Madeleine Stowe on Revenge's Rising Death Toll, the Initiative's Big Plan and Sinking the Amanda

Revenge Season 2 SpoilersRevenge is rapidly approaching a handful of game-changing events, including a wedding gone wrong and a (deadly?) sinking ship — and Madeleine Stowe is dishing all about it!

Here, the ABC soap’s queen bee shares with TVLine some juicy hints about what the new year has in store for the Hamptons elite, the horrible occurrence that awakens “Victoria’s killer instinct” and more.

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WEDDED BLISS(LESS) | When pressed about Jack and Amanda’s impending nautical nuptials, Stowe reveals only that, “There will be a wedding.” There will also be “at least one death,” though she believes “a couple” is a more accurate guesstimate, adding: “We’ll see who gets blamed for it.”

SHIPWRECKED | As Revenge‘s Season 2 premiere teased, the Amanda is headed for a watery grave — as is whomever’s aboard the vessel at the time of its demise. Shares Stowe, “I sort of know who’s on it — but there might be more than one person. I think [creator] Mike [Kelley] is actually still deciding.” We’re thinking that perhaps the boat, carrying countless Hamptonites, goes down before/during/after Jack and Amanda tie the knot. And assuming that is the case, Victoria must be safe… because she’d never be caught dead as such a low-class event, right? “Not necessarily!” a coy Stowe teases.

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THE INITIATIVE INITIATES | Americon Initiative might want to think twice about its big, bad plot — because Victoria is determined to put a halt to it. “Victoria wants to take down the initiative,” Stowe tells TVLine, but her mission won’t be a simple one. “It’s going to be a slowly evolving thing from now until the end of the season. I don’t know how long Mike is going to run that storyline. But [the initiative] is definitely getting a hold of Daniel [through Grayson Global], and that brings out Victoria’s killer instinct. That’s all I can tell you; they’re getting their hands on [her] son, which enrages [her].” (With reporting by Vlada Gelman)

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