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Nashville: On the Record – 6 Ways the Behind-the-Scenes Concert Special Will Rock You


Ladies and gentlemen, Juliette Barnes is in the building.

This Wednesday, ABC airs Nashville: On the Record (10/9c), a one-hour performance special featuring members of the cast …READ MORE

Nashville to Host First Lady Michelle Obama


That Rayna Jaymes sure has friends in high places.

First Lady Michelle Obama will appear in Nashville‘s …READ MORE

Nashville Sneak Peek: As Deacon and Rayna Watch, Scarlett's Breakdown Intensifies


When we last left Nashville‘s Scarlett, she was cowering and crying under a piano in front of an arena full of fans.

The presence of hospital gowns, worried looks and tears in these photos from the drama’s next new episode make us think that the songbird’s situation isn’t going to improve anytime soon. READ MORE & VIEW PHOTOS

Nashville Recap: One Mother of a Problem


Y’know what, Scarlett? I’ve been going about this all wrong.

For most of Nashville‘s second season, I’ve been riding you like a PBR contender wearing pants made of Krazy Glue. Over and over, I’ve …READ MORE

Nashville Plans Three-Date Concert Tour


Dust off your cowboy boots, because Nashville is comin’ to town.

Cast members from ABC’s country-music drama will perform live in a …READ MORE

Nashville Recap: Stall and Chain

Nashville Season 2 Recap

Something old, something new, something closeted, something blue – yep, Nashville‘s Will and Layla have all their matrimonial boxes checked in this week’s episode.

Consequently, there’s …READ MORE

Nashville's Chris Carmack Talks Will's Dilemma: 'He Can't Live a Lie for the Rest of His Life'

Nashville Season 2 Spoilers Chris Carmack Will Gay

Will they or won’t they? (Let’s table, for the moment, the obvious answer: They shouldn’t.)

One of TV’s favorite questions takes on new meaning in Wednesday’s Nashville, which finds up-and-coming country star Will Lexington …READ MORE

Nashville Sneak Peek: A Surprise Visit From Her Unhinged Mom Leaves Scarlett Distraught


Scarlett’s head case of a mother springs up on her in Nashville‘s April 2 episode (10/9c), and from the look of things, the reunion hits a sour note. READ MORE & VIEW PHOTOS

TVLine Mixtape: Your Favorite Songs from Glee, The Walking Dead, Girls, Reign and More

Modern Family DW

Because I’m happy, clap along if you feel like a room without a roof, because I’m happy, clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth, because I’m happy, clap along if you’re ready for an all new TVLine Mixtape!

What follows is a collection of tunes used recently in your favorite shows, complete with artist and album information in case you want to add them to your permanent collection.  READ MORE

Nashville Recap: Not Quite Ready to Make Nice


Before we get into what happened this week in Music City, I’d like to run through a short list of items that I, to use the parlance of Nashville‘s Juliette, find dirtier than a truck-stop hot dog. READ MORE