The Mentalist Recap: Life's a Beach

My Blue HeavenThis Sunday on The Mentalist, the CBS drama jumped ahead two years after the capture and killing of Red John, to a time and place where life was very different for on-the-lam Patrick Jane.

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Laying low on an unnamed island where the extradition treaties work in his favor, Jane trots out deplorable Spanish, irks the locals with his refusal to drink coffee, gets fitted for custom shirts (minus epaulets) and runs afoul of the neighborhood drug mule.

In the years since the CBI went bye-bye, Jane has surreptitiously (though not surreptitiously enough) kept in touch with Lisbon, who is now a police chief in a small Washington state burg, where she claims to like the “quiet” but you know she’s just bored silly. Lisbon in turn keeps tabs on Rigsby and Van Pelt, who now run a digital security firm and have added to their fam a little girl named Maddy.

And Cho? Well, he’s with the FBI, as we’ll learn in a bit….

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On the very day that FBI Special Agent Abbott sets foot in Jane’s paradise, Jane makes the acquaintance of a fellow American, Kim, over breakfast. He’s suitably dodgy at first — especially about the wedding ring he still wears — but one walk on the beach later, he confides that his wife died and “some things happened, I did some things,” and now he’s trying to put that in the past rather than “go backwards” by returning to the States, where a job opportunity (“I look for people”) awaits him.

What sort of job? Upon getting wind of Abbott’s arrival at the island, Jane walks right up to his pursuer to see what’s what. Abbott, against his personal feelings, is there to offer Jane a gig with the FBI, doing that thing he does. But Jane insists it be on his list of specific terms, which he makes Abbott sign, in quintuplicate (after he drops a huge drug bust in the visiting FBI agent’s lap).

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But upon arriving at the FBI’s Austin field office, where he bumps into the aforementioned Cho, Jane is met with the reality that his “deal” with Abbott is, when all is said and done, just “a napkin” — and that he is bound to the FBI’s (and only the FBI’s) terms, or else face a long stint in prison. Oh, and this: Kim is actually Agent Fischer, obviously sent ahead to the island once the Feds nailed down Jane’s whereabouts, probably to give him that nudge to return to the U.S. and maybe even “give her a call.”

Waving off Jane’s terms — which in addition to partnering him with Lisbon also dictated a workspace with a couch and an “adequate supply of tea” — Abbott slides the real deal across the table, one which indentures him to the FBI for five years, all while on parole. Will Jane take it or leave it?

He leaves it — and subsequently puts his hands behind his head, ready to get thrown into a detention suite. “Don’t worry, it’s all under control,” he assures Lisbon (who seems more focused on figuring out who this “Kim” is).

What did you think of this first peek at The Mentalist 2.0, directed by Simon Baker?