Exclusive Grey's Anatomy First Look: Cristina Tells Owen to [Spoiler]!

Grey’s Anatomy‘s Dr. Owen Hunt (played by Kevin McKidd) did a bad, bad thing — a “horrible thing,” he even acknowledges — by cheating on Cristina. But above and beyond having a bowl of cereal lobbed in his face by his Mrs., is he ready to truly face the music for his fit of infidelity? TVLine has a first look at the next intense exchange between husband and wife.

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As seen in this clip from this Thursday’s episode (airing at 9/8c, on ABC), Cristina (Sandra Oh) wants, among other things, details on Owen’s indiscretion — but he refuses to elaborate. What will that steadfast stance cost him? Press PLAY below and find out, via the last words out of Cristina’s mouth.

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