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Question: Any chance House will pull another miracle out of his hat and save Wilson on House? —Rebecca
Ausiello: As the look on GHo’s face at the conclusion of Monday’s episode all but confirmed, that ship has sailed. House’s priority now is prolonging his BFF’s life — an arduous task that dominates much of next week’s unbelievably moving hour. A key component of the mission involves Greek‘s Jacob “Rusty” Zachar, who makes a surprise cameo as someone from Wilson’s past. Other scoopy highlights from the penultimate ep: Olivia Wilde’s Thirteen appears in two quietly effective scenes (one with House, the other with Wilson); another Princeton-Plainsboro vet appears posed to follow Chase out the door; House’s cane plays a critical role; and prepare for a twist ending that harkens back to something series creator David Shore told me last May shortly after House drove his car into Cuddy’s House: “We feel strongly on the show that actions have consequences.”

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Question: Is Matthew Gray Gubler returning for Criminal Minds Season 8? I hope so, because I think a lot of people will stop watching if he doesn’t. –Vaneza via Twitter
Ausiello: Show boss Erica Messer also hopes that Gubler re-ups with the CBS crime drama, and as of Monday afternoon, “All signs point to yes,” she ventured, adding: “He’s such a staple of the show. He really loves to play his sweet, vulnerable, smart Reid.” After all, the last thing Criminal Minds needs to fret about is filling two voids come fall. “The big shocker was Paget [Brewster deciding to leave],” Messer shares, alluding to Prentiss’ exit in the two-hour finale airing May 16. “If Matthew was going in that direction, I think he’s the kind of guy who would have said so.”

Question: Please tell me, will the Beth storyline end this season on Criminal Minds? —Karen via Twitter
Ausiello: I can hereby tell you that because of Bellamy Young’s new gig playing the First Lady on ABC’s Scandal… well, that has actually had no impact on her Criminal Minds romance, and as of the season finale, Hotch and Beth are still going strong. “I know it’s ‘controversial,'” EP Erica Messer says of the dating storyline, “but I like that Hotch is smiling and dating.”

Question: Any scoops on Smash? —Luisa
Ausiello: First, the good news: Next week’s finale is the best episode since the premiere. Now, the even better news: Ellis finally gets what’s coming to him (but only after he drops a little, ahem, bombshell.)

Question: Any chance Eric McCormack might turn up on Smash next season for a little Will & Grace reunion with Debra Messing? —Karen
Ausiello: There’s a better chance of Just Jack being turned into a Broadway musical. “It would never happen,” McCormack insists. “The producers don’t want to risk it; they’re working so hard to make Debra another character. Why have me come in and ruin it?” Just for shiz and giggles, what would his dream Smash role be? “I would like to perhaps play Julia’s divorce lawyer, but I think my name should be Will Truman and that I should never reference it,” jokes the actor, whose new TNT drama Perception premieres July 9. “Debra kind of looks twice at me, and I look twice at her, but we never say anything. An alternate life.”

Question: Is there any truth to the rumors (spawned by his own tweets) that David Boreanaz is leaving Bones this season? —Stephanie
Ausiello: Do me a favor, Steph: Read that question aloud to yourself and if you can get through it without laughing, resubmit it next week and I’ll answer it honestly.

Question: Any scoop on Girls? —Jill
Ausiello: In this Sunday’s episode, Ugly Betty alum Daniel Eric Gold (Matt) gets completely naked and engages in graphic lovemaking with Jessa. (Consider yourself warned, Betty Suarez.) Elsewhere, Hannah decides to confront her boss about his wandering hand problem in the most passive aggressive (or is it aggressive aggressive?) way possible — by propositioning him for sex. Lordy, I love this show.

Question: Can we please get some answers on the blind items, “Which Popular Duo Will Seal the Deal?” and “Hit Series Poised to Whack Lead.” —Brandi
Ausiello: You betcha. This is the couple at the center of the former, and in the opening paragraph of this story lies the answer to the latter. And you guys say I never reveal my blind items!

Question: Anything on the new season of Sons of Anarchy? —Joseph
Ausiello: Kurt Sutter is assembling quite the entourage for Season 5’s Big Bad, Damon Pope. According to leaked casting notices, the vengeance-seeking ex-drug kingpin will surround himself with an assistant/bodyguard, a driver and a crooked detective.

Question: I was wondering if you could tell me anything about Klaine on Glee? With Kurt graduating, will they be OK? —Kaitlyn
Ausiello: That question will be answered rather definitively in the season finale.

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Question: Anything Rachel-related that does not include Finn on Glee? —Annie
Ausiello: Ms. B. will go to great lengths to right the wrong that was her botched NYADA audition. “[Rachel] messed up and now she has to fix it,” previews Lea Michele. “She’s going to have to fight for it now. She’s going to have to make it better. And she works very hard to do so… She really wants to get out of Ohio. She’s going to do everything she can to do that.” In related news, Michele was spotted Sunday shooting scenes on location in New York for the finale (see photo, right). You thinkin’ what I’m thinkin’? ‘Cause I’m thinkin’ Whoopi Goldberg is about to get a knock on her door.

Question: Who’s the father of Sue’s baby on Glee? —Elizabeth
Ausiello: “Antonio Banderas,” Jane Lynch joked last week at a TV Academy event honoring the show. “I just pulled that out of my hat.” The truth is, Lynch knows very little about her baby plot save for the fact that there is a baby in there. “I know that Sue’s supposed to give birth in September, so whether that happens before the fourth season starts or in the off-season I have no idea,” she shared. “There are many [variables]. I could lose the baby. I am 51, so it’s a risk and they already [established] that some abnormalities in a previous episode.”

Question: What are the details about Sheriff Graham/the Huntsman’s return to Once Upon a Time? Please say it somehow, magically involves him getting to see Emma again. I haven’t missed a character so much since Logan Echolls left my television screen. —Robin
Ausiello: The odds would seem to favor Jamie Dornan returning as the Huntsman and not Graham since the former is alive and the latter is not. But considering what OUAT co-creator Eddy Kitsis just told TVLine’s Matt Mitovich, I’m not so sure that’s the case. Asked about the circumstances surrounding Dornan’s comeback, Kitsis teased, “I can say that it is one my favorite reveals of the entire year, and to spoil it would be so heartbreaking.” And how important was it to have Dornan back as… whomever? Says Kitsis, “We moved heaven and earth to get that man from London. Or, we put him on a plane.”

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Question: Do you happen to have any new info on the Hawaii Five-0 season finale? I read your finale package and want more! —Steph
Ausiello: Terry O’Quinn will put in an appearance as Joe White in next Monday’s climax and, in doing so, “takes the series somewhere else,” EP Elwood Reid cryptically teases.

Question: Do you have any spoilers/scoop for my favorite CSI character, Nick Stokes? —CMarini
Ausiello: Wednesday’s finale will leave you wondering if George Eads is returning to the show next season. (Relax, he is.)

Question: Curious if you have any spoilers on who Elena chooses in Thursday’s Vampire Diaries season finale? —Bridii
Ausiello: The only spoiler you’re getting out of me is that she does make a choice. [Beat] I lied. I have one more spoiler for you: The scene/moment/twist you’ll be talking about Friday morning involves a flashback.

Question: Any news about what’s happening with Southland? —Pete
Ausiello: A fifth season is happening, Pete!!! (Here’s the memo in case you missed it.) Shawn Hatosy, meanwhile, has some inside scoop about who will be riding with whom when the show returns. “I’ve heard that Ben [McKenzie] and I are going to be together,” he reveals. “The fact that they have this big bit of drama in their partnership just makes it more compelling.” For his part, Michael Cudlitz wouldn’t mind shaking things up a bit now that his former partner (played by Lucy Liu) has moved on. “I would like to see a little more interaction between all of us,” he says. “See combinations we haven’t seen before. See Cooper in a scene with Adams…. That would be fun to see, and I think the audience would find that very satisfying.”

Question: Do you have any True Blood scoop? The wait is seriously killing me! —Nishens
Ausiello: Terry will spend much of the season on the road with his ex-military buddy Patrick (Scott Foley). “Most of the time we are out in the greater 50 states tracking down other members of our platoon trying to get some closure to this event that happened over in Iraq,” reveals Foley of the duo’s hush-hush storyline, which required “a lot of running and fighting and jumping. There’s a lot of physicality.” Speaking of True Blood, have you seen these?!

Question: I think the Gossip Girl fandom has exploded after watching the promo for next week. Is there anything that you can tell us about what’s in store for us in the finale? —Marie
Ausiello: I have three tidbits for you, all of them extremely vague:

* Someone will “see” Gossip Girl.
* The final scene of the episode will feature two characters – one male, one female.
* The aforementioned final scene does not take place in New York.

That’s a wrap! Please send questions, comments, and anonymous tips to askausiello@tvline.com. (Additional reporting by Vlada Gelman and Alyse Whitney)

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