Emmy Winners React! Anna Gunn Shrugs Off Haters, Jeff Daniels Explains His Mysterious Tweet, Claire Danes' 'Tiny' Problem and More

What happens after a Primetime Emmy Award winner grabs their gold and has their pat acceptance speech behind them?

TVLine was in the backstage press room as each of this year’s Emmy winners reacted more emotionally, candidly or hilariously to their fresh burst of good fortune. SEE WHO SAID WHAT!

Breaking Bad's Anna Gunn Ponders Skyler's Own Future: 'It Wouldn't Surprise Me' If She Dies

What a fine meth Breaking Bad‘s Skyler finds herself in, as the acclaimed AMC drama unspools its final season.

Yes, Walter White’s wife originally went along with the scheme he cooked up, to dabble in drugs as a means to provide for his family in the event of him being felled by cancer. But in recent seasons, Skyler has seen that her hubby is capable of …READ Q&A