the Russian athlete came off a jump and jackknifed his body, grabbing the tips of both skis in his hands before landing with grace — also was a thing of beauty.

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The men’s victories took place on the same day as some spectacular spills, including those by Russia’s Sergey Volkov (pictured) and Finland’s Ville Miettunen during the qualifying rounds. (Both Volkov and Miettunen made it to the bottom of the hill under their own power, though Miettunen’s anguished belly-grab as he collapsed onto the bench near his coach was almost as agonizing as his crash itself.)

What kept you mesmerized on this first Monday of the 2014 games? Did you tune in to see how Julia Mancuso fared in alpine skiing? Were you watching during the men’s speed skating gold medal-fakeout? (Poor Jan Smeekens.) Sound off in the comments!

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