Exclusive Kitchen Nightmares Season Finale Preview: When '100% Fresh' = '90% Frozen'

“Can you go out there and apologize to every customer?” Gordon Ramsay asks a frazzled waitress on the Season 6 finale of Kitchen Nightmares (Friday, 9/8c on Fox). “I am shutting it down!”

But what, exactly, prompts the famous chef to evacuate Bella Luna restaurant in Easton, Penn.? In the following exclusive preview, …READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO


Kitchen Nightmares Exclusive: A Scary Mystery Pudding With 'Old Trout' and...Trichinosis!?

When an aghast Gordon Ramsay asks “What is that?” on Kitchen Nightmares, it’s often a rhetorical query. In the following exclusive preview clip from this Friday’s episode (8/7c on Fox), however, the identity of the food product in question seems to be a genuine enigma. READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO


Kitchen Nightmares Exclusive Video: When Is a Frozen Scallop Not Really Frozen?

Question: If your restaurant was in dire enough straits to warrant an intervention from Fox’s Kitchen Nightmares, is there any culinary topic that could lure you into an intense verbal battle with chef Gordon Ramsay?

In this exclusive clip from tonight’s episode, our irascible protagonist visits …READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO