Veronica Mars Movie: Veronica's Dating [Spoiler]?

Veronica Mars Movie PhotosVeronica Mars’ mysterious big-screen boyfriend has been identified, and it appears ex marks the spot.

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If newly leaked photos from the set of the fan-funded film’s set are any indication, Kristen Bell’s titular sleuth has reconnected with her former college sweetheart Piz, played by returning co-star Chris Lowell. (Buzzsugar has even more damning evidence of a Veronica-Piz rekindling.)

Last March, franchise mastermind Rob Thomas — who is writing and directing the Veronica Mars movie — told TVLine that Veronica would be “dating someone” at the start of the flick. He declined to say whether her suitor was an existing character or someone new — only that it would not be Logan.

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Thoughts? Do you suspect Mr. Thomas orchestrated the Veronica-Piz hand-holding photo-op to throw us off? Is this all a moot point since we all know-suspect-hope Veronica will get her happy ending with Logan? Weigh in below!

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