Grimm Preview: Criminals Trash Wesen Code, Ticking Off Monroe and Teeing Up a 'Witch Hunt'

Grimm Season 2 SpoilersThe Wesen – or fairytale creatures of NBC’s Grimm – are a highly principled bunch. Yes, some of them are ruthless killers and others are cagey con artists, but all abide by a long-standing code of honor: Don’t reveal your true nature unless absolutely necessary.

A few Wesen flaunt that rule in this week’s episode (Friday, 9/8c) by using their monstrous faces as disguises while robbing banks. When Hank and Nick bring the crimes to Monroe’s attention, Silas Weir Mitchell tells TVLine his alter ego finds the practice “totally uncool.”

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“It’s kind of like that whole thing that yogis aren’t supposed to do their [tricks], like levitate, just to show people,” Mitchell explains. “The primary Wesen code is: You cannot do this because the entire… world will collapse around you. You’re tearing at the reality of the world by doing that.”

After all, the reformed blutbad works hard to keep his wolfish side in check (we’ll just chalk his Halloween shenanigans with the neighbor kids up to holiday highjinks). But Weir says the issue at the heart of Friday’s installment “transcends that completely.”

“Even if you are [a Wesen] who likes to go hunting still, you don’t use it against normies. It’s like killing civilians,” he says. “It’s like against the rules of war. It’s just completely wrong.”

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Meanwhile, Portland’s resident Grimm has a vested interest in capping the unsanctioned practice, too. “I don’t want people to screw with the balance,” says portrayer David Giuntoli, adding that Nick now has a lot of Wesen buds who “are terrified that there’s going to be a witch hunt [for] these people… It’s a pretty heightened storyline because of that.”

And if you liked the midseason premiere’s fisticuffs in the forest, Giuntoli promises even more action on deck.

“There’s a huge amount of gunplay” in the hour, he previews. “It’s pretty big, loud and frightening.”