Exclusive: NCIS' Latest Spin-Off - Meet the Team!

Patriot ActsAs we await the episode of NCIS: LA in which we’re introduced to the jet-setting do-gooders who’ll populate the proposed spin-off, details are beginning to leak — and juicy ones at that. How juicy? We can now tell you who (at least a few of) the characters are!

Paris: This Special Agent is a twice-divorced badass who is as sexy as she is tough and as smart as she is sexy. In other words, she is formidable on just about every level. Her one weakness? Though she’s part of a team, she works best when she works alone.

Roy: Though he is (not-at-all-willingly) retired from active duty, this former Special Agent is still employed as the group’s Operations Manager. However, it’s widely acknowledged that he is nonetheless their shrewdest investigator.

Danny: The team’s forensic specialist (and resident oddball) is an ex-NYPD detective who has a little skill at a lotta things. Except driving. Apparently, at that, he has no skill whatsoever!

Clara: Not only a brainiac, lawyer, photographer and military junkie, this Special Agent is also supermodel gorgeous. In her eyes, though, she’s just the tomboy next door.

Kai: The group’s young IT guy apparently is so bright — thanks, MIT! — he doesn’t just say “Did you try rebooting?” like ours does when someone brings him a computer problem. No wonder they all love him like a kid brother.

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