Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Send in the Clowns

SANDRA OH, ELLEN POMPEO, JESSE WILLIAMSYou have a hunch you’re in for a pretty damn good Grey’s Anatomy when the episode starts with Meredith accidentally quoting the theme song from The Muppet Show. And “Puttin’ on the Ritz” — in which half of Grey Sloan (and we) attend Jackson’s fancypants, circus-themed fundraiser — doesn’t disappoint. It delivers yuks (MerDer using their “pent-up surgical energy” to compete for donations), tears (Calzona heartache), shocks (more on those later) and even the unthinkable (a likable April!). Here’s how it all shakes out…

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PARENTAL GUIDANCE SUGGESTED | With the grownup doctors (and Jo) at the shindig, Shane and Stephanie decide to “be rock stars” rather than call for back-up while playing “medical Whac-a-Mole” with an ER full of patients. But, when Shane attempts a particularly risky procedure, Stephanie pages Cristina, who, rather than scold Ross, calls him a shark. (Like her, she notes, “all great surgeons are sharks.”) Then come the surprises: 1. The patient, a middle-aged junky, is the father Alex hasn’t seen in 20 years! And 2. Shane is so high on his accomplishment that he kisses Stephanie… at exactly the moment that Jackson walks in! (Mind you, the lovers patch things up in a matter of minutes afterward.)

PUNCH DRUNK LOVE | As Callie runs around the gala telling anyone who’ll listen that Arizona is dead, Arizona is actually sobbing in a supply closet. (Which is almost as bad as dead, right?) Taking pity on the adulteress, April joins her for a drink — still in the supply closet, it’s worth mentioning. Before long, the two are so wasted that April is slurring to Arizona, “Can I try on your leg?” (Kidding aside, this is quite possibly the most human I’ve ever seen goody two-shoes.)

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FLIRTING WITH DISASTER | Though Cristina’s the one who insisted that she and Owen start dating other people, she cock-blocks him when he gets a little too chummy with party crasher Emma, a pretty — and pretty interested — doctor from another hospital. At the end of the evening, however, Cristina puts her money where her mouth is and facilitates a (likely but not certain) hook-up between them.

CRUEL AND UNUSUAL | Since Richard is still being the patient from hell, Mer argues that maybe he needs to get worse so that he’ll realize how much he actually wants to get better. “The hell with that,” Bailey more or less says. But when she tries to administer treatment, Richard refuses it so violently that he knocks her down (and even hurts her surgery hand!). Then, a miracle occurs: Richard acquiesces after Bailey moves a dying, misogynistic racist into his room. (Should every hospital room come equipped with a dying, misogynistic racist?)

Okay, your turn. What did you think of the episode? Shane certainly seems to have gotten over killing Heather, eh? (Bygones!) Were you happy to see MerDer give up maternity/paternity leave so quickly to return to work? Do you like Emma as a new love interest for Owen? (As if anyone could EVER take Cristina’s place!) And could we please hang on to this April for a while? Please? Hit the comments!