Mistresses Exclusive Video: Juiciest Moments So Far! Plus, a Whopper Tease for Monday's Episode!

You could say that Mistresses is summer TV’s most delectable guilty pleasure — that is if you actually associate guilt with watching television.

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Whatever your take on the subject, the following exclusive highlight reel from ABC’s filthy-gorgeous sudser gives you a refresher course on some of Season 1’s best zingers (yes, the “abnormally large cucumber” makes an appearance); steamiest hookups (et tu, April?); and funniest reaction shots (“Whoa! Pull the brake on the crazy train!”).

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If that’s not enough, hidden amongst the greatest hits is a [SPOILER ALERT] pretty massive tipoff regarding next Monday’s all-new episode (10/9c on ABC). Yep, those suspicions many of us had during the series premiere — the ones regarding the hostess at Harry’s restuarant — are apparently true. But let’s not call her the hostess. Nope, as Alyssa Milano’s Savi so hilariously insists, it’s “Kira with the fun bags.” Oh my!

Are you digging Mistresses thus far? Any theories on how the Savi-Harry drama will play out? Sound off below!

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