Parks and Rec Lands Vice President Joe Biden

Joe Biden Parks and RecreationTuesday night’s election results must’ve been such a relief for Vice President Joe Biden; finally he could tell the world about his upcoming Parks and Recreation cameo!

President Obama’s second-in-command shot a brief scene when the NBC comedy filmed in Washington, D.C. this summer, and The New York Times report.

Because the veep’s appearance on the show could’ve been considered a campaign contribution that would’ve violated Federal Election Commission regulations, all parties were sworn to secrecy, and the comedy held the scene until after the election.

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But what if Obama and Biden hadn’t retained their offices? Executive producer Mike Schur says the scene is all about Leslie meeting her hero and would’ve worked regardless of how the ballot count came out, though the show did have a small add-on ready in case Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan were victorious.

Leslie will meet the object of her crushy affection when fiancé Ben takes her to the White House in the Nov. 15 episode. As Pawnee faithful know, it’s not the first time Ben’s gig as a Congressional campaign manager netted her some face time with the political elite: Earlier in the season, she rubbed elbows with U.S. Senators John McCain, Olympia Snowe and Barbara Boxer.

The interaction takes place near the beginning of the episode and doesn’t even last a minute, but we’re sure it’ll be burned into Ms. Knope’s memory for the rest of her life.