Reign Boss Dishes on Mary's Return to the Castle, Royal Wrath and the Possibility of a Little Prince

Reign Season 1 Spoilers What a short, strange trip it’s been.

Mary and Bash’s frantic flight from the castle abruptly ends in Reign‘s winter premiere (The CW, Thursday 9/8c), when the young queen and her betrothed’s bastard brother are forcibly returned to court.

Still, excecutive producer Laurie McCarthy tells TVLine, Mary remains determined to save both her fiancée and his sibling, who’s in hot water for accompanying her on her sojourn.

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“Sebastian is really no more than a subject. He lives at the whim of the king’s favor,” McCarthy says. “So she goes with Sebastian back to court to help protect him from the wrath of Henry – his wrath is pretty intense.”

Once there, though, she’ll also have to face Francis’ questions about why she so abruptly broke their engagement and ran away – after all, as McCarthy notes, the long-promised couple not only slept together in the previous episode, “They were in love.”

“The complication now is that Catherine and Mary both believe in Nostradamus’ prophecy,” she adds. And though he’ll find out about the portent in Thursday’s installment, Francis “doesn’t buy it at all” and will pressure Mary to marry him the way they’d planned.

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But don’t underestimate our girl’s ability to get her way, especially when her beloved’s life depends on it. During the hour, “She’ll very cleverly do an enormous move that could potentially forever change her relationship with Francis,” McCarthy previews.

And this move will have the added benefit or drawback (depending on your allegiances) of costing Catherine everything, which causes the infuriated monarch to respond in typical, devastating fashion. In other words, “She’ll make a really brutal attempt on [Mary’s] life.”

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But let’s go back to the sex for a sec: During their post-coital pillow talk, Francis voiced his hopes that a little Francis had taken root in Mary’s belly. Might Mary be pregnant sometime in the near future?

“Yes, we’re thinking about it,” McCarthy says carefully. “It was something he would genuinely hope for and that would give them some leverage to force the marriage, [but] it turns out they don’t even need to do that because of the prophecies.”

She adds: “Anyway, you’ll see.”