Grey's Anatomy Recap: Filling in the Blanks

Grey's Anatomy Plane CrashSo that’s how it all happened.

One week after we learned what the fallout was from May’s airplane disaster cliffhanger, Grey’s Anatomy flashed back to chronicle what happened in the first days, weeks and months after Mer, Cristina, Derek, Arizona and Mark were rescued from crash site.

Herewith were the major takeaways:

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* Super-surgeon Derek struggled with the prognosis of spending the rest of his life with only 80 percent function in his hand.

* Bailey dropped a Lost reference while airlifting the gang to safety.

* Yang, traumatized by the four days she spent stranded in the middle of nowhere — during which she was forced to, um, “drink my own pee” as well as listen to the wildlife do, well, horrible things — fell into an unresponsive state of “reactive psychosis.” As new intern Smash Williams noted, “She just stares and breathes.” She eventually snapped out of it and then promptly fled Seattle Grace for the Mayo Clinic.

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* Mark appeared to be making a miraculous recovery, but it was really just a “surge” — a common occurrence where terminally ill patients have a final burst of energy and clarity. Before he began his final death march, McSteamy tied up a number of loose ends (among them: clumsily dumping his post-Lexie rebound fling and finalizing his DNR). He also dispensed relationship advice to Jackson. “I want you to promise me something,” he told the young doc. “If you love someone, tell them. Even if you’re scared that it’s not the right thing. You say it and you say it loud.” (Alas, Jackson didn’t act on the advice quick enough; April, after getting stood up by her first lover at the bar, left to go back home.)

* In a blistering attack, an angry, bitter and wounded Arizona blamed a guilt-ridden Alex for giving her his ill-fated seat on the plane. “I kept thinking about my wife and baby, and how you had no wife and baby,” she confessed. “I only went on that plane because I was pissed at you!” Shortly thereafter, she made Callie promise her “they wouldn’t take my leg.” But in the end, faced with a decision of whether to save her life or her limb — while in the middle of the delicate surgery on Derek’s hand — Callie ultimately chose the former.

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