Grey's Anatomy First Look: Meredith and Friends 'Suit Up' for the Moment of Truth

Come April 26 on Grey’s Anatomy, Meredith, Cristina et al will put on their finest — and hopefully put their best feet forward — when they are put to the test via their board exams. And we’ve got a first look at the gang taking that important first step in the rest of their professional lives.

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As revealed in the ABC synopsis for the episode titled “Moment of Truth,” “After eight years of practice, the residents head to San Francisco for their oral boards.” And as seen in the slideshow below, some of them get “bon voyage” pep talks (or in one instance a wad of cold, hard spending money) from beaming mentors such as Teddy and Mark.

As series creator Shonda Rhimes told TVLine, taking boards plus interview for jobs away from Seattle Grace is an inevitable storyline direction, and one that will make longtime viewers melancholy. “You really get a sense of nostalgia, that this is the ‘graduating class’ that might not be together anymore,” she said. “It’s really beautiful to watch our actors portray, and it’s been wonderful to write.”

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P.S. What if anything do we make of Cristina being sans wedding ring? A quick scan of Season 8 photos shows that she doesn’t necessarily wear one in a professional setting. Hmm….

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