Sleepy Hollow Recap: Getting a Head

Sleepy Hollow Season 1 RecapYou know that frustrated feeling you get when you can’t find your keys? Sleepy Hollow‘s Headless Horseman hasn’t been able to find his head for the past several weeks – naturally, the guy’s a little cranky.

So when he encounters Ichabod and Abbie – and their new ally, Capt. Irving – in this episode, the horseman isn’t playing around. Good thing our heroes are ready for him, thanks to a tip from an undead friend (or is it foe?). Read on as we review the major developments of “The Midnight Ride.”

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HELLO AGAIN | After Abbie and Ichabod fortify Corbin’s cabin with supplies and better locks, he goes to meet his Mason brethren for some intel on how to stop the Headless Horseman. She heads back to the precinct, where Luke good-naturedly pesters her into agreeing to have coffee with him because he wants them to be friends. She grudgingly agrees but warns him to “Temper expectations, please.” (Side note: I’m totally stealing that phrase.)

Someone’s watching them from afar, and we later find out that it’s dead Moloch minion Andy Brooks. When he has Luke alone in a sketchy alley, Andy claims he can protect Abbie “from the end” and that a war is coming; everyone is going to have to take sides. When Brooks disappears, and for a long time after, Luke is understandably spooked.

DEAD MAN’S PARTY | One of the highlights of the episode is Ichabod’s voicemail to Abbie, which he not so much leaves as recites on her phone. He summons her to the Mason mansion because he’s realized that it’s total hogwash that women can’t be privy to the organization’s meetings; he signs off, “I am, most respectfully, Ichabod Crane.” (Love it.) But Headless has beat both of them there, which means the Masons who had secret information about how to best the beast are now dead. We see Ichabod get truly angry for the first time since he woke up from his dirt nap; he vows, “I will not leave this earth with [the horseman] still in it.”

Ichabod eventually realizes that Headless is searching for his missing noggin. So Capt. Irving goes to retrieve it from the lab where a Joey Lawrence-looking tech can’t figure out exactly what the skull is made of. Not to worry, lab tech; all of your experiments are about to come to a very abrupt end. The horseman strides in with his automatic rifle and strafes the room with bullets, killing the tech. He next heaves the scythe at Irving, who dodges it with Neo-like reflexes, grabs the head and then peels away in his car. Suffice to say, Abbie and Ichabod have a new member of Team WTF. And the more the merrier, because there’s a new wrinkle in this apocalypse: The horseman’s skull is indestructible.

LIGHT MY WAY | Ichabod is surprised to learn that Abbie is familiar with Paul Revere’s midnight ride; as it turns out, Crane was guarding a safehouse containing several Revolutionary boldface names on the evening of the historic event. And from that vantage point, he watched Revere receive a mystical manuscript that he carried on his ride; when the Then-Headed Horseman caught up to Revere’s party, as we see in flashback, he killed three men in his pursuit of the crucial pages. (Hey, I wasn’t that far off…) The secret to stopping ol’ No-Neck, Ichabod deduces, must be contained in those pages.

Abbie and Ichabod travel to a nearby colonial museum just long enough for Ichabod to school a tour guide who’s spreading more myth than fact. Abbie eventually pulls her pal away, notifying him that the manuscript is on loan in London (a three-month journey by sea, Ichabod quickly calculates – heh) but they’re in luck: It’s also available online.

CAUGHT IN THE ‘NET | Cue a lot of Tom Mison banging on a laptop and doing a really good impression of my mom, circa 2001, complete with pronouncements that he has catastrophically broken the Interwebs and lifting his hands far off the keyboard as though their mere proximity might cause something to short-circuit. (Though, to my knowledge, my mom never inadvertently called up a skin site called Hot Chixxx.) When all of the tech hijinks are done, Ichabod figures both that the manuscript is in code and that Revere – that cheeky silversmith – engraved the key (“Cicero”) in silver on the back of the horseman’s front teeth.

Another run-in with Brooks informs our duo that “You can’t kill Death, but you can trap him.” So, having sent the decaying deputy back to the horseman with a message to meet after dark, Mills, Crane and Irving go about laying out their trap. Moments before the sun goes down, Ichabod thinks it’s a really good time for a therapy session with the Leftenant. They bond about their Witness lonely hearts club – she says it would never work with Luke because she can’t tell him the truth about her life – and Ichabod responds that the sacrifices they must make might mean that “all we really get is one another.” Guys? That’s sweet and all, but maybe you wanna get to the graveyard for the showdown?

GOTCHA! | The plan works exactly the way Crane and Mills want it to: Using several decoy heads, they lure Headless into a chamber in the tunnels, then switch on huge UV lights that simulate sunlight and freeze him in place. Abbie kicks the Hessian’s giant blade out of the way and Ichabod shackles him as Irving watches… there’s no way trapping Death is this easy, is it?

Now it’s your turn. What did you think of the episode? Which instance of Ichabod taking umbrage had you laughing the hardest? Sally Hemings? Bottled water?  Sound off in the comments!