Is Bones a Fun Drunk? Did POI 'Hurt' So Good? Gaga Flashes the Muppets?! And More TV Qs!

BonesWe’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Homeland, Beauty and the Beast, Person of Interest and NCIS: LA!

1 | Has Bones‘ Emily Deschanel ever been funnier than in her delivery of, “What’s a skank? It sounds bad!” And Brennan needs to get drunk more often, yes?

2 | Who’d have guessed that Hawaii Five-0 would employ funnywoman Carol Burnett to make us tear up? And how great that she ended up singing a li’l something for us?

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3 | Didn’t The Carrie Diaries‘ titular heroine lose her virginity to very little fanfare, especially given her Season 1 issues with sex? And with a guy she’s only been dating for a short while?!

4 | Can Saturday Night Live‘s wardrobe peeps do something to make Cecily Strong not look like a rectangle of dark blazer when anchoring Weekend Update? And did that Haim bass player actually sing with a Claire Danes cry face throughout both numbers?

5 | The Mentalist‘s Patrick Jane is lucky that the chapel custodian didn’t do an extra thorough cleaning and find/remove that gun, huh?

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6 | Note to Homeland‘s Saul: Next time you force a heroin addict to quit cold turkey, maybe remove the furniture and pad the walls of his room first? Also: On top of the lithium and booze, Baby Mathison has a couple Marlboro Lights in its system, too?

7 | Every time you’re starting to warm up to Masters of Sex‘s Bill, doesn’t he do something kinda pervy (like filming Virginia’s face while she was… otherwise engaged)?

8 | On The Good Wife, what happened to Jackie’s dementia? Isn’t it refreshing to hear Jason O’Mara (Life on Mars, Terra Nova, Vegas…) use (a variation on) his native Irish accent? And seriously, has no one told Will that LG is already the name of an electronics company? That’s bad branding!

How I Met Your Mother High Council of Players9 | There’s no way Enver Gjokaj’s Witches of East End character will turn out to be Joanna’s son, is there? Otherwise, how could the show’s writers explain away his crackling chemistry with Joanna’s daughter Ingrid?

10 | Did How I Met Your Mother‘s High Council of Players give you Evil League of Evil vibes?

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11 | Was the tree monster the weakest limb of an otherwise stellar Sleepy Hollow? And what could be the secret involving the captain’s daughter?

12 | Hart of Dixie‘s Zoe is focusing not so much on the guys in her life, but instead on her family? Is this a Hanukkah miracle?

13 | Are Beauty and the Beast fans looking forward to the someday scene where Vincent and Cat, curled up in bed together, make note of the scar he has from when she put a bullet in him?!

14 | Castle‘s Kate surely would have gotten wind, at some point over the past five Thanksgivings, if Rick’s family in fact dressed in costume, right? And was that our good pal Pi that Rick created with his fruit plate arrangement?

15 | With Cee Lo’s lethargic coaching and poor song-selection skills derailing the terrific Caroline Pennell from Person of Interestadvancing past the Top 8, is it time for The Voice to look for a permanent replacement, someone who might have an actual chance of getting to the winner’s circle? And if yes, shouldn’t that someone be Cher?

16 | Johnny Cash’s “Hurt” has been trotted out for TV montages before, but ever as strongly as Person of Interest‘s cold open? And which of this week’s flashback “confessionals” did you find most illuminating?

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17 | NCIS: LA boss Shane Brennan said he was gonna do it, but is anyone nonetheless impressed with how the show has in fact “gone there” with Kensi/Deeks? And then gut-punched when (again, as warned) a big twist tore them apart?

18 | Shouldn’t The Originals‘ Marcel and Rebekah have put a little more thought into their take-down-Klaus plan, beyond getting a bunch of fighters and chains? How about finding a way to temporarily weaken Klaus’ strength in order to capture him?

19 | Let us get this straight: Al Roker butchered Blacklist lead Megan Boone’s name (calling her Megan Brooke) during NBC’s Macy’s parade coverage, but he managed to deliver “Diego Klattenhoff” without incident?

Lady Gaga Muppets20 | Is it any wonder the boy Muppets were so happy dancing with Lady Gaga? (We think we know what Walter is thankful for!)

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21 | Why hire Adam Lambert to guest-star on six episodes of Glee, only to waste him in this week’s “Puppet Master” episode that focused on Blaine’s McKinley hallucinations and Jake-Bree’s pregnancy scare? Didn’t his easy chemistry with Lea Michele, Naya Rivera and Chris Colfer during their two musical numbers have you jonesing to see Elliott get a legit story arc that goes beyond the Pamela Lansbury subplot?

22 | Giada De Laurentiis’ finger-slicing incident notwithstanding, wasn’t Food Network’s “Thanksgiving Live” event not quite as madcap as usual this year — and less fun as a result?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!