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Question: Gossip Girl‘s final season starts in less than a week, so this week’s Ask Ausiello better have something good on the premiere. Or else. —Dawn
Ausiello: Last I checked the column was called Ask Ausiello not Threaten Ausiello. Having said that, I’ll give you what you want, just promise not to hurt me or my family, K? Herewith are six mild-to-wild spoilers about Monday’s premiere:

* Someone is wearing an engagement ring by the end of the episode, but there’s a twist.
* I can confirm that the event featured in these photos is indeed a wedding, but there’s a twist.
* The show’s go-to rehab clinic, The Ostroff Center, has been renamed to reflect current events.
* Blair and Georgina’s bitchy repartee throughout the hour is a thing of immense beauty.
* Dan gives Blair a tough-love speech about her dysfunctional relationship with Chuck that literally leaves his ex speechless.
* Someone has a big secret, and that someone’s initials are BB.

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Question: Can you share anything about the Gossip Girl series finale? —Annie
Ausiello: According to some just-leaked casting intel, the swan song will feature a cute and adorable 3-year-old boy with dark hair and eyes. You thinking what I’m thinking? ‘Cause I’m thinking that little rascal could be Chuck and Blair’s firstborn.

Question: Can you give me some HIMYM scoop? Pretty please with a Smurf on top? —Tiffany
Ausiello: You had me at “pretty.” Speaking of which, remember how I told you True Blood’s Joe Manganiello had booked a return engagement as Brad? Now I can also tell you what he’ll be up to. In Episode 8 (titled “Twelve Horny Women”), the hunky attorney will be arguing a pollution case against his former law school classmate Marshall — and turning on everyone in the courtroom in the process.

Question: Any news on the return of Robin Sparkles on HIMYM? —Dave
Ausiello: Yup. You’ll catch a glimpse of her in the same episode that marks Manganiello’s reappearance. In a pair of flashbacks to 1997 (I’ll let you guess which one is real!), Robin remembers her pop diva alter ego having an altercation in her hotel room with a Canadian Mountie responding to a noise complaint… and being given an award for being the nicest guest the hotel ever had!

Question: Any Community spoilers? I’m desperate! — Valentina
Ausiello: If I were a betting man — and, since we all know I’ve yet to meet a slot machine I wouldn’t play, I guess I am — I’d say Abed’s love life was about to… well, exist. Episode 7, “Herstory of Dance,” finds the odd duck on the receiving end of the attentions of a quirktastic sweetheart named Kat who sounds like she could have been separated at birth from Zooey Deschanel. But I suspect the single gal who’ll really draw his focus will be Jessica. Popping up in the same episode, she’s an African-American knockout whose upbringing was so sheltered, she — cue Abed doing the Annie gasp! — hasn’t seen a lot of movies.

Question: Any news about Chris Meloni possibly making an appearance on Law & Order: SVU this season? I need him to come back! – Susan
Ausiello: Sad to say, the chances of Stabler making a return to the unit don’t look good. Though Meloni told me he was “open to all possibilities” regarding the long-running procedural, SVU showrunner Warren Leight tells TVLine’s Kimberly Roots, “I don’t know that [Meloni] actually wants to come back,” adding, “I haven’t heard discussion of it from either him or the network.” Leight acknowledges that when the actor’s contract negotiations broke down last year, “Clearly, the separation wasn’t handled well. In an ideal world, if someone who’s been on your show for 12 years is leaving, you arc him out.” Now that some time has passed, “I think everyone, in hindsight, wonders if they could’ve handled that departure differently,” Leight allows. “But it’s hard to imagine an episode that would fix it.”

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Question: I’ll take any Glee scoop you have that isn’t related to “Klaine,” “Finchel,” or “Brittana”. —Jessica
Ausiello: A major shake-up is coming to New Directions. And I’m not referring to this.

Question: Loved the Revenge premiere! Do you have any more scoop to share about the season? Maybe something about Emily and Aiden? –Jessica
Ausiello: Takeda’s other student might not have figured prominently in last week’s episode, but that will soon change. According to executive producer Mike Kelley, an origins episode of the addictive primetime soap will fill in a lot of the new guy’s back story – including how he and Em met and what bonds them. And later, when Daniel and Emily are “on the outs” and Jack’s unavailable, “There’s an opening there” for Aiden, Kelley previews. “But she’s not the most receptive. He has a lot of ground to make up with her, because he did something to her that’s very hard for her to forgive.” He adds that Em’s rich sidekick may not be Aiden’s biggest fan. “This character has come in and stolen his girl, so [Nolan] doesn’t love him.”

Question: Anything on Parks and Rec? —Steven
Ausiello: How about an update on Ron’s love life? Showrunner Mike Schur says guest star Lucy Lawless’ character Diane (debuting this Thursday) will be “tall and striking and beautiful and commanding and very funny and charming and smart and capable… everything Ron would look for in a woman.” But her life as a single mom to two young and unruly girls, which Schur calls “a little messier than [Ron’s] accustomed to,” makes him go back and forth on whether he’d like to pursue a relationship with her. If I may, Ron, a little advice: It’s Lucy freaking Lawless – take the win!

Question: Can you give us a clue about your most recent blind item? I’ll take anything. –Camilla
Ausiello: It’s not Grey’s Anatomy or Private Practice. Or any ABC show for that matter.

Question: Got some scoop on the fourth season of Cougar Town? —Irene
Ausiello: Bobby’s going to try to get into the food truck business, but he cuts some corners — namely, reselling another restaurant’s burgers. That can’t end well.

Question: Can I have some Hart of Dixie scoop, pretty please? —Alicia
Ausiello: Next week’s episode will introduce viewers to Bluebell’s answer to Lollapalooza, Bluebell-palooza. “It’s a music festival,” explains showrunner Leila Gerstein. “Claudia Lee, who plays Magnolia, is performing and Wade and George are performing.” Also on the theme-episode docket this season is an election episode that actually airs on Election Day (aka Tuesday, Nov. 6). “It is Bluebell,” notes Gerstein, “so a chicken — the Pickin’ Chicken — may decide who wins.”

Question: Now that the cat is finally out of the bag about Arizona on Grey’s Anatomy, and it looks like things are going to get pretty dark for “Calzona,” any thoughts on Callie’s state of being through all of this? She just lost her best friend and her wife hates her — things seem pretty tough. —Jen
Ausiello: Well, they’re certainly not ideal. As Sara Ramirez notes, even though Callie wasn’t in the plane crash, she walks away from the tragedy with some huge emotional scars. “Her life and her child’s life are affected, greatly,” she shares. “And we see her having to grapple with the constant reminder of what’s happened, not being able to get away from it.”

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Question: Any Grey’s scoop beyond this week’s flashback episode? —Jane
Ausiello: Good news — the Oct. 25 outing will have you crying tears of joy not heartache, assures the episode’s director, Kevin McKidd. “The first three episodes deal with all the repercussions of the finale, so Episode 4 is very comedic,” he reports. “We needed some lightness. It’s good to be dark for a while, but people like to have their lightness… the more kind of slightly zany, screwball stuff that Grey’s does so well. Tonally it’s so different from the first three episodes of the season.”

Question: Do you know when Meredith will start dealing with Lexie’s death on Grey’s Anatomy? She definitely seemed to be avoiding everything in the premiere. —Tia
Ausiello: The you-know-what will hit the fan in the upcoming Mer/Cristina-centric hour, “Beautiful Doom,” which is tentatively scheduled for  Nov. 1 and does not sound comedic, slightly zany or screwball.

Question: The Dexter premiere was fantastic and more than makes up for the uneven previous two seasons. Please tell me the next couple of episodes will have this same energy? —Nate
Ausiello: I’ve screened the next two episodes and I’m happy to report that they maintain the high qualify of the premiere. And this is coming from someone who, as you know, despised last season with a fiery passion. But be warned — the Oct. 14 ep features one of the most terrifying sequences the show has ever staged.

Question: I’m glad to see Revolution doing well, but where did Elizabeth Mitchell vanish to so soon? She’s one of the main reasons I’m watching. –Jerry
Ausiello: Don’t worry, she didn’t get Lost — Rachel is seen again in Episode 5 (airing Oct. 15), in which Mitchell says “we learn quite a bit” about “the ins and outs of her leaving” her family. But it’s in Episode 7, she says, that “we find out 100 percent for sure” how it is that she wound up in Monroe’s possession.

Question: Did we ever get confirmation about who Donald Glover is playing on Season 2 of Girls? —Jeremy
Ausiello: We did! Lena Dunham, aka the show’s creator and star, told my colleague Megan Masters at the Emmys that the Community MVP will be introduced in the premiere as a “rival [to] Adam for Hannah’s affections.”

Question: You’ve been skimping on the Supernatural scoopage lately. What’s in store for Sam and Dean? —Jordan
Ausiello: Kevin the prophet’s mom (played by Lauren Tom) resurfaces in the Oct. 10 episode and, per exec producer Jeremy Carver, her presence “gives the boys, in an odd way, a bit of a mother figure that they haven’t had for a long time. It’s a fun dynamic. It can be a rather moving dynamic at times also. And of course, it also gives you a fourth wheel in the car that you’ve got to deal with.”

That’s a wrap! Please send questions, comments, and anonymous tips to askausiello@tvline.com. (Additional reporting by Megan Masters, Kimberly Roots and Vlada Gelman)