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Food Network Star: Little 'Chopped' of Horrors

Food Network Star Recap Danushka

“I think I’m failing in the ‘food authority’ category.”

Let’s be honest, when you’re dropping that kind of self-assessment on Episode 3 of Food Network Star, the only dish on the menu is toast. And yes, you are that toast. READ MORE

Food Network Star Week 2: Meat Eat Manifesto


I don’t know about you, but I’m 90 percent convinced that Danushka isn’t so much a contestant on Food Network Star as she is a producer plant paid solely to act as the Season 9 villainess. READ MORE

Food Network Star Premiere Recap: First Impressions on the Season 9 Cast

Food Network Star Season 9

One thing’s certain about Season 9 of Food Network Star: Danushka — the snarling, eastern European model whose initial dish was a deep-fried potato puff with a gloppy, raw center — definitely won’t be …READ MORE

TVLine Items: Ferris Bueller Crashes Super Bowl, Modern Family Revokes a V-Card and More!


Anyone up for some new Ferris Bueller adventures? Anyone? Bueller?

Buzzy commercials to bow during Sunday’s Super Bowl are starting to trickle out, and fans of the aformentioned ’80s flick are finally getting that sequel they’ve oft longed for… well, kinda. In a spot for the …READ MORE & VIEW VIDEO

TVLine Items: True Blood's (Kind of) New Stud, Mad Men's Season 5 Premiere Title and More!


Sexy Brit Giles Matthey has booked a mysterious recurring role on the upcoming fifth season of True Blood.

The newcomer, whose sole acting credit is an episode of The Good Wife, will portray Claude, a fairy who in the Sookie Stackhouse novels is a distant cousin of the leading lady’s father. In the HBO adaptation, however, Claude will quickly set his sights on …READ MORE

Food Network Star Season Finale Recap: And the Winner Is…


Any suspense about who was going to take home the top prize on Food Network Star completely dissipated early into the Season 7 finale when silky-haired judge Susie Fogelson finally verbalized the thought bubble that’s been forming over her head for the last four or five weeks: …READ MORE

Food Network Star Recap: Ironed Out


Just as all Food Network recipes are not created equal (see: Paula Deen’s take on “English Peas”), neither can every episode of Food Network Star be a triumph of reality TV broadcasting. And despite Mary Beth’s contention that the judges faced a daunting task in narrowing the field from four down to three – “I don’t envy the selection committee. We all bring so much to the table,”she argued — the season’s penultimate episode played out with the predictability of the tears that flow when you get jalapeño juice in your eye.

Chipper chefbot Giada De Laurentiis summed up the central problem

Food Network Star Recap: Comic Confab


We’re down to the final four contestants on Season 7 of Food Network Star, but as sure as you can see your reflection in Giada De Laurentiis’ teeth, only three true contenders remain. …READ MORE

Food Network Star Recap: Rachael Ray-Banned


Please don’t throw all your rotten tomatoes at once, but watching Sunday night’s episode of Food Network Star, I kind of wished the Wicked Witch of the Kitchen had lasted one more week in the competition. …READ MORE

Food Network Star Recap: Wolfgang Puck U.


Sunday night’s episode of Food Network Star concluded with a line that would spell doom for most reality shows: “All the drama is gone.” …READ MORE