Game of Thrones Photos Season 7 Episode 5 Jaime Dead

Game of Thrones: New Season 7 Photos Beg the Question — Is [Spoiler] Dead?

Look, Game of Thrones seventh season is a speculator’s game: HBO hasn’t issued any episode synopses past “The Queen’s Justice,” so all we’ve officially got to go on for a hint about what will happen in Sunday’s hour — titled “Eastwatch” — are some photos that the premium cable network released Wednesday.

And while we think/hope that the shots of Tyrion and Cersei looking worried or preoccupied or sad (depending on your take) are likely due to reasons other than Jaime shuffling off this mortal coil, let’s take a moment to consider the horrible possibility: Might Nikolaj Coster-Waldau’s character be… dead?

For the record, we are firmly on #TeamJaimeAlive, even though he was last seen wearing heavy armor and sinking to the bottom of a body of water after almost getting barbecued by Daenerys’ dragon, Drogon, in last Sunday’s episode. Cersei’s twin has been such a central character in the HBO series, and had such a redemptive journey through the drama thus far, it makes no sense to give him such a fleeting death.

But this is Westeros, where terrible things happen with stunning regularity to characters we like, and the series’ stakes are rather high as we head into the back end of the penultimate season. So… maybe the Kingslayer is on his way out, after all?

It’s easy to turn into Ghost chasing his tail on this one, so let’s put it to a vote. Weigh in on the matter below, then hit the comments to make your case!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Kevin says: provided an episode synopsis along with the photos for the episode. Come on Tvline gotta keep up.

    “Daenerys demands loyalty from the surviving Lannister soldiers; Jon heeds Bran’s warning about White Walkers on the move; Cersei vows to vanquish anyone or anything that stands in her way.”

  2. peterwdawson says:

    I’m more worried about Bronn than Jamie. I still feel like Jamie has an arc left to complete (abandoning his sister and/or killing her after so much borderline blind loyalty), and I’m sure fans would be sad if he didn’t share at least one more scene with Brienne. Bronn… I mean him meeting Tyrion again would be awesome, but after he chose to try and be a hero instead of just taking his gold and running, that might have been his defining moment.

  3. Kevin2 says:

    I’d like an explanation as to why you like a character that has sex with his sister and pushed a child out a window.

    • Claire says:

      Because, as you said, he’s a character on a television show and not a person in real life. We watch GoT to be entertained, not to make moral judgements on fictional characters.

    • Cas says:

      I’d go with he is the character that has shown the most growth. I don’t think he is the same ass hat who pushed a child out a window. And also, it is a TV show.

      • Sarah says:

        ^THIS. I hated him during the first season, but as the show as progressed, I’ve grown to like him. When he’s away from his sister, he’s an okay guy. Her influence over him is scary. Plus, in the books he’s not as devoted to her and I think that plays a part.

    • joe says:

      cuz its similer to meirl

    • Jack says:

      For the same reason you “like” Tony Soprano or Walter White. They do bad things, but there is an honor inside of them that is striving to do better and to do the right thing (albeit for bad reasons sometimes). Not saying I’d be best friends with any of them in real life, but as characters to root for on TV shows? Definitely.

  4. N.Kyl says:

    Arya will be the one to kill Jamie and wear his face to kill Cersei.

  5. Kate says:

    The big question for me is why is Jon wearing all those layers? He’s a northerner visiting in the south. Shouldn’t he be in the Westerosi equivalent of shorts and a tee shirt? It’s just what you do when it finally gets above freezing. Dany is the coldest she’s ever been and still less bundled up.

  6. Kevin Tran says:

    Really hope Jaime survives in Sunday’s episode even though he took himself for the team if it wasn’t for Bronn (of all people).

  7. Jax&Juice's Girl says:

    Jamie is an A-Hole period. He bangs his sister and pushed Bran off a window so……I like to see him DEAD! The character that I’m MORE worried about is Kahlessi’s dragon Drogon he needs to survive that wound, cause if she wants to take over Kings Landing she needs all 3 dragons to help her do that.

  8. Shutterbug99 says:

    I am more worried about Drogon! He took a hit!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Sorry to ruin the article for you, but the showrunners already said that Jaime had big things ahead of him. So he’s wearing some pretty thick plot armor along with his fancy Lannister armor.

  10. ScottJ says:

    I’ve seen a claim online about the similarity between certain Valyrian words that could suggest Jaime is very, very important. If that is indeed the case then he has to make it to the last episode.

  11. Walkie says:

    It’s beyond ridiculous that anyone can think that’s Jaime is dead.

    It’s not a cliffhanger.

    Good grief people.

    • But that’s the thing. Game of Thrones doesn’t bother with cliffhangers when somebody survives. Besides Jon Snow, they’ve always been too clever to bother leaving someone’s fate in the air. In season 5, Tyrion was being drowned by the stone men. They could have left it there but they knew fans were too smart to fall for this. Again in season 6, Arya almost died but they didn’t waste time on a fakeout, rather showing her emerge and walk bloodily through the streets. I’m not saying that he will necessarily be dead, but I don’t think it’s as black and white as you think.
      We also have to remember that the show didn’t include the Jamie prophecy in regards to Cersei so he’s not exactly needed for narrative purposes.

  12. Sulaiman Muhammad says:

    What do think, Will her dragon 🐉 survive?

  13. ficusfan says:

    I hope Jaime is dead. He is a child maimer and a sister f*;cker. He abandoned his children to Cersi and let her corrupt/kill them.

    He killed the Mad Targaryon King because he wanted to burn Kings Landing. But Cersei just burned/ blew up a good part of Kings Landing and killed a lot of innocent people. He didn’t even say anything. He has not had any redemption.

    I think Cersi might be the 3rd dragon rider. Danaerys is on Drogon (For Drogo) and Jon can be on Rhagal (For his father Rhagar).

    But who is as nasty, vicious and treacherous as Viseries? I think Cersi fits Visereon. Or Littlefinger, but I am hoping Arya kills him.

    • Liz says:

      To me Cersei is the real villain. Jaime is a weak man that follows her lead. That doesn’t make him innocent, but slightly more redeemable. A nice sacrificial death would suit the narrative nicely.

  14. Rich Byron says:

    Captured and held at Dragonstone.

  15. N says:

    Tyrion dives in and saves him and jaime has to hear tyrion out about why Daenerys should be queen and jaime confronts tyrion about killing there father. Keep in min Jaime now knows for a fact tyrion did not kill joffery .

  16. canadian ninja says:

    The real question is how did Bronn knock Jaime so far off his horse that he’s in deep water?

    As for Tyrion and Cersei looking worried bah, Tyrion was looking worried for Jaime at the end of the last episode and OF COURSE Cersei’s going to be worried when she hears Jaime’s army was attacked by a freaking dragon.

  17. JK says:

    Seems like the leaks are true so far. I actually hoped they did multiple storylines to keep people guessing, but not at the expense of the story. House Tarly betraying the Tyrells without any strong reason seems so farfetched. The Tyrells would have known that the Tarly and Lannister armies are marching in their direction that they would have asked for reinforcements, preferably dragons. The fall of the Tyrells was so unlikely. I could understand the Euron ambush of Dorne and Greyjoys because he was a surprise ally of Cercei but the rest is unbelievable.

    • Jimmy says:

      I don’t disagree; it really was a waste of a great character in Olenna and a great actress in Diana Rigg; however, at this point I think they’re trying to burn through the old stories so they can get to the end and stay focused on the main characters.

  18. Michael Littlefield says:

    For me, Jamie dies only one way…by Cersei’s hand. That would be the ultimate act of cruelty and show she’s lost any sense of humanity.

    • Jimmy says:

      Isn’t it supposed to be the other way around per the witch or whatever she was? Either Jamie or Tyrion chokes cersei to death. Most likely tyrion since he has two hands still.

  19. Red Snapper says:

    He has to be alive. His story and redemption arc can’t be finished. I’ve been waiting for Jamie to see what his sister really. He’s been close but he’s blinded by his love for her. His story is one of my favorites. The first time I read the books, I started off hating him but by the time I finished the first four I was rooting for him. The second time I read the series, I saw him in a different light at the start of the series which put an interesting spin on things. I have read the series four or five times at this point and each time I read them I notice something different or view things differently. I have always strongly believed that at some point Jamie will turn on Cersei. I had hoped her blowing up the Sept would do it but I think he is starting to see her cracks. A couple more rash decisions on her part and I think he just might reconsider what he’s doing with his life.

    • Red Snapper says:

      I forgot to add that I hope he gets captured. I want some brother scenes with Tyrion and Jamie now that he knows the truth. That Tyrion didn’t kill Joffrey.

      • ian Hirst says:

        I want to see Arya confront Cersei and Cersei see how formidable an opponent Arya now is. Her sparring with Brienne was brilliant especially when Brienne kicked her onto the floor. You saw Arya start to get a little mad.

  20. kalinis says:

    he can’t kill cersi if he is dead. and I got aria at 5/2 odds to kill her and Jamie at 3/1 odds. are my 2 favs to kill cersi who is off her rocker

  21. If we were still in (published) book territory there’s a high chance he’d be dead. But since they’ve diverged from the books, the writing style is definitely more “TV” and there’s no way he’s a goner. Not complaining necessarily about the “TV” style, but it does make the show more predictable than the books ever were.

  22. Wildsubnet says:

    Hard to see how, but I can’t believe someone named “Kingslayer” ain’t going to be around at the end to live up to the name one more time.

  23. lppteso says:

    Dont care, dont think he’s done much since he lost his hand, anyway… with the exception of his sister, of course!

  24. Pati Iowa says:

    Jamie has to survive to be the one who kills Cecei…..the King Slayer and Oathbreaker is the only one to do it….that is what the set up and long conversation with Lady Tyrell was all about…How he survives…I don’t know..but hs MUST be the one to end the Mad Queen’s reign

  25. lame says:

    Since when has GRR Martin cared of redemption. It’s time to start Cerise’s down fall and the incremental defense of Westeros.

  26. Harold says:

    The dragon fishes out jaime from the water. Tries to kill it then is saved by it. Would be good arc