Will Fringe Make a Bald Move? Did a Gossip Girl Get Amnesia? Best New Comedy? And More Qs!

Fringe Josh Jackson Anna TorvWe’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Gossip Girl, The Voice, Bones and Hart of Dixie!

1 | How, how, how is General Hospital‘s Anna not choking on cigarillo breath from Faison every time she kisses “Duke”?

2 | So… bald Joshua Jackson by the Fringe series finale, yathink?

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3 | While we applaud Saturday Night Live‘s integration of the three female newbies, did it have to come at the cost of a somewhat-marginalized Vanessa Bayer?

4 | Speaking of SNL, is anyone able to watch Homeland scenes featuring hand-wringing Dana or Carrie’s unflinching defender Saul without recalling the sketch series’ recent send-up of same? And how much did you cringe during that scene in Sunday’s episode? You know (Oh! Oh! Ohhhh!) the one.

5 | Was Dexter channeling its inner Revenge with that episode-ending, voiceover-led, slo-mo scan on each and every character? The whole thing screamed Emily Thorne.

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6 | Did you figure out who was on the other line of The Walking Dead‘s phone line waaaaay before Rick did? And how jarring (in a good way) was it to see a Sarah Silverman morph from raunchy comedienne to passionate fan girl on The Talking Dead?

7 | Why can’t The Good Wife‘s Cary catch a break? When he finally gets a meaty story, it’s so his dad can break his heart! And for that, he gets rewarded with a beating from one of Nick’s goons?! And yes, it’s the big showy scenes that win Emmys, but has Julianna Margulies had a more breathtaking highlight this season than the sublimely tense moment where she held steady in calling for Judd Hirsch’s loose cannon judge to recuse himself from a murder case?

Gossip Girl Blake Lively Penn Badgley8 | Did Gossip Girl‘s Serena get amnesia? What happened to her love for Steven? He didn’t even warrant a second thought before she jumped into bed with Dan? And is anyone on this show still going to college?

9 | Bones hooked up Cam and squintern Arastoo?! Were you as shocked as we were?

10 | A Revolution rumination: Would a tunnel full of oxygen really be depleted that quickly by a small group of people and a couple torches? Also: Raise your hand if the Led Zeppelin soundtrack had you flashing back to your “hazy” college days….

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11 | Did Anthony Denison’s Castle drop-by elicit memories of his Wiseguy origins?

12 | Is the best thing about the new Smash trailer A) no Ellis, B) no Leo or C) no Frank?

13 | While we completely supported The Voice‘s Trevin Hunte shaking up his all-ballads set list, wouldn’t it have been nice if Cee Lo had gone beyond his role of naysayer and actually helped his protege select something more unusual and more vocally fitting than Usher’s “Scream”?

14 | Will Hart of Dixie‘s Wade and Zoe ditch this whole casual bed buddies thing and make it official already? Clearly, that black-and-white cookie gesture sealed the deal.

Go On Matthew Perry Lauren Graham15 | Now that we’re a couple months into the season, can we agree that Go On is actually the fall’s most promising new comedy? And was Matthew Perry’s terrific chemistry with Lauren Graham this week (almost) enough to make you wish she could ditch Parenthood?

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16 | After that hilariously dark Don’t Trust the B… Thanksgiving episode, can Michael Landes pop up a few more times this season as Chloe’s dad/June’s illicit lover?

17 | Can we establish a new rule in Sons of Anarchy‘s Charming? “No retaliation killings unless you have solid intel on exactly who attacked your guy.” (We’re looking at you this time, Nero.)

18 | So, Parenthood…. Couldn’t Julia have taken Sydney skating while Joel went with Victor? And can’t Max play his ridiculously noisy, violent videogames in a room the crying baby isn’t in? Drum up drama, yes, but don’t skirt easy solutions.

X Factor Simon Khloe19 | When The X Factor‘s Khloe Kardashian joked that Ryan Seacrest told her it makes Simon Cowell uncomfortable when you sit on his lap, was she aware of the homosexual subtext? Or was this yet another one of her clueless miscues?

20 | Matt Lauer mispronouncing the Gershwin classic “‘S Wonderful” as “Ess Wonderful” during the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade – the final nail in his Today coffin?

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21 | Was anything as randomly LOL as Glee‘s “Blam!” and “Slaine!” superhero “sound effects”? A slash fic writers dream come true, really.

22 | During Food Network’s Thanksgiving Live, what was more we-think-they’re-joking-but-maybe-not delicious: Giada Delaurentiis’ jab at host Alton Brown’s baldness or his retort about her alleged weave?

23 | Was that girl during the Redskins-Cowboys game halftime show supposed to jump onstage with Kenny Chesney? If not, kudos to the country crooner for playing it off so well. Speaking of holiday football, did Jets QB Mark Sanchez give new meaning to the term “butt of a joke”?

24 | If we admit to tearing up while watching Lifetime Christmas movies like Matchmaker Santa and A Boyfriend for Christmas, will you promise not to tell anyone?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!