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Exclusive Hell's Kitchen Season 11 Preview: Tough Women, More Rage, a 'Massive Twist'


“Hey, Dumber and Dumber!” “Did you throw up on that plate?” “Do me a favor: Get out!” “Get OUT!” “GET OUT!”

Yes, folks, Hell’s Kitchen is coming back for Season 11 (Tues., March 12, 8/7c on Fox) — and suffice to say that taskmaster Gordon Ramsay‘s temper remains at a rolling boil. READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO

Kitchen Nightmares Exclusive Preview: Necessity Is the Mother of an Intervention

kitchen nightmares sams kabob

This week’s installment of Kitchen Nightmares reduces a gruff dad to the brink of tears — without so much as a chopped onion or a shouting Chef. Gordon Ramsay to prompt the Kleenex moment. READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO

Kitchen Nightmares Exclusive Video: A Whole New Way to Look at 'Dessert Molds'

kitchen nightmares mama marias

Is there any limit to Gordon Ramsay’s well of incredulousness? Not when restaurant managers like Fabio from Mama Maria’s in Brooklyn think it’s okay to combine an “ice-cream substitute” and …READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO

Hotel Hell Exclusive First Look Video: Check Out Gordon Ramsay Checking In!


Chef Gordon Ramsay is extending his signature tough love to the hotel business.

TVLine has your exclusive first look at … READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO

Hell's Kitchen Premiere Recap: Entrée No

gordon ramsay

Hell’s Kitchen reopened for its milestone tenth season Monday night, and the special four-course menu included “bloody hell” in a puff pastry, s–t served two ways, a steaming plate of f–ks, and a sorbet of mystery bleeps. READ MORE

Hell's Kitchen Exclusive: Extended Season 10 Promo Promises Blood, Fisticuffs, Yelling, Sheep!

gordon ramsay

Hell’s Kitchen‘s 10th season kicks off Monday and Tuesday (8/7c on Fox), and with a double-digit milestone comes a great prize (head chef at Gordon Ramsay Steak at the Paris in Las Vegas) and great/ridiculous drama.

In this exclusive three-minute promo reel from what’s being touted as “the most physical season ever” (!), you’ll see …READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO

The Simpsons Exclusive First Look: Guest Chefs Serve Marge Food For Second Thoughts


If any character on The Simpsons was going to have a dream about food, c’mon! It would be Homer, right? In theory, yes.

But in Nov. 13’s “The Food Wife” episode — in which Marge starts blogging about her bigger half’s favorite subject with Bart and Lisa — the blue-haired matriarch is the one whose flight of fancy features the guest voices (and yellowed faces) of Mario Batali, Anthony Bourdain and Gordon Ramsay (among others). READ MORE & VIEW IMAGE

TVLine Items: CSI: NY's Once & Again Reunion, Doctor Who and Walking Dead Scoop and More!


CSI: NY is playing host to a Once & Again reunion.

Jeffrey Nordling will appear alongside his former TV ex, Sela Ward, for two episodes of the CBS procedural this November as …READ MORE