Grimm Preview: Criminals Trash Wesen Code, Ticking Off Monroe and Teeing Up a 'Witch Hunt'

The Wesen – or fairytale creatures of NBC’s Grimm – are a highly principled bunch. Yes, some of them are ruthless killers and others are cagey con artists, but all abide by a long-standing code of honor: Don’t reveal your true nature unless absolutely necessary.

A few Wesen flaunt that rule in this week’s episode …READ MORE


Exclusive Grimm Preview: Silas Weir Mitchell on Monroe as Nick's Secret Weapon

When Nick needs someone to infiltrate a Wesen church on this week’s Grimm, he knows exactly where to turn first. After all, what’s the point of having a wolf on your team if you can’t throw him into the action every once in a while? READ MORE

Grimm News: Pilot Adds Prison Break Alum

Casting is looking very good for Grimm, now that Silas Weir Mitchell, whom Prison Break fans will remember as “Haywire,” has landed the second lead in the buzzy NBC pilot.

Created by David Greenwalt (Profit) and Jim Kouf (Angel), the project is described as a fantastical cop drama in which characters from Grimm’s Fairy Tales … READ MORE