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Siberia Finale Recap: Nyet Worth

Siberia Finale Recap

Let’s be honest: For those of us who stuck with Siberia — NBC’s scripted series about a Survivor-esque competition gone horribly wrong — to the 11th and final episode, expectations were barely perceptible.

I mean, the show’s scripts seemed like they’d been written on damp cocktail napkins. Various cast members (the Evenki translator in particular) seemed like they’d been selected based on …READ MORE

Siberia Exclusive Preview Video: Didn't Anyone Check Their Weather Channel App?


Things go from bad to bone-chilling on this week’s installment of Siberia (10/9c on NBC) — and we’ve got your exclusive first look. …READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO

Siberia Exclusive Preview Video: Huntress Irene Becomes the Terrified Prey

Siberia NBC Spoilers

To paraphrase an old Elvis Presley lyric, “She’s caught in a trap. She can’t walk out.”

That certainly describes the predicament faced by Irene on next Monday’s installment of Siberia (10/9c on NBC) — the spooky scripted series about a Survivor-esque competition going horribly wrong. READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO

Royal Baby Bumps Monday's Siberia

Siberia Pre-Empted NBC

Wills and Kate apparently trump chills and monster-bait.

NBC on Monday pre-empted the regularly scheduled episode of Siberia for A Little Prince, a Dateline special about the newest member of England’s royal family. READ MORE

Siberia Recap: Mush(Room) With a View

Siberia Recap Episode 2 Sabina

A giant U-shaped paw print next to a bloody clearing in the woods. A severed finger. A bad mushroom trip resulting in vivid/awful hallucinations. A missing gun and/or bullets. All of these unsettling things cropped up during Episode 2 of Siberia — NBC’s new scripted series about a Survivor-esque competition going horribly wrong — and yet only one character went running for the next helicopter back to civilization and away from a $500,000 cash prize? READ MORE

Exclusive Siberia Preview Video: 'Do We Have Medics or Something on This Show?'

Siberia NBC Preview Johnny

The premiere of Siberia — NBC’s scripted series about a Survivor-esque reality show where things start to go srrrrsly wrong — ended with blood pouring out of a cameraman’s head and the announcement that one contestant (super-friendly environmentalist Tommy) had suffered a fatal injury.

On Monday’s sophomore outing (10/9c), the bad news — and gore! — keep on coming, courtesy of …READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO

NBC's Siberia: Part of Your New Reality?

SIBERIA -- Episode 1 -- Pictured: Tommy -- (Photo by: Jamie Winterstern/NBC)

Don’t feel bad* if you briefly mistook NBC’s Siberia for another disposable summer reality series. With a cast of 16 “contestants” getting stranded in the Russian wilderness, a rugged Aussie host declaring it “the most extreme adventure ever created” and Survivor-esque camera work abounding, you wouldn’t necessarily have expected that “elimination” would be just another word for grisly death at the hand/claw of …READ MORE