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Grey's Anatomy Recap: Winners & Losers


In this week’s Grey’s Anatomy, Cristina’s possible likely seemingly inevitable Harper Avery victory has her turning to Mer — and turning away Owen, Derek’s increased workload has him pulling out his (beautiful, beautiful) hair, and April and Jackson have the kind of blowout that suggests that, even if the marriage isn’t over, the honeymoon sure is. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. (It’s a jam-packed episode.) Read on, and I’ll give you the deets… READ MORE

Grey's Anatomy Recap: Green-Eyed Monsters


After Cristina receives her nomination for the Harper Avery Award in this week’s Grey’s Anatomy, Meredith and Bailey compete for the title of Most Envious. And if you keep reading, I’ll fill you in on who emerges victorious in “I’m Winning.” READ MORE

Exiting Grey's Anatomy Actress Joins CBS' Summer Drama Extant in Recurring Role


Tessa Ferrer has rebounded from her Grey’s Anatomy discharge in near-record time.

The actress, who is set to exit ABC’s medical soap at season’s end, has landed a recurring role in CBS‘ summer series Extant, TVLine has confirmed. READ MORE

Exclusive: Ill-Fated Scandal Guest Star Resurrected on Grey's Anatomy


Kelly McCreary is relocating to another corner of Shondaland.

The actress, who recurred on Scandal as Harrison’s passport-forging pal Clare (at least until her untimely demise this week), is set to guest-star on this season’s penultimate episode of Grey’s Anatomy, TVLine has learned exclusively. READ MORE

Grey’s Anatomy Recap: In Sickness and in Wealth


As a viral infection tears through Grey Sloan in this week’s Grey’s Anatomy, Derek collapses, Leah throws up in her mouth, Stephanie gets peed on, and Richard’s stomach grumbles like he’s about to reenact the dress-shopping scene from Bridesmaids. But, on the plus side, Alex may have found a solution to his financial woes. Keep reading… READ MORE

Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Yin and Yang


At the start of this week’s blessedly Cristinacentric episode of Grey’s Anatomy, Sandra Oh’s lady doctor performs a medical miracle, only to be informed nanoseconds later by Derek that her patient will spend the life she just saved as a quadriplegic. READ MORE

Grey's Anatomy Drops Two Docs for Season 11

Grey's Anatomy Camilla Gaius

There’ll be 50 percent less chatter amongst the Grey Sloan residents next season on ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy. READ MORE

Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Past, Present, Suture


“She does not look happy,” April says to Jackson the first time she sees her monster-in-law in this week’s Grey’s Anatomy, “We Gotta Get Out of This Place.” But, by the end of the episode, it’s the newlyweds wearing the stricken expressions, not Catherine — and she isn’t even to blame. Read on. I’ll explain. READ MORE

Exclusive Grey's Anatomy Video: April's Real Motive for Marrying Jackson Revealed?!


The honeymoon is most definitely over for Jackson and April.

In this Thursday’s Grey’s Anatomy (9/8c, ABC), the embattled newlyweds get a serious dressing down from …READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO

Grey's Anatomy Is Bringing Back Derek's Sister Amelia on a Recurring Basis — But Why?

Grey's Anatomy Amelia Returns

There’s something about Amelia… that will necessitate an extended Grey’s Anatomy visit from Derek Shepherd’s youngest sister. READ MORE