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Idology: Jessica Sanchez on Short Skirts and Sabotage. Plus: 'I'm Not the Next Celine Dion'


If you’re going to describe Jessica Sanchez’s American Idol journey as a rollercoaster ride, make sure there’s a “you must be this tall” sign at the entrance. READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO

Idology: Hollie Cavanagh on Diva Ballads, Deadly Heels and Why She Initially Hated 'Bleeding Love'


Hollie Cavanagh fans still upset by the tough feedback she got from American Idol judges over the course of Season 11, breathe easy. As Kelly Clarkson likes to say, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and indeed, that’s Hollie’s philosophy about her rollercoaster journey to a fourth-place finish. READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO

Idology: Skylar Laine on Guns, Guitars, and Glory Notes. Plus: Hear a Bit of Her Self-Penned 'Pistol'!

skylar laine idology

If Skylar Laine is upset about her fifth-place finish on Season 11 of American Idol, she’s doing a darn fine job of concealing it. The upbeat Mississippi teenager stopped by Idology HQ for a two-part interview where she talked about everything from her “out of control” performing hand to the random thoughts that populate her head on stage to …READ MORE

Idology: Was Season 11 Idol's Best Ever? Plus: Phillip's Exact Winning Moment Analyzed! And Jessica's Wild Kingdom Hijinks Relived!


Whether or not you were rooting for a Phillip Phillips victory, there were plenty of reasons to celebrate when the confetti began to fall at the end of American Idol‘s eleventh season.

On this week’s two-part episode of Idology, Season 6 standout Melinda Doolittle and I discuss why the latest chapter in Idol history turned out to be so stellar, offer an in-depth analysis of when exactly Phillip sewed up the win, and examine how the Idol Machine played a part in thwarting Jessica Sanchez’s attempts to …READ MORE & WATCH VIDEOS

Idology: Who's to Blame for Joshua's Exit, and Why Jessica Can't Lose to Phillip


American Idol airs its two-part season finale this Tuesday and Wednesday (8/7c, Fox), but before the Idoloonie Nation can focus its energies on the apples-vs.-picture frames matchup of Phillip Phillips and Jessica Sanchez, we need to take a moment to ask: READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO

Idology: Joshua's Landmark Moment! Phillip's Big Comeback! And Jessica's Underdog Status?


American Idol‘s Season 11 Top 3 is in place — thanks to Joshua speaking an alien language, Phillip stripping down (musically, not literally, of course), and Jessica demanding that you’re gonna luh-uh-uh-uhhhhhh-vvee her. READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO

Idology: Elise Testone on 'Vienna,' 'Whole Lotta Love' and the Moment J.Lo 'Crossed the Line'

elise testone idology

To say Elise Testone‘s American Idol trajectory had its ups and downs would be like saying the 2012 presidential campaign is mildly contentious. Indeed, the Season 11 rocker chick gave us some of the choicest moments of Season 11 — think “Vienna,” “Whole Lotta Love,” and “Bold as Love” — but also struggled with what some observers felt was an unbecoming attitude when faced with trips to the Bottom 3 and tough criticism from Jennifer Lopez and Randy Jackson.

Now, in a two-part Idology interview, Elise addresses …READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO

Idology: Is Phillip's Win Inevitable, or Is There a Secret Plot to Launch [Spoiler] to Victory?


With three weeks to go in American Idol‘s 11th season, plenty of fans and pundits have already conceded the race to guitar-slingin’ Georgia peach Phillip Phillips. But let’s not forget: It’s not over till Ryan Seacrest has turned a 5-second announcement into two hours of agony, Kieran’s dimmed the lights, and a lifetime’s supply of glittering confetti is choking out some talented vocalist trying to work his (or her) way through another sappy Idol victory anthem.

On this week’s Idology, Season 6 standout Melinda Doolittle and I try to make sense of …READ MORE

Idology: Hollie Rising, Elise Exiting, Phillip Coasting, and Skylar…Conquering Outer Space?

hollie cavanagh idology

We’re down to just five contestants on Season 11 of American Idol, and even though one of ‘em isn’t Elise Testone, the show must go on*. On this week’s Idology, Season 6 standout Melinda Doolittle and I discuss the surprising rise of Hollie Cavanagh and what that means for her female competitors Jessica Sanchez and Skylar Laine; the Terminator-like march of Phillip Phillips; the nonstop standing ovations for Joshua Ledet (and why they make us nervous); and the fact that the judges are now advancing their collective agenda not with their words, but with …READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO

Idology: Colton Dixon on How He'll Handle the 'Christian Artist' Label and Why Idol Is 'Fishy'

Idology Colton Dixon_still_1

Colton Dixon doesn’t necessarily want to be saddled with a ‘Christian Artist’ label, but that doesn’t mean he won’t be talking about his faith in God when he takes the stage in his post-American Idol career. The Season 11 seventh-place finisher discusses this conundrum during a candid Idology chat, as well as his complicated relationship with …READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO