Veronica Mars Movie: Veronica's Dating [Spoiler]?

Veronica Mars Movie PhotosVeronica Mars’ mysterious big-screen boyfriend has been identified, and it appears ex marks the spot.

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If newly leaked photos from the set of the fan-funded film’s set are any indication, Kristen Bell’s titular sleuth has reconnected with her former college sweetheart Piz, played by returning co-star Chris Lowell. (Buzzsugar has even more damning evidence of a Veronica-Piz rekindling.)

Last March, franchise mastermind Rob Thomas — who is writing and directing the Veronica Mars movie — told TVLine that Veronica would be “dating someone” at the start of the flick. He declined to say whether her suitor was an existing character or someone new — only that it would not be Logan.

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Thoughts? Do you suspect Mr. Thomas orchestrated the Veronica-Piz hand-holding photo-op to throw us off? Is this all a moot point since we all know-suspect-hope Veronica will get her happy ending with Logan? Weigh in below!

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  1. Stephanie says:

    My guess–Piz and Veronica reconnected in New York. They haven’t been together the whole time. I also, am starting to lean toward the fact that Logan doesn’t call Veronica for help, but that she goes to him, something that would not settle well with Piz. (There are some pics of her looking at newspapers/magazines from yesterdays shoot, too.) He then follows her back to Neptune, not wanting her to get to close to her one true, EPIC LoVe!

    All of this is obviously speculation, but, it’s what I have to tell myself not to FREAK OUT! Where are all the Logan pics?

    • Josh says:

      Veronica goes back to Neptune for the reunion and not Logan. And Piz has never been the jealous type, so I doubt that’s true either. He goes with her because she’s going to her reunion.

      *sigh*…Sometimes I just don’t love LoVe because I think fans just want Veronica to only be involved in LoVe…And they’re just so vocal it affects Thomas’ writing. He needs to just tell the best story for Veronica and not the best story for LoVe.

      • Stephanie says:

        While I do love LoVe, I agree with your sentiments below (assuming your the same Josh) that the interesting thing is seeing Veronica be herself, or who she was after Lilly’s death. I think that a lot of the reason there is so much Piz dislike, is the same reasons that people didn’t like her with Duncan. She was trying to be normal, instead of the Veronica who chased down Lilly’s killer at all costs. I think, at least for me, that the reason I prefer her with Logan, or at the very least in scenes with Logan, is because we see more of what made Veronica, Veronica. I also tend to just prefer the characters from the first two seasons, because I think the interesting thing is how one single even completely changed personalities and lives. I think that’s why I prefer scenes/stories with and about Keith, Logan and Veronica, because their lives were forever altered by the murder of Lilly Kane, in a way that others were not and will never be effected.

        Hope that makes some sort of sense. (P.S. I definitely think Piz was the jealous type. He knew that there was a history there that he could never compete with, and while I don’t see him offering an ultimatum or anything in that range of jealously, I still see him as being jealous. Or at the very least threatened by the history. Also, I felt that I had read somewhere that she goes home to help Logan, and it just happens to fall during the Reunion. I can’t remember where I read that, though. I could be wrong, but that was where that came from.)

        • Josh says:

          I agree. I love Veronica and Logan scenes, especially when they’re relationship is less lovey and more sparring(or as Logan calls it “ah,,,foreplay” :p). Logan, in many ways, is the better fit for the misanthropic Veronica but in a lot of ways, he’s just as bad as Piz. While with Piz she’s trying to be normal, with Logan she is trying to be who she is, but at times he’s so protective of her he doesn’t let her be that. He even once said, “All I want to do is protect you…” But Veronica isn’t that kind of girl who needs a guy to protect. She needs a guy who’ll just let her be who she is. Honestly, I think Leo would be the best pick for now that they’re closer in age. But honestly, my hope is that the end of this season finds Veronica as a single gal, going back into the PI business or maybe into the FBI and coming to terms with who she is meant to be. I would be really upset if it ends with Veronica in the arms of Logan, Leo or Piz. I want the end to be a total Veronica moment, open ended in a way that gives us hope for her as the awesome woman she is meant to be, that her and her dad are back on the terms they’re supposed to be on, that her and Wallace and Mac are besties and yes, hope that the book on her and Logan is not closed. But mostly, I want the end to be a Veronica moment, a Veronica victory..and not a Love victory. Season one was all about Veronica, her journey and her victory…and the only other person who shared in said victories were her father(which has always been my favorite relationship on the show). I want it to be like that again..

          And I think it might be the opposite. Veronica goes home for the reunion and it just so happens Logan needs help. I will say I’m a bit miffed that Logan is being accused of murder AGAIN. Twice in one decade is pretty bad haha. It sort of shows that Logan is where he was ten years ago…I was also hoping the mystery might hit a little closer to home for Veronica…and given she hasn’t seen Logan in 9 years it doesn’t feel that way.

      • Beth says:

        It’s not fans wanting Veronica to only be involved in LoVe. It’s that Rob said Veronica will be investigating the murder of Logan’s girlfriend. Therefore it’s entirely possible she goes back to Neptune because of the murder which happens to coincide with the reunion, rather than going back for the reunion and being drawn into the murder mystery.

      • Katherine says:

        Even if you don’t like LoVe, how can you think that being with Piz is the “best story for Veronica”? Rob Thomas (the creator of the show) said himself on the DVD commentary that Piz knows he is not the one, the moment that Veronica shares a look with Logan. Piz is the guy who Veronica settled for at the time, because she was hurt by Logan’s fling with Madison.

        When the series creator himself is telling that audience that Piz is the not the guy for Veronica, I think it’s fair to say that the audience has a right to be angry if he’s going back to the Piz/Veronica romance in the film. Many people told Rob Thomas since the show ended that Piz would’ve been a much more tolerable character if he hadn’t been forced into a relationship with Veronica.

        • Josh says:

          Not at all. Fans have no right to be angry and fans(which I don’t like to call them…because lets face it they’re more LoVe fans than Veronica Mars fans) should allow the story to develop. I’m glad Rob isn’t listening to fans. They really don’t know what’s best for the show. Yes Veronica is with PIz now, but I could bet Veronica won’t be with Piz by the end of the movie. Everything we know of Veronica is that she’s trying to NOT be the Veronica Mars we know in the tv show, whichs means we’re going to see her on a journey to become that girl(now a woman) again, and I think that will mean leaving Piz in the dust.

          If you are a fan of Veronica Mars enjoy the journey. Now that just because Veronica is where she is at point A doesn’t mean she’ll be there at point B. This show isn’t about Veronica’s love life, it’s about Veronica. I agree she isn’t meant to be with Piz, but maybe she isn’t meant to be with Logan either. In the end, I just care about Veronica’s journey and WHO she’ll be at the end of this, not who she’ll be with. And I think fans of Veronica Mars and not LoVe…will agree.

    • Carrie says:

      Interesting! What site did you see the leaked pictures, I somehow missed them!

      • Stephanie says:

        On the site referenced in the article above, and, I think. Could be wrong. There is so much out there…

  2. Tabitha says:

    If Veronica and Logan don’t end up together I will break all the dishes in my house out of anger.

  3. shuayb says:

    I need to watch veronica mars….

  4. Really though, when we heard Chris Lowell was coming back, was there any other way to fit him into a HS reunion storyline?

    • Kelly says:

      Exactly what I was thinking. Any other way to get him into the story would have been lame and completely unbelievable.

    • Alichat says:

      Yes. He was going into the music business if I recall. I figured he would be tied to the music business in some way, and Logan’s murdered girlfriend is a pop star. So, he would be there reporting on the situation because I thought I’d read somewhere that Thomas said Veronica’s boyfriend would be an unknown. But I guess I am remembering that wrong. A friend and I were just talking about all this last night when I saw the pictures because there’s a shot of Piz holding her hand.

    • redjane12 says:

      Exactly! It was to be expected and after all this is at the BEGINNING of the movie…

  5. Lindsey says:

    Yeah after the horrible ending between her & Logan after Season 3 is the whole reason I wanted the movie, to make it right.

  6. C says:

    It makes sense. Given the high school reunion setting, it’s a way to get Piz involved and the audience will probably have less of a problem with Piz than some random guy as Veronica’s BF at the beginning of the film.

    But poor Chris Lowell. The more fanatical are going to be super mean to him lol.

    • redjane12 says:

      Ha ha… I agree… I totally go for the Logan+Veronica thing but I do feel for the poor actor having to weather all the resentment… And frankly Piz is a nice enough guy… It is Veronica who fans should be mad at right?

  7. gdv says:

    Love me some Piz, but Veronica + Logan = Epic Love. :) So we all know where this is going…Can’t wait to see the smoldering/drunk-profession-of-love scene with Logan. I think I get more excited for this movie every day.

  8. Liz says:

    Well, I like Piz… some, but let’s get real, it’s Veronica & Logan all the way! ;)

  9. Krystan says:

    I am cool with this. Who knows? They might just work together and she didn’t want to show up dateless. I liked Piz, he is no Deputy Leo, but I liked him. I have accepted the fact that she will end up with Logan and because so many fans want it, I say why not? I was sad when the show was cancelled and I was thrilled to back it on kickstarter. I cannot wait to see this!

  10. ann says:

    i hope veronica dumps him and ends up with logan

  11. Gertrude says:

    I can’t even remember, was Veronica with anybody when the show ended?

    • Dick Whitman says:

      Piz. But they were about to spend the summer apart (also, that last disappointed look Piz gave Veronica while she watched Logan “defend her honor” was not a good sign).

      • ENAD says:

        I thought so too. It was blantantly obvious that Piz liked Veronica way more than she liked him so unless he decided to ignore that telling final scene where it was clear as day that Vernoica still had strong feelings for Logan and continued dating her, I really don’t see him being the “one”. But it was also implied that she was fed up with the back and forth and wanted a stable relationship, so what could be more stable than good ole Piz.

  12. Josh says:

    Not sure how I feel about Veronica dating Piz…I was hoping he’d just be teaching at neptune or something..I just never felt they worked.

    BUT it sounds as if Veronica tried to not be so Veronica these past few years. Cutting back on her, sort of dangerous behavior and Veronicaness(being a detective, being a badass) so in a way, I can see how Veronica would be with Piz…She’s trying to be normal…and Piz is normal to the point of being bland.

    I just hope the focuses of the film is more on Veronica becoming who she is meant to be and less of Veronica figuring out who she is meant to be WITH. I never watched the show for LoVe or Viz on DuVe, I watch the show for Veronica’s journey. I felt season 3 sort of eclipsed Veronica’s journey for LoVe’s journey…When Logan became the second more important character on the show and not her father, the show lost something.

    So I’m hoping the movie isn’t a LoVe-fest. Sorry LoVe fans but I’m all about Veronica. She can grow closer to Logan, get to a “maybe” status with him, but I hope this is her journey above all else.

  13. Connie says:

    I just don’t buy Veronica with Piz. I didn’t buy it when the show was airing and I definitely don’t buy it now. They really need to stop trying to make Piz (and the Piz/Veronica relationship) happen.

  14. VM fan says:

    I am a LoVe girl all the way, but dang, Chris Lowell looks hot in that photo!

  15. Valerie says:

    Almost sure it was made to throw us off. Like it anyway :)

  16. mia says:

    UGGGG. Seriously?! 10 years later and she’s still with Piz!? BORING. I can at least be comforted in knowing that Veronica/Logan is going to happen.

    • Will says:

      Not STILL with Piz. With Piz AGAIN. There’s a pretty big difference there. I can understand her starting to date him again recently vs. 10 full years with him.

  17. Theory: Piz is just Veronica’s beard for the reunion.

  18. Tasha says:

    Here’s my theory: Piz is Veronica’s FAKE boyfriend. Veronica could not face going to the reunion alone and see Logan with some super hot girlfriend so she asked Piz to go with her and Piz for some reason agreed.

    • Dick Whitman says:

      Did you ever watched the show? Veronica would never think like that.

    • Josh says:

      Veronica would NEVER do that. Veronica went to prom by herself, she would have no qualms with going to a reunion by herself. This is Veronica Mars; she’s strong and independent. She doesn’t get weepy or insecure over men.

  19. Steven says:

    I guess I’m the only one who wants veronica to be with Piz. Logan was so terrible to her and she deserves better. Piz is just a sweet guy who has veronica’s best intentions in mind. I also have found that people who ship LoVe also ship Spuffy, another relationship built on using each other and mistreating each other.

    • Krystan says:

      I am with you!!!! I thought Piz was nice and normal (and way way hotter) who treated V better. I am happy he is back for at least a little bit.

      • Sasha says:

        Chris Lowell is way hotter. I totally agree. AND I agree with Piz was way better for her as well. Same with Leo

        • i am not alone! I loved both Piz and Leo, and while I enjoyed the drama of a high school LoVe relationship, I want adult Veronica to be with someone stable who will treat her well.

          • emily says:

            So you ship Ej and Sami and no Logan and Veronica ?! Come on..for the record i heart both couples/tv pairings to death but LoVe is just so much healthier compare to Ejami !

    • Sasha says:

      YAY i found other people like me.

      I’ve never liked Logan, I hate spoilt rich kids (yes he was deep and and whatever ppl liked about him but he never clioked iwth me)

      I love bad boy characters dont get me wrong but i couldn’t connect with him.

      Didn’t care for Duncan either.

      LOL Loved me some Deputy Leo and then after Leo I loved Piz.

    • Alichat says:

      I am a LoVe fan….and wasn’t a Spike/Buffy fan. I always felt Duncan and Piz were Veronica’s Riley Finn. Good for her on paper but not what she wanted….or really needed.

      • Josh says:

        Yeah I don’t think Veronica should be with Duncan or Piz…but also don’t think she shoudl have been with Logan at any point in the show. Logan needed to mature A LOT. He’s so self-destructive and a lot of time, their relationship was toxic…Yes, it was tragic and epic, but it wasn’t always healthy. So far it sounds as if Logan hasn’t change much…so I don’t think I want her with him because at 19 it’s one thing to be that way but at 28 it’s even worse. As I’ve said here before, I rather them both be single in the end and for Logan to be well on his way to finally becoming a stable adult.

        • Alichat says:

          I agree that their relationship was unhealthy at times. I liked it in the beginning. By season 3, I still loved them together, but they both needed to do some maturing. She was too demanding, suspicious, and at times unforgiving. And Logan, having alot of self-loathing and self-worth issues, was very good at messing things up. I don’t agree about him still being that way now. Perhaps you’ve heard something else, but all I’ve heard is that he was dating a pop star and she was murdered. I don’t see how that means he hasn’t changed much. Considering his past, it makes sense that he’s a suspect. I’ve always felt that Logan ended up alot more sane and morally sound that you’d expect for someone who had his life.

          • Josh says:

            Logan was as demanding as she was though. He was also very controlling, which he supposedly was with Lilly too. But I just get the feeling that Logan is the one with the 09er club and well he’s still in Neptune and dating a “pop star”…I just get the feeling Logan is still Logan. Realistically, people like Logan who stay in their home town very much stay the way they were in high school.

          • Alichat says:

            I didn’t feel he was controlling, and I never felt Logan was as demanding as Veronica. The majority of the time, he just wanted to know what was going on. Veronica had a tendency to not tell him what was going on (she did the same to Keith,) which just caused him to worry, and she would run away from sticky emotional situations alot. He had fear and abandonment issues, of course, and an intense need to protect those he cared about (even if he was being a jerk to them at the same time.) Logan saved her life three, four times, so his worry that she would get in over her head and die was understandable. The argument they had in s3 ep 8 I thought summed up their problems perfectly. And they needed to have more arguments like that. They both were flawed….complex, compelling, headstrong…and flawed. As for your last statement that those ‘who stay in their home town very much stay the way they were in high school,’ I’m afraid I’m going to have to respectfully call BS on that one.

    • Kay says:

      Sorry, but you’re definitely in the minority. It was pretty clear when the tv show ended how unhappy fans were of
      Piz and a lot of season 3. Rob Thomas himself said that Veronica and Liz weren’t supposed to end up together. Plus, in my opinion piz was a total snooze fest, whereas Logan was all ‘I thought out love was epic’

  20. Gilda says:

    Anyone else thinking that the much discussed fight at the reunion is Piz/Logan, part 2?

    • Alichat says:

      God I hope not.

    • redjane12 says:

      Piz is a lover not a fighter… I think Logan has to have a)Someone who really deserves a beating (Logan already beat up Piz for no good reason and wouldn’t do it again) and b)Someone who can fight back otherwise it will last of all 30 seconds….

  21. Dick Whitman says:

    Even though I know she will end up with Logan in the end, I’m having fun drinking the tears of all the LoVe supporters. Keep ’em coming.

    • Josh says:

      Haha, my fingers are crossed Veronica ends up single and happy. Of course Rob will need to leave the door open for Veronica and Logan, pretty much hit it over the head they’ll get back together eventually or the LoVe zealots will revolt but that’s my hope.

      • Sasha says:

        I’m totally with you on this

      • Steven says:

        I’d be totally fine with Veronica ending up single and happy. Why does she always need to be defined by the boy she’s dating?

        • Josh says:

          Exactly. In season one Veronica was never defined by that…In season 2 LoVe fans tried to define her by the boy she was with and than come season 3 they got their wish and Veronica was partially defined by the boy she was with and season 3 was definitely the weakest.

          • Annie says:

            I tuned out on season 3 because of the Logan nonsense. I find him to be a sociopathic jerk, not boyfriend or twu wuv material. To me, putting Veronica with Logan was a betrayal of all the storytelling that came before it and it made Veronica just one more stupid, immature, delusional girl who thinks she can change a (severely) damaged man.

  22. brisbydog says:

    I did not pay $20 to see Piz on my screen again. I demand creative control, lol!

  23. BERDANE says:

    Je déteste Piz ; ce que je souhaite revivre l’histoire d’amour entre Logan et Veronica, c’était beau et intense. ces deux s’aimaient vraiment très fort; on les a tous aimés ces deux là (Logan et Veronica), c’était magique et J’ADORE Jason Dohring.

  24. Amanda says:

    This makes more sense to me than Veronica dating some random guy at the begining of the movie. I liked Piz and like Chris, as well as the whole cast. We’ve seen pics from them filming the reunion scenes and Piz is there along with all of Veronica’s former classmates including Logan. My guess is the murder happens during the brawl at the reunion and someone who was there is the culprit. Whether it’s Logan’s girlfriend who is the victim or not I think he’ll be one of the main suspects and Veronica knows he didn’t do it and figures out which of her former classmates did. This will cause tension to finally build and Piz to realize she never stopped caring for Logan making Piz end it. Then Veronica and Logan will work their way back together and at the end of the movie Logan’s cleared and they finally get together for good this time.

  25. Amanda says:

    I was never a fan of Piz – I almost stopped watching the 3 season because of that relationship. I agree with poster on here – Veronica is being Veronica when she is with Logan or Logan is around, because even though he wants to protect her, he never really judged her for her choices. So having Piz in the movie bothered me some. As long as I get some amazing LoVe scenes and the end up together, I will be forever Happy. So Long Live LoVe.

  26. Deion says:

    I trust Rob and Chris Lowell’s hair now annoys me less, BUT I”M WATCHING BOTH OF THEM.

  27. Midori says:

    If they are dating I want the movie canceled.

    There are 27 people in the world who didn’t think that Piz was the most useless chaarcter ever on VM.

    • What?!?! Shut yo’ mouth! NO CANCELING THE MOVIE!!! I don’t care who she’s with in the beginning as long as she’s either alone or on her way to being with Logan or actually with Logan at the end. I know Rob wants to do either a Netflix type season or another movie so he’s definitely going to leave it open but he’s also wanting to make sure the fans who paid for the movie are happy and he’s assured us we will be. I definitely TRUST Rob. He may do some crazy things with the characters we love but if it brings Veronica back and makes Veronica really Veronica again, I’m all for it…especially if it brings back so many of our other favorite characters as well. Also, if she’s with Piz in the beginning, it’s for a reason and that reason is probably to do exactly what it’s done: evoke emotion in us. Rob knew that most of us wouldn’t be thrilled with Veronica dating anyone at the beginning but an unknown is pretty acceptable compared to the initial thought of, “OMG, there’s no WAY that Piz and Veronica are STILL together!!! WTH???” It leaves us nervous and unsettled and even more invested in a lot of ways than we already were. He’s being his brilliant self. Let’s give him that chance, trust him, and remember to breathe…and probably hang on for dear life.

  28. shar says:

    as a diehard fan, of course piz character should be in the movie, BUT friends only. Season 3 was tough for us fans,piz was sweet and deserved better, and logan couldn’t make a mistake without getting dumped every other week, hear bleeding from the trauma. Everyone needs to ‘grow up’ except Dick, of course.

  29. Hannah Jane says:

    I, for one, adore Piz. And Piz/Veronica. And find Logan/Veronica a very toxic, unhealthy relationship.
    Guess I must be one of those 27 people out there then….

  30. Trista says:

    I still get chills when LoVe kiss for the first time. Piz was never a “keeper” and when Logan wailed on that guy in the finale – not sure how she was able to prevent herself from jumping his bones right there in the cafeteria. I love me some LoVe!

  31. Riana says:

    I’m still waiting for the announcement of Duncan coming back. I know Teddy has returned to acting. If they seriously think it’s a good idea to bring back useless Piz and even Leo, Duncan needs to be there. They could think of something to have him acquitted.

    • Josh says:

      Not really. He kidnapped his child, plain and simple. I said in another thread it will be nice to just have a easter egg about Duncan but I just don’t think he can come back.

      • Krystan says:

        According to imdb, teddy dunn hasn’t worked since 2009. It could be that he really left acting or isn’t interested.

    • Connie says:

      Teddy has not returned to acting, he’s now a lawyer and goes by Edward Dunn.

  32. Katherine says:

    This makes ZERO sense, given that the majority of Veronica Mars fans vocally expressed their hatred for the Piz and Veronica romance in Season 3. And Rob Thomas confirmed in the Series Finale commentary that “Piz knows he is NOT the one” when Logan and Veronica share their look in the cafeteria.

    I’m seriously disappointed. I was hoping for a film that would completely avoid any mention of Piz and Veronica’s relationship. He’s the guy who she dated on the rebound from Logan, and Rob Thomas made that PERFECTLY clear.

    • Tookie Clothespin says:

      The majority of fans didn’t express their hatred. About one half of one percent of the shows fans did. It may be a very vocal one half of one percent but don’t kid yourself about your numbers. It’s the same loudmouths that go from message board to message board and complain about how Logan and Veronica belong together. If you think that this was the point of the show or noir books, movies, shows, etc in general then you completely missed the point of what Rob Thomas was doing with Veronica Mars. If she ends up happy and everything is perfect Thomas will have betrayed everything that he was doing with the show and what the noir genre stands for. The show ended perfectly. She was in a relationship that she didn’t neccessarily want to be in, her future was up in the air, the person that she wanted to be with was the colassal douche that she was always worried he was, and her father was about to get bounced from his dream job. The movie should end in a similar fashion. It should not wrap up with a sparkly little bow.

      • Josh says:

        Thank you! The Love Fantatics(I won’t even call them the shippers, because LoVe shippers are very nice people :D) have a tendency to be VERY vocal…I hate that they so want a show about this fierce young woman to become a show about a co-dependent girl who’s life should revolve around Logan.

        This show isn’t a romantic comedy. It’s a noir and in noir’s relationships are messy. Think of Logan as Veronica’s femme-fatale..The problem is these people are so vocal that I think Rob Thomas feels the need to please them and in turn has to betray who Veronica is. They sooo want Veronica to be this girl who NEEDS Logan in her life.

        In season 3 there was so many times The LoVe fantatics HATED Veronica for how she treated Logan(but never cared what Logan did to Veronica) for LoVe fanatics, Logan is more important than Veronica…LoVe is more important than the themes of the show and that LoVe is the show’s central relationship(when Thomas has said time and time again, Veronica’s central relationship was with her father…)

        Season 3 was the one season where a lot of that was betrayed to fit with the CW. LoVe became a defining theme of the show, Veronica’s father was put in the background and even her friends were neglected(poor Wallace…). The last two episodes got back to the noir, which is why there was a shift. It wasn’t all rosy, Veronica was back to sometimes not being so morally on the “up and up”, there were great Veronica/Keith moments and yes great Veronica/Logan moments. And yes, it was always clear Veronica isn’t supposed to be with Piz, but in noir there is no happy ending. Veronica’s best friend is still dead, her mom is still gone, her father was most likely going to prison or at the very least never going to become Sheriff ever again, and as Tookie said above, the man she loved was a douche(though I’d more say a self-destructive, immature mess of a human being who was pretty toxic to be around). Overall though, it was a story about Veronica, which is why it was the best of the season. In it she learned a lot about how her own self-destructive ways does affect the people she loves. Which is why she is where she is at the beginning of the movie(in new York, not a PI or in the FBI)

        I hope the movie keeps the noir themes…and also keeps the theme of Veronica trying to figure out who she is…I said this like six times here now, and this was my longest post yet but with LoVe fantatics out in full force it needs to be stated…This movie should not be about LoVe…it should be about Veronica becoming the woman she should be.

  33. b says:

    Meh. I guess I’m in the middle of this one. I never hated Piz with Veronica, but I do agree with the earlier posters who said that Veronica is trying too hard to not be herself when she is with him. As for Logan, although I love he and Veronica together as far as watching their chemistry, I always had trouble reconciling her dating him. Yes, people change and have different sides to them, but in real life, no way would that relationship be considered a healthy one. If she were a friend of mine I would definitely have told her that she and Logan were toxic and she needed to run far and fast.

    My hope is that the time has brought out the best sides of both Veronica and Logan so that they might be able to be together. It doesn’t have to happen in the movie for me (although there is a small piece of fan-girl in me that wants to squee at that thought)–it could just be the possibility that maybe they could be together in the future. What I really care about most is getting a satisfying story and some solid resolution for our beloved characters across the board since that’s what I’ve been waiting for years to see.

  34. A fan says:

    To be honest, as much as I enjoyed VM back in the day, if she doesn’t end up with Logan at the end of the much, I think I would be happier sticking with the series ending where she does. *shrugs*

  35. emily says:

    WTF Rob Thomas ????? What are you doing ? grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  36. emily says:

    WTF Rob Thomas ?! What are you doing ?! UGHHHHHHHH

  37. Wendy says:

    Wow, the first wrong step I’ve read so far in the Veronica movie casting news. I pretend the show ended with season 2 and season 3 never happened and Piz doesn’t exist.

  38. GoT Snow says:

    I actually really liked the character of Piz. He was smart, incredibly cute, invested in others and bigger than Neptune ideas, and was never anything but exceptionally sweet to Veronica… Unlike Logan who was pretty much a jerk to her every two episodes or less.

    • juju says:

      he was ‘sweet’ all you want although borderline stalker and obsessed (at least when he met Veronica Mars..yikes) but he was certainly not VM’s match, simple as that.

  39. Bobbie says:

    The thing with LoVe is the chemistry. Sparks were flying whenever they were near each other. That doesn’t happen with all tv couples. They belong together. (I hope it’s still true).

  40. Josh says:

    I just find it upsetting how some fans are crying for it to be canceled or that something is wrong because Veronica is with a guy who isn’t Logan. Jesus, this is a show about a strong, independent girl. Insane Shippers(not shippers in general) ruined season 3, stay away from the movie.

    • pau says:

      euh ok who you think you are ? The Veronica mars truth teller ? lmao..
      Veronica Mars can be the strong, independent girl alongside her soulmate Logan Echolls ! thank you.

      • Josh says:

        First off, Veronica doesn’t believe in soullmates :). Just saying as the Veronica Mars truth teller(and someone who watches the show…come on Veronica is too skeptical about such things) And there is no denying she can’t be with Logan too, but Logan is not the show. Veronica is. For people to already want to boycott the movie and to call this a mistake is insane.

    • pau says:

      And people can say and speak their mind as much as you even more when they did participate to the campaign able to finance the movie ! So NO Josh they don’t ‘stay away from the movie’ eyeroll.

      • Josh says:

        And uh pau, I donated to the campaign too…so I think we’re on even ground.

        And honestly, if you think LoVe is more important than Veronica than whatever. We didn’t enjoy the same show. I love Logan as a character, I love scenes with him and Veronica and I do like them as a couple(the only one who sort of competes is Leo…but even than, not so much). But more than anything I love Veronica, I love watching her character evolve and to see her flaws. And I love her relationship with her father. I watch the show for Veronica and the characters(which includes Logan.) But I don’t watch the show for LoVe and I don’t want the show to be about LoVe. It’s Veronica’s show…

        • pau says:

          That i agree about the history being above all about Veronica the character but no need to dismiss people who are upset about this Piz ‘development’ everybody can express their mind. It will certainly not ‘destroy’ the movie since anyway Rob wrote the script already and the film is making.

  41. Mari says:

    Please God no.

  42. KittyJules says:

    I fell in love with the show Veronica Mars! And I fell in love with Veronica and Logan as a couple. I hope that they end up together, as I would love to see that chemistry again! However, I do remember an article on Kristen Bell where she said in her mind it was a no-brainer…she would be with Piz. In Kristen’s words, Piz, a boy who loves her and would do anything for her and was stable and normal vs. Logan, who could be abusive and mean spirited and was a trouble magnet and who cheated on her. I was devastated when I read that article years ago!!! I’m just glad that we are getting this movie, and I’m betting we will be satisfied by the end!

    • lizzie says:

      well she said that but it was not accurate (abusive…Veronica was as much if not more abusive) and she even did admit not watching the show at this time since then she spoke very favorably about Logan and Veronica.

    • Zoe says:

      Wait, how does Piz “love her and would do anything for her”? That’s never been seen canonically. He was just some guy she was with for a bit to try the whole stability deal (again what she was trying for in Normal Is The Watchword, and we all know how that worked out.) The thing is, I don’t understand this “secure and stable” relationship for Veronica, she’s not a secure and stable person, that’s what makes her a fantastic character. Besides TV isn’t necessarily the space for advertising “healthy” relationships. Nobody is trying to make Veronica and Logan out to be the Real Life Model of Healthy Relationships. But it’s interesting, it’s challenging, and it results in clashes and conflicts and reveals part of the complexities of both characters, which makes it so much fun to watch! But yeah, Kristen didn’t watch the show at the time, so her POV is limited in that sense!

  43. Whatevah says:


  44. AT says:

    Kinda new to the whole Veronica Mars thing (Thank you SoapNet!). They haven’t gotten up to season three yet, but just watched the season two finale last night. I’m kinda completely in love with Logan and Veronica. Yes, it was volatile at times, but I really think they do belong together. They both had a lot of growing up to do.

  45. canadian ninja says:

    I liked Logan. I liked that Veronica and Logan had a thing. I NEVER thought that Veronica had to “end up” with Logan or really had to end up with anyone.

    She was always about more than who she was making out with. So much more.

  46. dragonflyidt says:

    HA! The fact that these are the first officially released pics from the set just goes to show Rob Thomas is brilliant! To people who’ve watched the show it’s pictures of Piz and Veronica and gets them riled up. To people who’ve never watched it, it’s a really cute guy who’s gonna be in the VM movie.

    Well played Rob. Well played.

  47. Zoe says:

    I think one of the most interesting things about the kickstarter was that it was partially sold on the Veronica/Logan shipper base. At least in so far as that there was a lot of shipper-baiting with Rob and Kristen signing off their comments with “LoVe”, or including questions in the FAQs. So idk, every fandom has its militant fanbase in pretty much all ships that can exist, but this was actually also a marketing strategy for the film itself, so it’s kind of redundant to now tell the shippers that they don’t get the deeper aspects of the show, or are not really fans of the show because they prioritize LoVe over all else. Guys, watch for whatever the hell you want to watch for, because the movie’s going to get made anyway. Just WATCH (because hey, we want our Netflix series too!) and rest assured, you’re going to get a majorly kickass Veronica, a beautiful Keith/Veronica exploration, a thrilling teen exercise in teen noir drama and lots of LoVe.

    Besides, oh man, I cannot understand this need for a happy, well-adjusted relationship for Veronica. I love Veronica as she is, damage and all, which makes “normal” so difficult for her. I don’t need my television relationships to be healthy models for relationships in real life, I need them to be worth watching. I like Piz, but I couldn’t care less about how “good” he was for Veronica. If Veronica had the kind of happy, well-adjusted life that she deserved, the kind of life that pre-Lilly’s-death, pre-rape Veronica had, there wouldn’t have been a series to make in the first place. What is always worth side-eyeing is romanticizing of the problematic aspects of an unhealthy relationship, or a narrative that is unaware about the issues that its romantic couples raise (which tbqh, happens far too often). That was never the case with VM; whatever else may be said about it, Logan and Veronica’s relationship exploration has ALWAYS been self-aware, the abusive aspects (from both ends, it’s unfair to brand either the villain of the piece when they’re both dysfunctional and damaged and therefore fantastic characters because of it) are out in the open and often highlighted and there are brilliant conversations about it in context. THAT is what makes this relationship so compelling for me.

    I do think the ~outrage over the Piz/V photos is more than a little redundant because there is not an iota of doubt that there will be lots of Logan/V in the movie, but whatever, keep the conversation going guys; what a fun way to spend a year in fandom, even if we’re all just screaming at each other, because my excitement level = off charts right now!

    • eristash says:

      “Whatever else may be said about it, Logan and Veronica’s relationship exploration has ALWAYS been self-aware, the abusive aspects (from both ends, it’s unfair to brand either the villain of the piece when they’re both dysfunctional and damaged and therefore fantastic characters because of it) are out in the open and often highlighted and there are brilliant conversations about it in context. THAT is what makes this relationship so compelling for me.”

      I could not have said it better. The other thing I can say about Logan and Veronica and their relationship is that it’s REAL. Every relationship has problems. Every relationship has its issues, its communication problems, its misunderstandings, its overreactions, its clashes, its inadequate and/or inappropriate coping skills. EVERYONE hurts the ones they love, mostly unintentionally. There is no one that you are capable of hurting more or being hurt by more than the person you love the most. These two embody and embrace that. They honestly give me hope that even the most messed up among us can find someone who just ‘gets’ us, someone to be completely raw and vulnerable with, because that’s HUGE for them. They’re both so used to having their own personal brand of armor on at all times that it makes it so much more intense and heartbreaking that they can see through each other with a look, that even though they butt heads they also hold each other accountable or at least try to. That for as many times as they try to break away from each other, they always come back to each other. It tells me that love doesn’t have to be perfect. It just has to be strong and determined to make things better and not make the same mistakes twice.

  48. gene says:

    When I heard the movie was being made and would include the high school reunion, my first thought was, thank God, that means that Piz guy won’t be in it. Dullest character Rob Thomas ever wrote. When Veronica started dating him at college, despite the fact it was so obvious he was WAY more into her than she could ever be into him… it was the first time I thought less of the character. The movie is so short, wasting screen time on Riley Finn 2.0 sucks. Out of Veronica’s old love interests, I’d much rather see Troy (Aaron Ashmore) back than Piz. At least Logan and Dick will be onscreen, and Wallace and Weevil. And Keith! :)

  49. TF says:

    When VM was still on TV, I loved Piz. Wasn’t until I bought the 3 seasons, and watch them ridiculously…. that I adore Logan, and think he is the only one for Veronica.

  50. No pix says:

    I married a Piz! Great in real life but I want to be entertained for a few hours! LoVe!!! & please don’t let weevil have like 6 kids. Mac should be with Piz they’re both weird. She can sit on the computer listening to music with him all day. Veronica should be with Logan. Even in her fantasy she’s with Logan. Her & Duncan only got together bc he’s her bff’s brother… This happens A LOT!!! Logan & Veronica are an interesting couple. Or Dick and Veronica > Piz and Veronica that’s how much I hate Piz with Veronica. He’s like a little lap dog not a real human like Logan.