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Once Upon a Time SpoilersWill Once Upon a Time‘s Rumbelle reunion be a lasting one? Will Haven‘s finale raise a bit of Hell? How will things get “hairy” on New Girl? Coming soon: Beauty and the feast? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

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Did I miss something on Once Upon a Time? I though Charming couldn’t leave Neverland…. –Javiera
A few weeks back, Rumple revealed that once back in Storybrooke, he could fashion an elixir to ward off the fatal side effect of the Neverland spring’s healing waters. And though Neal/Bae goaded his dad into doing it gratis, “There will be favors that need to be paid,” EP Adam Horowitz teases. Adds Eddy Kitsis: “Rumple very rarely gives anything away for free. He likes nothing more than having someone owe him.”

Once Upon a Time‘s Rumple and Belle fans are really down right now because they’re always separated (by memory loss or worlds). Please tell us they’ll at least be in the same world in the second half of Season 3! –V
I brought your Q to the boys, and Horowitz assures the Rumbelle fans, “In the second half of the season, they are going to be in the same world for an extended period of time.” But Kitsis then chimed in: “If you’re a fan of Rumbelle, the second half of the season will further explore their relationship – in whatever state that is.” :-O

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Thanks for the opportunity to ask about the Haven finale (airing Dec. 13). I suspsect that Jennifer is from the same world as Audrey and William and thus is needed to open the portal so they can send William through. Will we find out who the fourth person is? Also, how much is the end of the episode going to make us scream? I’m predicting some bad stuff for Nathan. –Abby
Yes, you will find out who the fourth person is — but will he/she gladly go along with this scheme? Yes, the final moments will make you scream – in part because, yes, what happens could very well be described as “some bad stuff for Nathan.” Oh, and there’s also one, possibly two deaths.

Hi! Loving Arrow this season. What can you tell us about the midseason finale (airing Dec. 11)? –Jennifer
Barry Allen may have found his way into his hero’s lair, but it won’t be all gee-whiz geekery. As EP Andrew Kreisberg previews, “[Barry is] getting to see that sometimes it’s better not meeting your heroes, because they’re complicated and cranky… and maybe jealous of the way you’re looking at their assistant.” That said, “At the end of the day, Oliver just wants the job done and Barry helps get the job done — and that’s sort of the saving grace for him.”

Got anything on the “careers episode” coming up on New Girl? –Kas
In the Fox com’s next outing, airing Jan. 7, Jess has only 20 minutes to decide if she wants to change careers and accept a new job, prompting the gang to flashback to how they all landed in their current professions. I leave it to you to figure out how this exclusive photo of Winston à la Rodman figures in:
New Girl Winston

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Do you have any scoop on The Mentalist? –Amy
Lest you thought that we’d seen the last of Rigsby and Van Pelt during their baby fever-interrupted visit with Lisbon, I am assured there will be plenty more of the marrieds when the show returns from the holiday break.

Hawaii Five-0‘s Daniel Dae Kim tweeted a pic of himself with Robert Knepper. Any scoop on what his role will be in Chin’s big episode? –Clarlee
TV’s erstwhile T-Bag – who currently can be seen doing bad things on TNT’s Mob City – will play Internal Affairs Detective Rex Coughlin, in Episode 13.

Anything on Reign? Bash and Mary are my favorites. – Jenny
Then consider this an early Christmas/belated Hanukkah gift! By the fall finale (airing Dec. 12), Mary will make a decision that will forever change her relationship with Francis and push her closer to Bash.

Other than the return of Centipede, what’s going on with the S.H.I.E.L.D. team? –Mahika
Episode 14 will introduce two recurring characters: an African-American agent who specializes in combat/weapons, and a high-level S.H.I.E.L.D. agent/munitions expert who has past ties to both Coulson and Ward.

Beauty and the Beast’s Vincent always seems to get love interests, while Cat has always been loyal, never showing interest in Evan, Gabe, etc. Will there be an arc for Cat’s ex-lover coming back to her life? Or a new love interest? –Stephanie
Though it’s pretty obvious to Cat that she and her beast on the outs, I am hearing that before she can fall in love with anyone else, she’s going to go on a journey of self-discovery to better understand who she is and what she wants out of life — without Vincent. In the process of doing so, she’ll take a cooking class and (ahem) “heat some things up” with her handsome instructor.

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I would love any scoop you have on Awkward. Pretty please and you’re welcome! –Cyndi
With an eye on the Dec. 17 season finale, I can share that for the Season 4 premiere, the MTV charmer is casting the recurring role of Eva, a new girl at school who just moved to Palos Verdes from Manhattan for her senior year. Described as “one part Eva Mendez, one part Angelina Jolie and one part Linda Fiorentino,” Eva exudes sex, sophistication and ennui. This is where you guess whether she’ll become fast friends with Jenna and Tamara, or not.

What can you tell us about Mia Kirshner’s part on Lost Girl? –Sally
Right now, only that her multi-episode arc kicks off with the Season 4 opener, airing Jan. 13.

Will Betrayal be renewed? LOVE IT!!!!! –Robin
Well, you can see what our handy Renewal Scorecard says. On the brighter side, I can promise that during this season’s final four episodes (airing Dec. 15, then Jan. 5, 12 and 19), you will learn who murdered Uncle Lou and who shot Sara — among other shocking revelations.

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Under the category of trivial Big Bang TheoryBig Bang Theory Amy Sheldon trivia: Is the crocheted blanket on Amy’s couch the same one from Roseanne’s couch? –Nicole
I love trivial trivia! And while that sharing of a prop would seem to make sense given the sitcoms’ shared creative DNA, unless Johnny Galecki smuggled it onto set, I am told it’s unlikely the same blankie.

Will we ever see Finch reunite with his love on Person of Interest? Will Grace at least find out why he had to leave, since they obviously still love each other? –Norma
Carrie Preston, who pops up now and again as her real-life husband’s TV soulmate, agrees with you, saying, “It would be really wonderful to have Harold and Grace meet up in the present day. He’s protecting her by not letting her know, but maybe there could be some way for him to let her know that he is OK. It would be nice to see Harold have that love in his life.” That said, between carefully portioned Good Wife encores and her No. 1 True Blood commitment, there are no plans for a POI return at this time.

Do you have any scoop on whether they kicked Scottie to the curb on Suits? Please tell me that Harvey came to his senses! –Sami
I’m sorry, have you seen Scottie? [Dreamy sigh] Yeah, she will most definitely be back.

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