Did Blacklist's Wig Wow You? Glee's Best Jesus? Dead Cameo? WTF, GH Wedding?! And More Qs

The Good WifeWe’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including The Good Wife, The Walking Dead, The Blacklist and The Sound of Music Live!

1 | We get that she’s wicked smart, but should Grimm cool it with the “Juliette-knows-everything-about-all-sciences” thing?

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2 | Snap Good Wife poll: Do you prefer Will and Alicia as lovers, or enemies? And as great as the show has been, why make Melissa George’s otherwise savvy consultant a quirky, flighty mom-to-be?

| Were you disappointed that The Mentalist‘s Jane didn’t divine that island pal Kim was actually a Fed? Or are you of their theory that he did, and in fact manipulated his entire return to the States?

The Walking Dead| Be honest: Didn’t you — even if just for a second — think that the long, lean female zombie in The Walking Dead‘s final shot was Sarah Wayne Callies’ long-gone Lori? (P.S. It was Clara from the premiere.) And is it becoming (too great) a challenge to care about the survivors? Could it be that, after killing Dale, Shane, Lori, Andrea, T-Dog, Merle and many others — and banishing Carol — we’ve gone numb?

| What was General Hospital‘s Robin waiting for before she revealed herself at Patrick and Sabrina’s wedding? Their honeymoon? First anniversary?! And is there any sound reason to explain why Jason Thompson hasn’t been awarded all of the Daytime Emmys?

| Is Billy Gardell still on Mike & Molly?The Blacklist

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| Say what you will about the Blacklist Wig, but it holds on good even when Liz is thrown from a moving vehicle, right? And didn’t the sudden appearance of Ressler’s ex-fiancée (and her obvious lingering feelings for him) seem a bit out of place within such an intense episode?

8 | Is The Goldbergs‘ Barry quickly becoming the best scene stealer on TV?

| Let us get this straight: mindyThe Mindy Project‘s Danny gives Mindy one of the sexiest, most romantic Christmas presents in TV history, and she turns around and locks lips with Cliff?! Doesn’t Danny’s dance put any Secret Santa gift you’ve ever given/gotten to shame? And did you catch Morgan’s Big Bang Theory reference?

10 | Was there a funnier sight gag on TV this week than Burt’s two-eyed wink on Trophy Wife?

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11 | How relieved were you that Chicago Fire didn’t go the expected route with that Shay-on-a-bridge scene?

12 | The Voice‘s tiny the-voice-the-originals-jacquie-lee-davinapowerhouse vocalist Jacquie Lee and The Originals‘ tiny powerhouse witch Davina are totally separated at birth, right?

13 | Did Modern Family‘s Ty Burrell rightfully cinch a fifth consecutive Emmy nomination when he wiped his mouth with a housecat on this week’s especially funny installment?

14 | As much as we hate to lose Arrow‘s Malcolm Merlyn (again), how badass was Moira scaring him off with the threat of Ra’s al-Ghul?

15 | Can The Tomorrow People just be all about John, please?

16 | Are we really supposed to see the witch hunters of American Horror Story: Coven as a threat when, in a single episode, they managed to shoot two people — neither of whom was a sorceress?

17 | On NBC’s Christmas in Rockefeller Center special, what on earth was distracting the robed children “singing” behind Mariah Carey during “All I Want for Christmas Is You”?

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18 | Will/should The X Factor‘s Alex & Sierra’s position atop the iTunes chart this week (with their gorgeous cover of “Say Something”) and Top 12 showing (“Say My Name”) be enough to buy the show a fourth season — despite its downward ratings trajectory?Sound of Music Live!

19 | If Mad Men ever needs to cast a young Don Draper, might we suggest Sound of Music Live!‘s Michael Campayno? Which live moment had you most nervous: the kids dancing on the steep stairs, or Christian Borle scampering around in a (presumably see-through) blindfold? Finally, with the ratings success of SOML, which musical should NBC take a stab at next?

20 | Which baby Jesus visual was more hilariously disturbing in Glee‘s Christmas episode: Unique giving birth in the middle of “Love Child,” or Becky standing in for Jesus’ face?

21 | Does it seem strange — and like a missed opportunity — that Alex and Jo’s relationship on Grey’s Anatomy has thus far consisted primarily of them wanting to be (but not being) together and/or dealing with his daddy issues? And didn’t that one Kepner sister look a lot like Carrie Preston of True Blood/The Good Wife/Person of Interest?

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22 | On Scandal, with the memory of the last time she saw her mother so deeply ingrained, shouldn’t Olivia have recalled/made the “Marie” connection the instant she saw the no-fly alert?

23 | Did White Collar‘s Elizabeth miss her calling as an FBI agent? She’s really good at some aspects of the job….The Price Is Right

24 | Show of hands: Would you actually tune in if ABC picked up Jimmy Kimmel’s spoof The Cumberbachelor, starring (of course) Benedict Cumberbatch?

25 | Did you ever think you’d live to see the day where a contestant flashed enough derriere on The Price Is Right to constitute a “modesty blur” effect?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!