Is Walking Dead's Andrea Doomed? Is Bachelor Now Too Bawdy? Idol Anti-Guitar? And More Qs!

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including The Walking Dead, Girls, Nashville and American Idol!

1 | How utterly heartbreaking was Enlightened‘s Laura Dern in that scene where caddish newspaper guy Jeff (Dermot Mulroney) broke off their affair — especially that final, whispered, “But I didn’t know all along”? And as much as Julia Louis-Dreyfus walkingdead 300and Lena Dunham elicit Emmy love for HBO, is Dern the most award-worthy of the trio?

2 | After The Walking Dead’s Andrea came thatclose to slitting the Governor’s throat — and then didn’t — was there anyone who didn’t expect him to turn around and break her neck? How much bigger can the writing get on the wall that this is not going to end well for her? And if we vow to be extra-grossed out by every other special effect for the rest of the season, will the show promise never to show us The Governor’s empty eye socket again?

3 | Are we not at a point in red carpet coverage technology where “who” a person is wearing can be predetermined and quietly displayed on screen while the interviewer uses that time for a different and less superficial question? On that same note, why is Jennifer Lawrence — the second-youngest person to win the Academy Award for Best Actress — being asked in the press room how she got ready in the morning?

4 | Did anyone in ABC marketing question, for a second, the decision to on Oscar night tout Once Upon a Time as delivering “epic” tales “every single week” in the midst of this inconsistently scheduled time of year?

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5 | Isn’t it about time for Girls to do a Shoshanna-centric episode? And could Jemima Kirke have looked any more pregnant during Jessa’s swingset conversation with her dad?

6 | How unexpected was that Bunheads twist, that Ginny slept with Frankie?

7 | Shouldn’t The Carrie Diaries‘ young Ms. Bradshaw have “taken care” of her surprisingly jerky ex-boyfriend George and punched him you-know-where?

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8 | On Castle, what if Volkov hadn’t walked away from Rick and Alexis by the time the walkie-talkie detonated? And if ever a two-parter should have been arced out over three episodes, wasn’t this the time?

9 | Was The Following‘s reveal that the female cop was a cult member telegraphed from a mile away?

bachelor10 | Have you no shame, ABC? Opening the “overnight fantasy suite” episode of The Bachelor with a shot of Sean riding into a resort town on a boat with a bow that might as well have been labeled “giant symbolic erection”? Also, were you guys really shameless enough to attempt a “down the front of the Bachelor’s unopened pants” shot? We don’t know whether to call the FCC or simply tip our hats to you.

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11 | Didn’t the Snatch Game episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race make you want to see Jinkx Monsoon team up with Pandora Boxx for a remake of Laverne & Shirley or something?

12 | Doesn’t it seem weird that The New Normal’s David and Bryan, who love to entertain, would hate the idea of a baby shower?

13 | Why would Mindy Project‘s Danny ever consider — much less agree to — fathering a kid for one of his patients? That’s gotta violate a handful of medical ethics, no?

14 | Despite the heartbreaking developments going on all around it, wasn’t Hart of Dixie‘s elf/jedi wedding the cutest thing ever?

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15 | Seriously, is there anything White Collar‘s Neal Caffrey can’t do?! Now he can chisel art out of marble overnight, as well?!

16 | Was there a more absurdly funny scene on TV this week than Suburgatory‘s Dalia inappropriately eulogizing Marty, a man she’d never met?

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18 | Dear Southland: Can Tammi act on her threats and go away already? We’d feel bad for Sammy that she took his kid, but we’d get over it.

19 | Did The Americans‘ Elizabeth make Alias‘ Sydney Bristow proud when she silently maneuvered herself from one car trunk to another while both cars were mounted?

20 | Did the Season 12 American Idol judges get a secret memo informing them to immediately eliminate any contestant who plays a guitar? How else to explain Juliana Chahayed and David Oliver Willis getting booted despite being inarguably among the more talented vocalists on their respective nights?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!