Grey's Recap: It's Not Easy Seeing Green

ELLEN POMPEO, SANDRA OHAs iconic ’80s philosopher Cyndi Lauper once opined, money changes everything. And that’s particularly true when the cash infusion in question is linked to a tragedy that resulted in two deaths, a leg amputation and the interruption of a legendary surgical career.

Yes, on this week’s Grey’s Anatomy, the survivors of last May’s plane crash won their lawsuit against Seattle Grace (a.k.a. their employer!) and pocketed a cool $15 million apiece. News of the windfall drew varying reactions from the gang. Callie was stoked and wanted to host a “Survivors Dinner.” Everyone else was… less stoked. “We’ve been sitting in rooms talking about this for months and now we won,” she reasoned. “What’s wrong with sitting in front of another room… with food?”

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Callie managed to coax her fellow millionaires into going out for said celebratory feast, a tense evening that turned festive when Mer (i.e. the only one not partaking in the champagne toast) was forced to confirm the worst-kept secret in the Pacific Northwest: She’s got a McBun in the oven!

Meanwhile, back at the hospital Owen learned that the settlement will bankrupt Seattle Grace.

Other quick highlights from the episode:

* Karev insisted that his feelings for Wilson were merely platonic —  a development that surprised even him. “I know it’s weird,” he conceded to Cristina. “She’s hot and she’s always around. But I don’t think of her like that.” But then she bought him a couch for his couchless home. A couch for her to sleep on next time she crashes there. “This is such a girlfriend thing,” he noted, before adding. “We’re not doing it if that’s what you’re thinking.” She denied she was thinking that. But come on — she was totally thinking that!

* Jackson’s mouth told April that he’s schtupping intern Stephanie. His eyes, however, told her, “I’m still in love with you and will drop Steph like a bad habit if you just say the word!”

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* Divorce reignited Owen and Cristina’s sex life. As Cristina explained to Mer, “Having sex with a man who used to be your husband is way more fun than when he is your husband.”

* Derek forgave Owen for the role he played in the plane crash.

* Crazy competitive Dr. Smash Williams played ping pong with his crazy competitive mentor, Derek. Smash won and got to assist Derek on a surgery.

* Catherine tried to comfort guilt-ridden widower Webber, but he was having none of it. Until the end of the episode, when he started having a little of it.

What did you think of “The End is the Beginning is the End?” Will Der, Mer & Co. forfeit their “winnings” in order to keep Seattle Grace’s doors open? Did you tear up during Callie’s speech about missing Lexie and Mark? Sound off below!