Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Scandal, Supernatural, Once, Glee, Gossip Girl, NCIS, Dead and More!

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Question: Can you please give me a scoop on the next Scandal episode? If you do, I’ll tattoo your name on my face like Mike Tyson! — Georgette
Ausiello: You’re in luck: Mitovich just screened the episode and filed this juicy report:

“Holy. Moly. This Thursday’s flashback-filled episode is off the hook, juicy as hell and one of the series’ best episodes to date, if not the very best. Oh, but you want teases. Well, you’ll see Flashback Cyrus fret over his ‘dirty little secret’ (aka James), get another look at Hagrid Huck and receive a download on all the scandalous Defiance/Cytron backstory. You should also watch for a scene where a freshly minted President Grant invites Olivia to be only the sixth person to touch [SPOILER]. Meanwhile, in the present day — and to the surprise of no one — Vice President Langston makes a bold move and, yes, the person behind Fitz’s shooting is made crystal clear.”

Georgie: Please send photo of your tatted-up mug to (A deal’s a deal!)

Question: My friend Leticia needs some cheering up, and a really good NCIS Abby-related brand-new spoiler/scoop seems to be the only thing that will work. — Ruby H
Ausiello: If “really good” will cheer her up, this oughta leave her ecstatic! Pauley Perrette told TVLine at the Trevor Live benefit in L.A. Sunday that she was not only shooting “a very, very Abby episode” but one that “people have been asking for… for 10 years.” In it, she explained, “we actually go back and find out about Abby’s past and childhood.”

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Question: I’m excited to see the inside of Tony’s apartment in NCIS‘ Dec. 18 episode. Any hints of what we’ll find? —Mary
Ausiello: You’ll find “a lot of Michael Weatherly in it,” teases Perrette, who says Tony’s portrayer was a very hands-on interior decorator. “He picked out a lot of stuff — he has amazing taste. His [real-life] house is decorated so immaculately and with a lot of class. So there are couple Michael Weatherly things in there — and one really big surprise.”

Question: I would love to hear something new and juicy on The Walking Dead. —Ashley
Ausiello: The show resumes its third season on Feb. 10, but the episode you’ll want to plan your next viewing party around airs on March 3. “I think Episode 12 is going to be something special,” series creator Robert Kirkman told me. “All [eight episodes] are pretty great, but be on the lookout for that one.”

schmidt-and-ceceQuestion: How much longer do we have to wait for Schmidt and CeCe to get back together on New Girl? — Janet
Ausiello: How long till tonight’s episode? As Max Greenfield told TVLine at last week’s HFPA and InStyle-hosted Golden Globe kickoff party, this week, “Schmidt decides to go and tell CeCe how he really feels. He makes a serious move as a man.” As in let’s-have-baby serious? Um, not quite. “Not this season,” the actor laughs. “But season 4, I would love for some domesticity and a child.”

Question: So happy Nashville got picked up for a full season! It seems Juliette has finally found someone nice (and age appropriate). Do you know if  Sean is sticking around? —Amy-lee
Ausiello: You’ll get a better idea about the length of his stay in the closing minutes of Wednesday’s midseason finale when Juliette makes a big decision about the relationship. Teases series creator Callie Khouri: “All the stuff that’s been stirred up with her mother in the past several episodes has her really panicking a little bit and thinking about things she hasn’t before.”

Question: I just found out I bombed a test I thought I did really well on. Can you cheer me up by ruling out some of the women from your pregnancy blind item? —Rebecca
Ausiello: How about I just solve it for you?

Question: Is the Mulan/Aurora arc over on Once Upon a Time? Are they done for the season/forever? –Mary
Ausiello: Mitovich — who just spent a long weekend in Vancouver, where Once shoots — hears that one of the princesses will be seen soon after the show returns from its holiday break (on Jan. 6).

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Question: Any fresh intel on who Ethan Embry is playing on Once Upon a Time? —Jenny
Ausiello: Jennifer Morrison knows about as much as the rest of us — which isn’t much. “[All we] know is he’s an outsider, he is a stranger and he is not a fairytale character,” she says, before quickly adding, “at least he’s not someone anyone recognizes from fairytale land.”

Question: Were you ever able to find out why Garcelle Beauvais was let go from Franklin & Bash? —Jeff
Ausiello: Yes! Beauvais says space issues led to her departure. “There was no more room for the character,” she explains of her powerhouse legal eagle, Hannah. “I think they did everything they could with that story and now it leaves me to go and explore. I am so excited about it.”

sam britQuestion: Is Glee really going there with Brittany and Sam? Does the show realize what a s–tstorm it’s walking into? —Carly
Ausiello: I imagine they do since Brittany addresses the criticism head-on in a hilarious fourth-wall-shattering moment in this week’s episode.

Question: Do you think this is Glee‘s last season? —Ryan
Ausiello: Um… no. The show will definitely be back for Season 5. No question.

VIDEO | First Look: Sue and Finn at War on Glee

Question: Can I get some Glee scoop? —CM
Ausiello: The Marley/bulimia arc, which took a disturbing turn last week when the New Directions powerhouse collapsed during Sectionals, is going to get worse before it gets better. “It gets even crazier than you think,” reveals Samuel Larsen. “Trust me, it gets worse. It’s something no one’s really expecting at all.”

Question: Anything on NCIS: LA regarding my favorite couple, Eric and Nell? —Melissa
Ausiello: Sounds like those crazy kids are going to have a run-in with some mistletoe in the Dec. 18 Christmas episode. “There’s a little romantic spark happening,” hints Barrett Foa, who confirms that the “spark” he refers to is, in fact, a “really cool” kiss. “They’re really embracing the quirkiness of our characters. It’s a good [juxtaposition] between us and the big alpha males, LL Cool J and Chris O’Donnell. It’s a really nice interplay.”

Question: Any new scoop on Supernatural? —Jonathan
Ausiello: A big “Winchester family mythology episode” is on the docket for late January, confirms exec producer Jeremy Carver. Playing a central role in the hour will be Sam and Dean’s paternal grandfather Henry, whose arrival stirs up some daddy issues for the pair. “In other words, what did their father’s father have to do with the way their father turned out? A lot of that is explored head-on,” reveals Carver. “There’s a tremendous amount of emotional ground that’s covered. When we get a chance to do one of these episodes, we try to do it with great care because we’re essentially [etching] a part of the mythology into stone.” Might Jeffrey Dean Morgan make a cameo as Sam and Dean’s late pa? Responds Carver, evasively: “As with any character, we always have open discussions about everybody in our universe.” (We’ll take that as a no.)

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Question: Any good Owen-Nikita moments we can look forward to on Nikita? —Tara
The Sword‚Äôs EdgeAusiello: Moments? Try whole episodes. “When Owen comes back in January, there are two back-to-back episodes of Owen and Nikita doing crazy stuff,” Devon Sawa tells us. “Just [lots of] action and solving stuff.”

Question: Do you have any spoilers for Beauty and the Beast? —Allyson
Ausiello: New triangle alert! The show is getting ready to introduce a charismatic and slightly shady A.D.A. in his late 20s who will work closely with Kristin Kreuk’s Cat on a special task force. Business will turn to pleasure and, if all goes according to plan, the not-yet-cast New Guy could become a series regular. Let’s just give this to Jason Dohring and call it a day, k?

Question: Is there any chance of Nate and Serena getting back together as a couple before or during the series finale of Gossip Girl? —Erin
Ausiello: Answer’s still no, Erin. Ask me one more time and your IP address will be turned over to the authorities.

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Question: You said last week that we would get more Gossip Girl spoilers. Can we get those now please? —Léa
Ausiello: I found out what Kristen Bell will be doing in the series finale and it’s brilliant. Also, did you hear about the flash forward?!

Question: I am so dependent on you for my survival right now. I’m scoop-obsessed so I’ll take anything on Pretty Little Liars, The Vampire Diaries, Once Upon a Time, Big Bang Theory or Gossip Girl. I have a longer list of shows, but these five will do for now. —Saloni
Ausiello: I’ll provide the spoiler, you guess which of the five shows it pertains to: *****’s war against ****s will soon result in a deadly twist that no one will see coming.

Question: Any last-minute Sons of Anarchy season finale spoilers? —Christopher
Ausiello: A body part belonging to a pivotal character will go flying across a room. Enjoy!

END QUOTE | “Patrick and I have been together for a long time. We’ve been through absolutely everything together. We’ve had our bad days and our good days. [As] we come to the end of Season 9, we’re in a good place. We just try and have as much fun as we can. I think part of the reason the show is so successful is because we are very comfortable with each other.” — Ellen Pompeo on her decade-long partnership with her Grey’s Anatomy leading man Patrick Dempsey

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  1. “Ausiello: Jennifer Morrison knows about as much as the rest of us — which isn’t much. “[All we] know is he’s an outsider, he is a stranger and he is not a fairytale character,” she says, before quickly adding, “at least he’s not someone anyone recognizes from fairytale land.”” Frankenstein’s monster?

  2. kaley says:

    lol brittana. get santana a new girlfriend already.

  3. Nicole says:

    My favorite thing about Glee is that it gives characters witty lines to address problems that people have with the show, but it never actually does anything to fix these problems.
    Did I say favorite? I meant it’s actually the worst.

    • Lauren says:

      Ugh, I know! My favourite is when they constantly address the fact that Tina is sidelined, basically promise to fix it in the next year, and then give her exactly one solo, which is that horrible Gangnam song.

    • adc says:

      You took the words right out of my mouth.

    • Amber says:

      I loved it when Glee went all meta… but once the writers started doing it several times per episode I switched off.

    • dude says:

      Why should they have to “fix” anything with the Sam/Brittany storyline. They have great chemistry, Brittany is a well-known bi-sexual and she needs to move on from Santana. This all seems pretty logical. It can’t be all-Brittana all the time.

      • Carrie says:

        If you think the problem is Brittany being with Sam, or any boy, you’re delusional. The issue is not a bi-sexual woman being with a man after being with a woman. The issue is the blatant disparity in how each couple are treated. They kiss in the first episode they even entertain dating.

        They have had more one on one conversation in nine episodes this year than Santana and Brittany had in twenty two episodes last year. Brittana had less than five minutes total conversation one on one last year, total. Total. Santana and Brittany didn’t even have a one on one conversation in the episode in which Santana is forcibly outed (with no consequences for Finn, but plenty for her). Brittany didn’t even say a word to Santana in the episode (hell, they cut the scene where Santana even gets to come out to the Cheerios, and they make a throw-away line about her mentioning it to her parents). From the beginning of the Brittana story line, it took them 35 episodes to kiss. They made the incredibly horrible and offensive IKAG episode, and the sex-tape episode.

        This is not about Brittany dating a man. It is about how much respect the relationship between Brittany and a man, whether it was Sam or anyone else, gets in comparison to how Brittana were treated. It is about Ryan Murphy throwing a hissy fit and spitting in the faces in some of his most loyal viewers because they, rightfully and correctly, raked the show over the coals for one of the most offensive episodes I have ever seen on television (I Kissed A Girl).

        This has never, ever, ever, ever, ever been an out cry that Brittany went back to dating a boy after Santana and Brittany broke up (though there is genuine concern that they’ll never put Santana with another woman so they can just write that she is a lesbian, but not put her in any situation where they have to show it). This has been about discrepancy in how they treat two women in a relationship with each other, how they treat a woman and a man’s relationship with much more attention, respect, and detail, and this has been about how Ryan Murphy treats women as a whole.

        But you know, that probably doesn’t concern you, ‘dude’.

        Much like it doesn’t concern Ausiello, and his previous dismissive comments towards the lesbian relationship that is Brittany and Santana. From this horrible comment how he thinks the “fourth wall shattering” commentary is “hilarious”, to his previous comment how he thought Brittany and Santana should just stay best friends with benefits because it was “better that way” than them “discussing their feelings and this messy relationship stuff”.

        Shame on you, Ausiello, as a gay man for spitting on your lesbian sisters that way. You may think it’ll get you ahead in male-dominated Hollywood, but one day it’ll bite you and every other gay man (Dan Savage, Ryan Murphy, etc) who does this crap. Self-hatred and spitting on those who suffer the same indignities and difficulties as you is shameful, Michael

        • Leo says:

          You’re just pissed that Santana and Brittany don’t get screen time. Get over it. There’s no frickin’ reason to bash anyone’s sexuality and even threaten? Wow…. You have a lot of hate in yourself. And it’s probably will be safe for you and everyone else around you if you stop watching Glee.
          The crazier reason is why all this people is so obsessed with Brittana if they have so little screentime to begin with? Jeez.

        • DoctorWhoFanatic! says:

          That’s a lot of anger and a lot of hate.

  4. I Heart Chuck Bass (and Damon Salvatore) says:

    Is the aterisk quiz “Tyler’s war against Klaus?”

    • I Heart Chuck Bass (and Damon Salvatore) says:

      *sigh* Asterisk.

    • Ana says:

      I thought of it as well! But i just can’t imagine what twist can be, TVD always suprise me, not always in a god way…

      • I Heart Chuck Bass (and Damon Salvatore) says:

        I’m calling it now — Sheriff Forbes dies, Caroline goes nuts, dumps Tyler and hello Klaorline. Because, the show hasn’t destroyed Forwood enough.

        • terry says:

          Have you read the episode description? if someone dies, it will obviously be because of Klaus. My money is on Hayley. Or Tyler’s mom.

          • I Heart Chuck Bass (and Damon Salvatore) says:

            Oh, well, that makes me feel better. I mean, I don’t want Tyler’s mom to die, but I love Liz Forbes and I hate Klaroline.

    • brigygirl3 says:

      My thoughts exactly!! :)

    • Maria says:

      Could also be Chuck vs Bart on GG.

    • Fudgefase says:

      I find it sad that this ‘teaser’ could apply equally to so many shows. Are we really so unimaginative that we can really only handle one basic plot?

    • astrid says:

      I think it is the war against Klaus, but whose?
      5 letters, could be
      Tyler/ Haley/ Damon???
      I’m excited, I think the twists on TVD are always amazing.
      But I so hate them screwing up Forwood. As I am really weirded out by Delena and still kind of missing Jeremy being with Anna, I really don’t want Caroline and Tyler falling apart. Elena shacking up with a proud mass murderer directly after ditching her boy-friend and in the same home is weird enough. I don’t really need another seriously great girl suddenly demonstrating relaxation, amusement and happiness when hanging out with the guy who killed aunt Jenna and her own best friend’s biological mother. Wtf???

      • Meh says:

        For the love of god, Stefan is as much a killer as Damon! STOP PRETENDING he didn’t kill tens or hundreds of people as his ripper self. Among them was Andy, for example, just to prove a point.
        I don’t care who you people ‘ship, but STOP THE HYPOCRICY!!!

    • Ari says:

      This was my thought! Tyler and the hybrids vs. Klaus and…Klaus? Possibly the other Original siblings may make a comeback? If so, I am so excited for Elijah to come back rip out some hybrid hearts and then just keep on going like nothing ever happened. He’s the picture of indifference wehn he’s killing. Elijah! We all miss you!

    • AT says:

      It could also be Shane’s war against Klaus (as in Professor Shane).

    • stellalunaa says:

      i was thinking good’s wat against eveil for OUAT…?

  5. Colin says:

    During Talking Dead, Chris Hardwick said Walking Dead returns on Feb 10, which makes more sense, since that’s a Sunday…

  6. C. says:

    Of course Glee will trivialize actual valid concerns and yet continue to do nothing about them. My favorite thing about this season is watching it crash and burn. They deserve nothing less.

    • Sara says:

      I agree.

    • tommy says:

      mee too

    • Amber says:

      If they do by some miracle get commissioned for a 5th season it’ll purely be to gain syndication, making it a 13-14ish long season. I’d bet my car on it.

    • Diaf, Glee. says:


    • Temperence says:

      This season is the best since the first year as far as I’m concerned.

      • murley says:

        i agree and i am also looking forward to sam and brittany. nothing against brittany and santana but the sam/brittany stuff this season has been really cute and sweet and i would like to see santana in a new relationship. it would be interesting.

    • DoctorWhoFanatic! says:

      “They” don’t deserve all that garbage. Maybe you don’t like the direction that Murphy has taken it, but the actors and actresses have worked their asses off and produced amazing material. Their songs tops the charts, and these young people have put in countless hours to do so.

      If you don’t like it, quit watching, but it’s unfair, ridiculous, and tomfoolery to tear down people like this. Get a life. Glee may not be the most consistent writing or the best handled storylines, but it’s not as bad as you make it out to be. It’s a cheesy TV show. Enjoy the music or move on. Being an asshat accomplishes nothing and just spreads anger and hate around.

  7. Pearl says:

    This was the most easy riddle of your career Ausiello, the war is between Tyler and Klaus, I fear for Caroline!

  8. mco says:

    I don’t watch Grey’s Anatomy, but Ellen Pompeo words about her partnership with Patrick Dempsey seems so true. Not only for them but also for any actors and partners in long-time TV Show. These people works together something like 14 hours a day 5 days a week for 10 months or so every years. Guess it’s inevitable that there’re very good days and very bad days between them.
    I am just someone that is tired reading rumors about “leads hate each others” about almost every tv shows being made. (Or, if they publicly get along, then they sleep with each other, because of course, if you’re have a friendship with your co-workers, you bang them).

  9. person says:

    Glee better fix this mess before it even starts thinking about season 5. Either the writers have no idea how bad they are writing this show into the ground or they just don’t care.

  10. Blake says:

    About the deadly twist on a show mentioned above, I think we can rule out a deadly twist on Big Bang Theory. I mean, this isn’t Chuck Lorre’s other show about two and a half “filthy” men. None of our favorite nerds or their ladies are going to be pushed in front of an oncoming subway anytime soon.

  11. Sara says:

    Regarding Glee and B-ram, I highly doubt there is anything funny about the HUGE inequality between lesbian and straight couples this episode will highlight.

    • BonnieFan1986 says:

      Or interracial! But because this is TV, the world (or that troll RM) wants a hetero, dumb, blonde couple! -RME- I am finished with Glee!

    • Anna says:

      I challenge you to find a comedy/drama on basic television that has more gay/lesbian/trans characters than Glee. The show has some problems, but neglecting the gay community is not one of them.

      • Millie says:

        Neglecting? Are you for real? Have you watched season 3 while employing just a tiny bit of critical thought? Brittana is even amongst its own fans considered to have gone for a good positive portrayal of a female/female relationship, to the worst on TV because of S3. Brittana got together with the lines if you are single we will mingle, while B.ram will get cheerio romantic trail into romantic duet and Brittany saying Sam is the only one making her smile…

        Can you see the difference? How about Brittana’s ONLY story line after they became a couple was about a lesbian sex tape? Aka one of the BIGGEST fetish things for straight males?

        And here is a clear one. How about Brittany not having ONE single alone private scene for entire season 3? But first time B.ram interacts they are alone? And they will get multiple ones in the next new episodes? It is old skool tv practice that if you had LGBTQ characters, you would always make sure they were chaperoned in order to not put them on equal grounds as the “normal folks”. Another aspect it was used for was/is that it also avoided having to give them more intimate moments that typically comes with private scenes. Either things feed into a suggestion that those types of relationships are not on equal grounds as the “normal” ones. Like I said, it was a common TV practice deployed and do not think for a moment the writers don’t know of it yet sadly they deployed it themselves while claiming to be all LGBTQ loving.

        For killing blow, to show just how silly your comment was, Brittana talked for less than 6 minutes for ENTIRE S3. They did NOT talk about Santana being outed or Brittany flunking, instead it was mostly sex tapes, leprechauns and throw away lines. Sam and Brittany? They talk about feelings and get to be shown as a normal couple and I will bet everything I own on that they will talk more in episode 9+10 (hell maybe just one of them), than Brittana did the ENTIRE S3.

        Glee done some great stuff, but not anymore really and ESPECIALLY for its female/female relationship that has become one of the worst portrayals in the past 10 years.

        • Meg says:

          You know, there is way to make your point without being completely rude to the person to whom you are responding.

          • Carrie says:

            And you know what? There’s a way of making your point without entirely dismissing the very real struggles of LGBTQ folks, which is what Anna did.

            Glee having a bunch of gay characters, whether it is gay men, lesbians, bi or transgender people does not mean it is some holy site of the equality grail for representation and treatment. I see you two are women, and you two are defending it, and to be honest I think it is safe to assume that means you’re two Klaine fans. Fetishizing Klaine and gay men being together does not make you great allies of LGBTQ folks, nor does it make you progressive.

            Millie is absolutely, 100% correct. Glee treats women like crap, it treats queer women even more awful. This has never been about Brittany getting with a boy and how she should just stay with Santana at all times or just go to dating a woman. It is about the treatment of the two relationships, the extreme discrepancy in affection and private moments (they are going to kiss in the very first episode they even entertain dating, they have had multiple private moments together this season where last year Brittany and Santana got ZERO). Sam and Brittany already have more one on one conversation time this year, in nine episodes, than Santana and Brittany did in 22 episodes last year.

            So don’t you and Anna dare sit there and tell queer women how they should feel about this, or they should be grateful. That’s a bunch of bunk.

          • SquirrelTail says:

            Millie and Carrie, full disclosure so you don’t have to make assumptions about me, I’m neither a lesbian or bisexual, so am I allowed to have an opinion? Because I also think you’re being extremely hostile to these commenters for statements that (whether you agree with them or not) were clearly not intended to be disrespectful or diminishing of the LGBTQ community or your experiences. Perhaps you think they are incorrect or misinformed, but being so aggressive and escalating the ‘argument’ is counterproductive in this case. Your anger is being directed at people who can do nothing to address your criticisms about Glee. I think it’s in poor taste that you made assumptions of them, such as them being heterosexual, or ‘fetishizing’ the Blaine/Kurt relationship. This website is a place for civil discussion among fans and detractors of television shows, which are used as entertainment or distraction from the difficulties of everyday life for most of us. Chill out.
            And to address some of your points, I DO think it’s positive that Glee showcases many characters typically underrepresented on TV, such as racial minorities and LGBTQ students, and they do so more than any other scripted show I can think of. I didn’t think they handled Santana’s experience of coming out well AT ALL, but Glee does tend to drop the ball on major storylines (such as Karofsky’s disappearance post-suicide-attempt) in the interest of cycling in new characters. Although I’m not going to rewatch the whole season to find out, I don’t believe your assertions that Brittana never had a scene alone and talked for less than 6 minutes during Season 3, in part based on the fact that I disagree with another of your blanket statements that they’ve had one story line as a couple (what about the episode Heart that looked at the unfair treatment they were getting by the principal, this season’s episode about the toll of long distance, and then them having the most mature breakup we’ve ever seen on the show?) Their relationship started in Season 1, whether or not they were a defined couple, and they’ve had MANY storylines about the two of them since then. As you’ll recall, they started hooking up in like Season 1 when Santana was dating Puck, so of course if Brittany begins her relationship with Sam by actually ‘dating,’ we will see them together on dates and kissing. Speaking of which, we’ve seen much more of them kissing and showing affection than with Blaine & Kurt. And finally, where is the rule that says all of a character’s future relationships must abide by the same timeline for intimacy as their first or earlier relationships?

  12. Sean C. says:

    I just love when the writers of “Glee” acknowledge they’re aware of all the double standards and deserved criticism this show receives, and could care less.

    “Yup, we treat female homosexuality as a total joke. Haha!”

    • Marnie says:

      Perfectly said.

    • Mcgoria says:

      Oh for the love of…Have any of you seen the episode of Glee yet to be complaining about it? Aus just said Brit “addresses the concerns” in a hilarious moment. Where do you all get that they’re mocking the “lesbian audience” or anything. Glee is very far from perfect, but take a breath everyone.

      • Millie says:

        The line has already been spoiled elsewhere, so wopse mate. Along side with episode spoilers for the next few episodes. So yeah, some people do know what they are talking about. Glee will have Brittany/male relationship with private scenes, serious feelings, romance, sweet duets and lots of screen time vs. Brittany/female with sex tape jokes, almost no interaction, portrayed as a mere joke most of the time, and ultimately dismissed as nothing.

        • Mcgoria says:

          Even i one line was spoiled, you comment as if you know everything that’s going to happen on the show. Besides Finn and Rachel, name any relationshipthat’s been really developed+ Brir/Artie? Quinn/Sam? Mike/Tina? I don’t think this pairing will be any different.

  13. Britta Unfiltered says:

    Oh, Glee. I’ve finally gotten to a point where I can’t make fun of the show anymore, because it’s just too sad. It’s like picking on the fat, defenseless kid in school. Oh, sorry, did I just say fat? I didn’t give anyone bulimia, did I? Hmm, guess I had one more Glee joke inside me still. It’s okay, I threw it up though. I feel much skinnier now.

  14. Madeline says:

    I don’t really get the SPN spoiler “In other words, what did their father’s father have to do with the way their father turned out?”

    John became an entirely different person after Mary was killed. I just don’t understand how directly his father could have influenced John’s actions as the father-hunter-drill sgt he became.

    I hope they don’t make Henry involved in any sort of supernatural shenanigans. I don’t want the brothers to have more hunters in their family tree. I think it would just be unrealistic at this point.

    I’m excited to meet Henry though! I just hope the writers don’t mess it up.

  15. Linda says:

    Oh how I miss seeing Jeffrey Dean Morgan on Supernatural. He needs to come back on at least once a season.

  16. Alex says:

    And by hilarious you mean extremely offensive right? Definitely back for a season 5? Lets see how many of the 5M they have left viewers come back for that.

  17. Nicole says:

    OUAT spoiler is probably about Mulan since her and Julian Morris were in Vancouver briefly a couple weeks ago.
    It’s too bad that the two princesses couldn’t stick around the show aka go to Storybrooke – they were two of my faves

  18. Elyse says:

    I just wanna know when I will see Charlie and Jason back on screen together on Revolution. is that too much to ask?

    • Renee says:

      I don’t think so. Would love to know that myself. Not that it would do us any good since the show is gone for four months.

  19. Kelly says:

    I’m thinking Ethan Embry might be the wizard of oz on once upon a time.

    • RyanC says:

      Really? I’ve been assuming they are planning to dual-role dr whale/Frankenstein (triple-role then, I guess!). They referred to him as a wizard, his true power was based in science, and he was apparently from Oz, because the mad hatter mentions “she escaped with the shoes”, presumably about Dorothy.

  20. Iya says:

    Why don’t the glee writers try to fix the show’s problems instead of making fun of the fans?
    And I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at how ridiculous it is to have Brittany and Sam kiss in the 1st episode that adress romantic feelings between them, when Brttany and Santana only kissed 8 episodes after they started dating officially.

    • Diaf, Glee. says:

      9, actually. And they got exactly 311s of one on one convo in 22 eps of S3. People not seeing the double standards are blind, idiots or maybe both. Also, Samcedes never had any resolution whatsoever because hey, interracial yo! This show is lesbophobic, misogynistic, racist and bites the hand that feed them shamelessly, even with the showrunner acting like a 5 y/o throwing a tantrum on twitter. I mean… he’s a grown man, right? The only viewers they have left will jump ship soon enough.

      • Kim says:

        My biggest issue with Ryan Murphy, right now, isn’t “Glee” rather it’s “New Normal.” I feel like he is Mary Sue-ing Brian on that show to be him (which I know that’s a duh thing.). But then there have been jabs at “Glee” on “New Normal.” Like he had 2 shows on t.v. before “Glee.” He had “Popular” and “Nip/Tuck.” “Popular” was great until “Nip/Tuck” started to get traction, then “Popular” started to slide. Same thing happened with “Nip/Tuck” and “Glee.” I feel like history is repeating itself.

    • Elizabeth says:

      Good point…try two years of Klaine and three actual kisses, only one that equalled the endless face sucking by Finchel and even random characters no one knows. The last thing I want to admit is Glee has or is jumping the shark, I love this show…but UGH. So much potential, so much talent, so much yet to do with the characters, and they are systematically destroying everything instead. It’s so disappointing. Writing Klaine as a cheating breakup, for example is so incredibly trite and stereotypical and was totally unecessary. Really, they couldn’t think of ANYTHING else to do with the characters? Really? A gay man in a long term relationship couldn’t come up with something else to do with the most original, popular couple in forever than to go completely out of character with an actor LOADED with talent (Darren Criss) and lose who knows how much of their audience. The iTunes sales numbers this season speak volumes…and it’s 100% unnecessary. Maybe RIB have a grand plan, I certainly hope so. What a waste of amazing possibilities with these actors and stories otherwise.

      • lady says:

        Love how you turned a comment about inequality for lesbians into something all about poor Blaine, who only gets the majority of screen time and more solos than all the original members of ND combined.. Are there any Darren Criss fans who aren’t horrible?

        • Elizabeth says:

          Uh, it was just an example. That’s a pretty vicious response to someone who is agreeing with you. Try anger management. My point about Darren is equal to any of the characters, I’m just more attuned to that storyline. They are ALL being wasted, in my opinion, including the lesbian and bi characters. Step back and chill out. Geez.

          • Lydia Ann says:

            I’m just passing by on my way to the Scandal spoilers, but I don’t think you understand what anger management classes are actually about. One slightly sarcastic comment on the internet is not enough to warrent that kind of counseling.

          • SquirrelTail says:

            Lydia Ann, Elizabeth may have been speaking in a hyperbole, but lady was particularly hostile, and her/his anger was misdirected. I’m confused as to why you would defend that, but technically yes you are correct.

      • Dan says:

        …. whut. You lost me at “an actor LOADED with talent (Darren Criss)” lol

      • KC says:

        “the most original, popular couple in forever”
        Hahahahahaha. No.
        “go completely out of character with an actor LOADED with talent (Darren Criss)”

  21. Abby says:

    Please get Jason Dohring back on TV!!! Would love him on Beauty and the Beast!!!

  22. Vertigo #1 says:

    Will Brittany’s monologue discuss how she kisses Sam in the first episode they are together but did not kiss Santana for 31 episodes? Will the show discuss they broke up the two interracial couples – including a same sex one – to have a straight white couple? Will Brittany discuss how Brittany/Sanatana never sung a true duet and Sam/Brittany sing one in the first episode? BTW, I am a gay male who is a fanatical Klainer. That doesn’t keep me from seeing the most despicable double standard since Modern Family had all the couples kissing except Cameron/Mitchell. I fully support my fellow Glee watchers who are hurt by the double standard. I may not care for Brittany/Santana but I don’t think Glee should be joking. They should be apologizing to the fans they have treated with such disrespect.

    • Twilight123 says:

      ^THIS! I am not a glee fanatic by any means, but I was just reflecting that show broke up two of it’s original interracial couples and one of it’s only two same sex couples just to put together two attractive, blond teens in another heterosexual relationship. I could watch that on any other channel! I thought the whole point of glee was how it was supposed to be different in terms of representation… isn’t that one of the reasons that people have suffered through the bad writing all these years? So then what’s the point now? Maybe I wrong, but I don’t get it.

    • Heath says:

      Thank you so much. You don’t know how good your comment made me feel after how crappy this show makes me feel.

    • Mcgoria says:

      Who said it was a monologue? How about watching the episode first?

  23. ellaenn says:

    Does anyone realize that even though Grey’s is on it’s 9th season, the show premiered in the Spring of ’05? Technically, Ellen’s partnership with Patrick is not a decade long. Thank God too! I graduated high school that spring and it has definitely NOT been a decade! it’s barely been 8 years. Get it right people!

  24. Amy says:

    Asterik quiz – “Damon’s war against Klaus will soon take a deadly turn….”

    • Rachel says:

      I think it make’s more sense that it’s Tyler’s war against against Klaus because he’s breaking all the sire bonds of Klaus’ hybrids and there’s nothing really going on between Damon in Klaus (as far as a war.) He’s focused on Elena. But as in deadly turn, that might have to do with Hailey and Professor Shane who I’m going to bet on is secretly Silas.

  25. Ana says:

    soooo i’m guessing the war is between chuck and bart

  26. Beth says:

    “Let’s just give this to Jason Dohring and call it a day, k?” — OMG, yes!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Gabrielle says:

    Ausiello – the fact that you keep getting asked about if there will be a Nate and Serena reunion should tell you AND the Gossip Girl crew exactly how much support they have from fans of the show.

    Seriously, the fact that there’s no sign of them getting back together is really disappointing. Such a wasted opportunity. They never should’ve broken up in the first place, they were happy and completely balanced each other as a couple.

  28. Britney says:

    Of course Glee acknowledges legitimate criticisms and concerns in the form of a joke on the show, instead of actually listening to them, and doing something to actually change how offensive or horrible the show is. Even though I certainly won’t be watching a 5th season of this show, I hate that it’ll happen.

    And I’m guessing it’s Mulan that’s back, and probably something to do with a flashback with Phillip of some kind, if it’s only one, and there were reports of him being there as well. I really hope they bring them back or continue to follow them, because I really enjoyed their characters and seeing their relationship evolve.

  29. Jerry says:

    These spoilers for Glee are making me even want the episode even less than I already did. Why does the show always have to go meta when addressing it’s own problems, instead of actually trying to fix them? It’s offensive, lazy, and bad writing.

  30. Wowza says:

    Good going Glee – instead of fixing your problems you make a joke out of it. No wonder your ratings keep sinking with every offensive BS you put out.

  31. Autumn says:

    I completely agree about the Jason Dohring casting. If only you could spread the word…Thanks for the BATB scoop. Sounds interesting.

  32. Helene says:

    Oh yeah, Glee. Calling out fans though their favorite characters is really funny and not pathetic at all! Ha ha ha.

  33. Lily_Girl says:

    I like Glee – always have. I always watch the entire season before I think about criticizing it. The writers obviously have a plan in place and need to get there throughout the entire season. People need to calm down and just watch the show. At the end of S4 or at some point in S5, everyone will be embarrassed for the way they acted with their favorite characters and how they were written. Remember, Happy Endings!

    • Sean C. says:

      Why would watching the entire season make a difference? At the end of each season you just look back and realize how many pointless stories and plots that never went anywhere there were. I certainly didn’t look back after 3.22 and think “Hey, ‘I Kissed A Girl’ wasn’t an insulting disgrace that completely ruined all the potential of Santana’s story after all!”

    • Amber says:

      Haha, you actually think the writers plan out each season? They’re lucky to have a first draft script finished before they begin shooting each episode.

  34. Worried says:

    Amongst all the other issues listed above with the coupling of Sam and Brittany. . .shouldn’t haven’t at least one member of the couple have something resembling intelligence to help the other, you know. . .function?

  35. Renee says:

    Love some Owen.

  36. Renee says:

    And what do you mean new triangle alert…what about the old one? I like Evan.

  37. Jo! says:


    • AJ says:

      What if Mckinley High’s “new directions” dont even qualify for regionals because they never finished there sectionals routine?

  38. Tinemi says:

    Before all the nasty comments (ha!) I like the way Glee is going with Brittany and Sam: Brittany was never a lesbian. She is (as she once said to Santana) open to all kinds of love. We could call her a bisexual. But she’s dated more men than women (or boys than girls if you wish), so maybe, her inclination is more to guys than girls. Is an interesting theme. And it allows Santana to move on and find someone different.

    • Sean C. says:

      As has been said many times before, Brittany being bisexual is not the issue. The issue is the writers’ complete disrespect for Brittay’s gay relationships, while her straight relationships get plenty of focus. It’s a clear demonstration of the writers’ sexism and lesphobia. Brittany and Sam have already had more serious conversations and plots than Brittany and Santana had all last year.

      And yeah, I’m sure the writers are itching to give Santana another girlfriend when they had to be badgered into letting her even speak to her first one all of three times last season (let alone kiss her), and clearly resent fans for not loving the crumbs they deigned to give.

    • Amber says:

      I think people are more annoyed at the fact that Brittany’s meta comment is basically the writers telling a certain viewer demographic to suck it more so that the fact Brittany is moving on with a guy.

      • Sean C. says:

        I almost prefer it now that the writers aren’t bothering to hide their contempt for the show’s gay female viewers. Before they would always talk about how proud and respectful they were going to be in handling these issues, before delivering misogynistic, dismissive crap. Now they’ve stopped pretending to care, which is more honest, at least.

        • gree says:

          Why are there still gay female viewers is the question. I don’t get it why still watch?

          • Sean C. says:

            There still aren’t many gay/bi female characters on primetime TV, and this show got its hooks into people by looking like it would handle things respectfully, before totally betraying that promise and then rubbing fans’ noses in it.

        • Mcgoria says:

          Seriously, if this show angers you that much, why do you watch? Not being catty, I’m really curious. If everyone is so ready to burn RM at the stake bc Brit “makes a comment” then please, move on.

          • KC says:

            It’s not even about watching or not watching the show. It’s about knowing it exists and keeps on spewing it’s offensive and damaging messages while giving itself the guise of being “inspirational” and “rooting for the underdog”.

    • AJ says:

      who may or may not possess a large penie weenie!

  39. Babybop says:

    Don’t watch Grey’s so I never read that article… Thank GOD that it’s not Penny from BBT. I would have stopped watching. Ha ha.

  40. Eliza says:

    Regarding your suggestion of Jason Dohring —
    YES, please!!!!

  41. wordsmith says:

    I’m surprised more people aren’t interested in the Mulan/Aurora scooplet. Their storylines have been so inextricably linked thus far that it’s hard to imagine one without the other. I think a lot of us were about ready to start ‘shipping them as a couple…

  42. mario says:

    Marley- powerhouse- hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaham don’t make me laugh.

  43. Fernanda says:

    I’m glad about Glee season 5, but many of the original actors would find their final time on the show in 2013, rigth? I heard on E! about the contract of the original actors will expire next may. Of course we’ll see Rachel, Kurt or even the anoying Blaine, but I don’t think Mr Schue or Emma would come back next fall.
    They don’t have quality time on screen since season 3. Even we don’t hear Schuester’s solos more often on the show. I’m really missed his amazing voice and even his rapping. LOL

    • Jane says:

      Actually Will and Emma will be back for season 5. They will leave at the end of S5. Ryan Murphy and the writers already stated that after they get married Will and Emma will have a baby. That storyline will happen in S5 and at the end of season five Will and Emma will leave the show. Seeing as Matt’s contract will expire at the end of next season and he won’t renew it. So yes Will and Emma will be in season five but not in season six.

      • KC says:

        Matthew Morrison has a seven year contract. It seems like he’s been trying to get out of this contract for a while now (can’t blame him, since Glee ruined his character and sidelined him as a performer) but the producers won’t let him. Seeing how the ratings are dwindling and the writers deliberately piss off their remaining audience, I wouldn’t be surprised if there won’t be a season six anyways.

  44. Michael says:

    NIKITA best show on TV!
    owen-Nikita scenes always rocks

    • Michelle says:

      I don’t agree that it’s the best show on TV but yes it is great! Thanks for the question to Ausiello, Tara. Love me some Owen/Nikita and I’m so disappointed that they seem to be giving in to fan pandering re: Olex. Do. Not. Want. We already know Owen has obvious feelings for Nikita – get on that, please, writers!

  45. A says:

    Thanks for the Scandal scoop. I can’t wait for this week’s episode, it’s going to blow everyone out of the water.

  46. Nils says:

    Lol glee fans are so funny. They constantly complain about a FICTIONAL tv show like their life depended on it and how much it sucks and what they hate about it. But honestly, im loving this season. Its funny, doesn’t take itself too seriously, and is just enjoyable. The fact that you guys take these “ships” so funny is kind of funny, but just mostly sad. Honestly if you guys stopped complaining to the writers maybe the show could get better, but they always feel like they have to cater to the fan base. Also brittana fans deserve whats coming to them. They are constantly being rude to anyone who doesn’t like their ship, calling them homophobes, and bombard RM with hate. Like seriously if any of you call glee homophobic or terrible written one more time I might just have to punch you in the face. Like seriously, glee changed the cultural landscape. it’s done more good then bad and I wish you would choose to focus on that. Finally, stop complaining about Tina. Jesus Christ she’s not a main character and is not meant to be. Some shows have secondary characters you know. What if Harry Potter was all about Ron Weasley!? Exactly. I’ve loved every episode this season and I enjoy the new characters and I just wish yall would stop taking the show so seriously. Its a musical comedy! The first season was good because it didn’t have this crazy fanbase constantly criticizing the writers. Ok. thank you. I will be watching glee until the day it ends and will be enjoying every minute of it. bye

    • Sean C. says:

      Doing some good things doesn’t give it a pass for all the things it does wrong. If you’re referring here specifically to the Brittany/Santana complaints, they have sent enormously harmful messages in how they treat those two, both individually and as a couple, through dangerous and disrespectful storylines and comments.

      As to it not being “terrible written”, are you seriously arguing it isn’t? A show that can’t keep characters or plotlines straight for two minutes?

      • murley says:

        then stop watching and take all the time and energy you spend complaining intensely about it on the Internet and volunteer with the trevor project or find a program for mentoring lbgt youth in your community. if you are that passionate about the issue (which is a good thing) then do something actually useful and positive about it!

        • KC says:

          Calling out TV shows with big audiences of impressionable teenagers on the harmful messages they are sending acutally IS doing something positive for the issue. I wish organizations like the Trevor Project or GLAAD would step up and do it, but obviously they prefer suckinig up to the Glee producers because they like their substancial donations.

          • murley says:

            is it though? really? because most of it uses extreme and sometimes hateful rhetoric and i am curious about what calling out a tv show on a message board actually does. it is certainly easier that volunteering your time for an organization, i’ll give you that.

  47. mia says:

    Oh no!! Someone getting in the way of Cat+Vincent!!! CANNOT HANDLE IT
    But Jason Dohring would be perfect

  48. schumacher says:

    Did I really read someone refer to Chris O’Donnell as a “big alpha male” ?

    Oh Robin, you’ve come so far.

  49. Tia says:

    Yum, Jason Dohring…

  50. Insulting and gross says:

    Glee has well and truly overstepped the boundaries. They are being blatantly offensive towards women and queer women in particular. I feel disgusted and furious that this is allowed to happen on television… and especially on a show which prides itself on it’s LGBTQ treatment and promotion. First, the travesty and total insult that was “I kissed a girl”, then treating the lesbian couple as invisible and unimportant, and now having the only bisexual character on the show directly address and mock the lesbian audience? What on earth is wrong with these people? It is not FUNNY to bully a minority group. This show has a lot to answer for.