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Question: Can you please give me a scoop on the next Scandal episode? If you do, I’ll tattoo your name on my face like Mike Tyson! — Georgette
Ausiello: You’re in luck: Mitovich just screened the episode and filed this juicy report:

“Holy. Moly. This Thursday’s flashback-filled episode is off the hook, juicy as hell and one of the series’ best episodes to date, if not the very best. Oh, but you want teases. Well, you’ll see Flashback Cyrus fret over his ‘dirty little secret’ (aka James), get another look at Hagrid Huck and receive a download on all the scandalous Defiance/Cytron backstory. You should also watch for a scene where a freshly minted President Grant invites Olivia to be only the sixth person to touch [SPOILER]. Meanwhile, in the present day — and to the surprise of no one — Vice President Langston makes a bold move and, yes, the person behind Fitz’s shooting is made crystal clear.”

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Question: My friend Leticia needs some cheering up, and a really good NCIS Abby-related brand-new spoiler/scoop seems to be the only thing that will work. — Ruby H
Ausiello: If “really good” will cheer her up, this oughta leave her ecstatic! Pauley Perrette told TVLine at the Trevor Live benefit in L.A. Sunday that she was not only shooting “a very, very Abby episode” but one that “people have been asking for… for 10 years.” In it, she explained, “we actually go back and find out about Abby’s past and childhood.”

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Question: I’m excited to see the inside of Tony’s apartment in NCIS‘ Dec. 18 episode. Any hints of what we’ll find? —Mary
Ausiello: You’ll find “a lot of Michael Weatherly in it,” teases Perrette, who says Tony’s portrayer was a very hands-on interior decorator. “He picked out a lot of stuff — he has amazing taste. His [real-life] house is decorated so immaculately and with a lot of class. So there are couple Michael Weatherly things in there — and one really big surprise.”

Question: I would love to hear something new and juicy on The Walking Dead. —Ashley
Ausiello: The show resumes its third season on Feb. 10, but the episode you’ll want to plan your next viewing party around airs on March 3. “I think Episode 12 is going to be something special,” series creator Robert Kirkman told me. “All [eight episodes] are pretty great, but be on the lookout for that one.”

schmidt-and-ceceQuestion: How much longer do we have to wait for Schmidt and CeCe to get back together on New Girl? — Janet
Ausiello: How long till tonight’s episode? As Max Greenfield told TVLine at last week’s HFPA and InStyle-hosted Golden Globe kickoff party, this week, “Schmidt decides to go and tell CeCe how he really feels. He makes a serious move as a man.” As in let’s-have-baby serious? Um, not quite. “Not this season,” the actor laughs. “But season 4, I would love for some domesticity and a child.”

Question: So happy Nashville got picked up for a full season! It seems Juliette has finally found someone nice (and age appropriate). Do you know if  Sean is sticking around? —Amy-lee
Ausiello: You’ll get a better idea about the length of his stay in the closing minutes of Wednesday’s midseason finale when Juliette makes a big decision about the relationship. Teases series creator Callie Khouri: “All the stuff that’s been stirred up with her mother in the past several episodes has her really panicking a little bit and thinking about things she hasn’t before.”

Question: I just found out I bombed a test I thought I did really well on. Can you cheer me up by ruling out some of the women from your pregnancy blind item? —Rebecca
Ausiello: How about I just solve it for you?

Question: Is the Mulan/Aurora arc over on Once Upon a Time? Are they done for the season/forever? –Mary
Ausiello: Mitovich — who just spent a long weekend in Vancouver, where Once shoots — hears that one of the princesses will be seen soon after the show returns from its holiday break (on Jan. 6).

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Question: Any fresh intel on who Ethan Embry is playing on Once Upon a Time? —Jenny
Ausiello: Jennifer Morrison knows about as much as the rest of us — which isn’t much. “[All we] know is he’s an outsider, he is a stranger and he is not a fairytale character,” she says, before quickly adding, “at least he’s not someone anyone recognizes from fairytale land.”

Question: Were you ever able to find out why Garcelle Beauvais was let go from Franklin & Bash? —Jeff
Ausiello: Yes! Beauvais says space issues led to her departure. “There was no more room for the character,” she explains of her powerhouse legal eagle, Hannah. “I think they did everything they could with that story and now it leaves me to go and explore. I am so excited about it.”

sam britQuestion: Is Glee really going there with Brittany and Sam? Does the show realize what a s–tstorm it’s walking into? —Carly
Ausiello: I imagine they do since Brittany addresses the criticism head-on in a hilarious fourth-wall-shattering moment in this week’s episode.

Question: Do you think this is Glee‘s last season? —Ryan
Ausiello: Um… no. The show will definitely be back for Season 5. No question.

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Question: Can I get some Glee scoop? —CM
Ausiello: The Marley/bulimia arc, which took a disturbing turn last week when the New Directions powerhouse collapsed during Sectionals, is going to get worse before it gets better. “It gets even crazier than you think,” reveals Samuel Larsen. “Trust me, it gets worse. It’s something no one’s really expecting at all.”

Question: Anything on NCIS: LA regarding my favorite couple, Eric and Nell? —Melissa
Ausiello: Sounds like those crazy kids are going to have a run-in with some mistletoe in the Dec. 18 Christmas episode. “There’s a little romantic spark happening,” hints Barrett Foa, who confirms that the “spark” he refers to is, in fact, a “really cool” kiss. “They’re really embracing the quirkiness of our characters. It’s a good [juxtaposition] between us and the big alpha males, LL Cool J and Chris O’Donnell. It’s a really nice interplay.”

Question: Any new scoop on Supernatural? —Jonathan
Ausiello: A big “Winchester family mythology episode” is on the docket for late January, confirms exec producer Jeremy Carver. Playing a central role in the hour will be Sam and Dean’s paternal grandfather Henry, whose arrival stirs up some daddy issues for the pair. “In other words, what did their father’s father have to do with the way their father turned out? A lot of that is explored head-on,” reveals Carver. “There’s a tremendous amount of emotional ground that’s covered. When we get a chance to do one of these episodes, we try to do it with great care because we’re essentially [etching] a part of the mythology into stone.” Might Jeffrey Dean Morgan make a cameo as Sam and Dean’s late pa? Responds Carver, evasively: “As with any character, we always have open discussions about everybody in our universe.” (We’ll take that as a no.)

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Question: Any good Owen-Nikita moments we can look forward to on Nikita? —Tara
The Sword‚Äôs EdgeAusiello: Moments? Try whole episodes. “When Owen comes back in January, there are two back-to-back episodes of Owen and Nikita doing crazy stuff,” Devon Sawa tells us. “Just [lots of] action and solving stuff.”

Question: Do you have any spoilers for Beauty and the Beast? —Allyson
Ausiello: New triangle alert! The show is getting ready to introduce a charismatic and slightly shady A.D.A. in his late 20s who will work closely with Kristin Kreuk’s Cat on a special task force. Business will turn to pleasure and, if all goes according to plan, the not-yet-cast New Guy could become a series regular. Let’s just give this to Jason Dohring and call it a day, k?

Question: Is there any chance of Nate and Serena getting back together as a couple before or during the series finale of Gossip Girl? —Erin
Ausiello: Answer’s still no, Erin. Ask me one more time and your IP address will be turned over to the authorities.

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Question: You said last week that we would get more Gossip Girl spoilers. Can we get those now please? —Léa
Ausiello: I found out what Kristen Bell will be doing in the series finale and it’s brilliant. Also, did you hear about the flash forward?!

Question: I am so dependent on you for my survival right now. I’m scoop-obsessed so I’ll take anything on Pretty Little Liars, The Vampire Diaries, Once Upon a Time, Big Bang Theory or Gossip Girl. I have a longer list of shows, but these five will do for now. —Saloni
Ausiello: I’ll provide the spoiler, you guess which of the five shows it pertains to: *****’s war against ****s will soon result in a deadly twist that no one will see coming.

Question: Any last-minute Sons of Anarchy season finale spoilers? —Christopher
Ausiello: A body part belonging to a pivotal character will go flying across a room. Enjoy!

END QUOTE | “Patrick and I have been together for a long time. We’ve been through absolutely everything together. We’ve had our bad days and our good days. [As] we come to the end of Season 9, we’re in a good place. We just try and have as much fun as we can. I think part of the reason the show is so successful is because we are very comfortable with each other.” — Ellen Pompeo on her decade-long partnership with her Grey’s Anatomy leading man Patrick Dempsey

That’s a wrap! Please send questions, comments, and anonymous tips to askausiello@tvline.com. (Additional reporting by Vlada Gelman and Meg Masters)

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