World Of Dance Finale

World of Dance Finale: Which Act Took Home the $1 Million Prize?

The final three acts in World of Dance‘s inaugural season came together Tuesday to battle it out in the “World Final,” a grueling challenge that ended with one act walking (er, dancing?) away $1 million richer.

Les Twins got Round 1 started, delivering what judge Jennifer Lopez called “a great start to an awesome finale.” The 28-year-old Parisian duo scored 93 points with a dance set to Kygo’s “Stole the Show.”

Next up was Swing Latino, thought by judge Derek Hough to have an “edge” in the competition due to the group’s infections energy. And when you look at the 91.7 points earned by Swing Latino’s performance — set to Miami Sound Machine’s “Conga” — it’s hard to disagree with him.

Solo dancer Eva Igo brought Round 1 to a close with a routine set to Natalie Taylor’s airy cover of “In the Air Tonight.” Judge Ne-Yo said he purposely picked something out of Igo’s wheelhouse in order to release the beast raging within the 14-year-old Minnesota native — a gamble that garnered her 90 points, the lowest score in the round.

Igo soon got her shot at redemption, kicking off Round 2 with a dramatic performance set to Sia’s “Alive,” which the judges completely ate up. “That’s more like it!” Lopez told her, to which Hough added, “You are a star.” And how did the judges reward their little star? Why, with 96.3 points, of course.

Swing Latino’s second dance of the night bore similar fruit, earning the group 94.7 points. Unfortunately, the team’s combined score was just shy of Igo’s, knocking it out of the running for the $1 million prize.

And so, it all came down to Les Twins, who threw down the proverbial gauntlet with a dance set to Michael Jackson’s “Scream.” The duo nabbed a final score of 94.7, giving them a final average of 93.8 — and earning them the title of World of Dance Champions. (Congrats, boys!)

Did your act of choice win big? Cast your vote below, then drop a comment with your overall thoughts on World of Dance‘s first season.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. LADY_in_MD says:

    While I feel that Lea Twins were set up to win from the beginning I’m so glad I got to see Eva she is an amazing dancer!
    Can’t wait til next season

  2. Eli says:

    Eva Igo was by far the best of these three. #notmydancechampion.

  3. I really enjoyed the show overall, the dancing was INCREDIBLE, but I thought Eva Igo should have won and it wasn’t even that close for me. She commands that stage in a way the Twins don’t and she’s SO young…I have no idea how she does it! She was IMO the most consistant and amazing performer throughout the show and I’m still shocked the Twins got such a high score for their second performance (it wasn’t that great IMO). I think WOD is an awesome program but the ending tonight left me bummed out. Hoping Eva gets some amazing opportunities from this experience because she is such a special talent! =)

    • Nisa says:


    • LC says:

      The thing that has bugged me about Le Twins from the beginning is that it’s the same old music video dance moves over and over again. With the exception of the wheel chair dance last week (which was incredible), I just have not been all that impressed with their originality at all. Yeah, they do their thing well, but WORLD dance champions? No, not really. I was teamEva all the way in the final.

      • MegMairin says:

        I agree, LC! I actually didn’t care for Les Twins after they chose the lowest ranking person in their category to compete against, and did it with such glee – I thought it was really poor sportsmanship, and their cockiness really turned me off. I loved Eva from the beginning, and I wish her all the best, I hope she gets some opportunities from this experience, because she’s an amazing little dancer with a lot of heart.

      • Island gal says:

        I agree 100%

  4. Jennifer says:

    If Eva had done a better job with her first dance I think that she would have won. I didn’t like the song choice. If she had done last week’s performance tonight she would have won.

    • It’s such a bummer that she didn’t get to choose that song for herself (it was Neo’s choice) but I thought she did a great job with it. Her second performance was definitely the stronger one tonight though and I agree that if she’d had the option to pick her own song, she would have won by a lot. =)

      • Folkwolf101 says:

        Except that it was rigged. The judges low-balled her for the first dance, especially Neo’s score. I suspect J-Lo determined that Le Twins should win, so she gave a low score while whispering to the others about Eva’s poor choreography, which put Eva in 3rd place. After that, they could all give Eva a big score in the 2nd dance without it having much of a chance to topple Le Twins. From day 1, this show was clearly rigged.

    • She didn’t choose the song ..did she. She’s amazing
      Les Twins showed no “hip hop” dance talent. It would be different if there were not so very many people disappointed. What about Les Twins last wk ..I know injury..but since U ARE comparing..

      • Belinda says:

        Ummm….Les Twins didn’t get to choose one of their songs either. People are just saying dumb things.They showed no hip hop dance talent? REally? What do you think hip hop dance talent is exactly? They have their OWN STYLE. It doesn’t just include hip hop-they studied ballet as well as many other styles. They are completely unique. Eva did one style. Keoni and Mari-one style. Les Twins-whatever they do always outstanding.

        • mary says:

          Les Twins up until last night were great. Last night they sucked. I disagree with talking about one style. All the dancers have their own style. It isn’t SYTYCD, where they HAVE to showcase every segment style at some point.

  5. GroovyMovieLover says:

    Eva was amazing and Swing Latino deserved a higher score for thei first dance. Les Twins are talented but I would not fully call what they do as dance. They came in as front runners and the judges seemed blinded by that. Hopefully if the show comes back there will be more impartiality with the judging.

  6. Shaun says:

    The Judges shouldn’t be in charge of the finals.JLO alone raised the twins score by like .5,lol

  7. mary iwancio says:

    Very disappointing outcome. Eva had to work so much harder to present a great dance. She definitely is more talented and should have won.

    • Kathy says:

      Eva was the BEST by far and should have taken Home the million. LOVE your performances and style. You’ll go far, keep at it.

  8. lozy says:

    lestwins best dancers ever liveth, for ll of you here that are jealous , this twins has been auditioning for this particular world of dance competition years now, they are unique, they are old but still dance like they are young and they dont give up.


      Iozy I definitely don’t agree with you and I doubt the majority of the people don’t either! Yes the twins are amazing and they have worked their butts off to be where they are today, BUT they clearly did come into this with an advantage! They were already very established dancers and the judges even looked a bit star struck when they saw them. Eva is by far the superior of the two! She’s only 14 years old and has more talent in her little pinky than most dancers have in their 30s. You are obviously biased in your comment because nobody here is”jealous” of anything about them and I don’t even see where you’re getting your information. As I said previously, the twins are absolutely amazing, but they are not the best dancers to ever “liveth”! Eva will go far in life and her dance career without a doubt! I would have also liked her to win for one more reason… she definitely needed the money a lot more than they do! Agree to disagree without being disagreeable!

      • Belinda says:

        Actually, the majority of people love Les Twins. Just a few haters on here, no #’s of any importance.

      • Belinda says:

        That’s ok lozy, you’re the only one I’ve seen making any sense on here. You are completely right. Haters just going to hate.

    • paul says:

      It’s people like you that bring down the level of technical ability and actually think that they are good. Do you think that they could actually get into a dance school dancing like that. Total crap

    • Belinda says:

      Yep, you are exactly right!

      • Belinda says:

        I mean “lozy” is exactly right. Not the haters of Les Twins. I get you’re jealous-they are unbelievable dancers, gorgeous, and humble. They are outstanding and I am so glad WOD brought them to my life.

        • mary says:

          I hate to disappoint you, but people can have their own view of dance. You love Les Twins. They are great in their style, just like the other two were great in their styles. Ultimately it came down to the 3 judges’ opinions. It doesn’t mean everyone else is going to like that style of dance. Being humble is something you should work on.

  9. Yolie says:

    I believe Eva should have won, hands down. J-Lo picked the winner by giving Les Twins just enough to win the competition. Even Latin Swing’s performance was better than Les Twins. Eva was robbed.

  10. Dena Benson says:

    Eva had it all❣️She deserved to win it all.
    J Lo wanted Le Twins to win from the beginning. Disappointed 😕

  11. Donna J Simmons says:

    She was not a professional dancer and Jennifer was biased from the beginning because they danced for her

    • Belinda says:

      How many of you are going to blame J-LO and completely ignore the fact the other judges thought they were the best too? Geez, what a bunch of jealous haters. Oh well, Les Twins don’t need me to defend them. They have millions of fans. Try checking out you tube once in a while.

    • Belinda says:

      Swing Latino danced for J-Lo. Not Les Twins. Please get your facts straight.

    • Belinda says:

      Wrong-all the competitors have competed professionally. Learn facts. (This isn’t alternative facts Trump world)

  12. Jamie says:

    Dance shows NEVER keep me watching….But this show DID!!!! BRING ON SEASON 2. I’LL BE WATCHING

  13. Lisa M Clark says:

    REALLY JLO.!!!!

  14. Lynn Braden says:

    Eva Lgo, has real talent and has moves those boys will never have.

  15. oksana says:

    Eva is the Winner!!

  16. Goldenvibefan says:

    Les Twins were basically rigged to win. It’s hardly fair when they go on as already being well known. Saw this coming a mile away.

    • Belinda says:

      Ummm..once again, people don’t pay attention. Most, if not all, the competitors were already known. Keoni and Mari, Quick Style, Jabba, Kinjaz, etc. etc. etc. They specifically invited the best to truly make it the best. Even Eva had won competitions. Learn something before you spout off.

  17. Elena says:

    Eva should have won. This is BS.

  18. Elena says:

    Eva should have won. This is BS. I am disappointed in JLo.

  19. Stacey says:

    Eva Igo deserved that win.. And Fikshun should’ve never been sent home.

    • Belinda says:

      Eva did not deserve the win but Fix-shun should definitely never have been sent home. He should have beat Keoni and Mari who did the same thing every week while he changed it up and is clearly the better dancer. (Keoni better than Mari, but Fix-shun better than both put together). The divisional should have been Les Twins and Fix-shun and whoever won would have deserved it. Keoni should have gone with his original plan to dance with Kinjaz or danced on his own. Mari’s movements are very jerky, Keoni very fluid.

  20. Stacey says:

    I agree Eva was totally robbed. Les twins should have went home as their dances are hardly comparable. Doesn’t take that much work to do the style they do. Eva worked way harder and I will not watch the show again

    • Belinda says:

      These comments are just ridiculous. To say that Les Twins had no dancing talent? I mean, really? Eva was good. But she came within 2/10ths of a point of winning-so there was no biased judging. J-Lo knows way more than anyone commenting here. Les Twins haven’t performed all over the world with the best performers for no reason. Anyone saying Les Twins didn’t deserve apparently have no understanding of dance. Les Twins won and deserved it. And 70% of a couple hundred people don’t matter. Les Twins are out of this world and they proved it over and over again. They know it, and most people in the world know it. They are ridiculously outstanding. Haters just going to hate I guess. But people all over the world know Les Twins deserved it. Eva did great, but she isn’t there yet. Bet she will be in the next few years, but she is only 14 and can only do one style of dance. I’m sure she will branch out eventually. If you actually watched Les Twins, their performances were different every single week. Unlike everyone else. The only people that were robbed in this competition were the Kinjaz, Fix-shun and Jabba. (In my opinion) Fix-shun should have gone through over Keoni and Mari–who did the same exact moves every week, same exact story with slight variations. How many times did we need to get told they were married? And sorry to say-but Keoni a far better dancer than Mari. He should have stayed with Kinjaz. And Kinjaz were so much better than Swing Latino. Kinjaz should have been against Jabba in the group divisional, and Fix-shun and Les Twins should have been in their divisional. But Eva did not get robbed. She got very high scores. J-Lo didn’t swing anything-she voted the way an expert like her would know. Les Twins all the way deserved the win. All your petty comments don’t change anything. Les Twins on a different level and we are blessed to have seen them. I hope they are on many more American shows. They are outstanding.

  21. joan says:

    This was rigged from tge start. I love JLo but I think she had her mind set from the start. I think Keoni and Mark deserved to win

    • joan says:

      Sorry meant Keoni and Mari

    • Bridget says:

      I agree les twins should have lost to Mari and keoni the week before. J lo skewed those scores too if u compare. Definitely her bias determined winner and if viewers got to determine or in part determine winners like other dance shows then we couldn’t complain. I lost some respect for Jlo in this process

    • Phil says:

      I agree JLo rigged the final score. If you paid attention after Latinos danced and b4 Twins came on, she was busy on her calculator trying to determine the score she needed to enter to give the Twins the win. She had to guess what the other judges were going to score, but they were pretty consistent in giving fair scores so it was not too hard to plug in 2-95’s or 2-96’s and go from there. I said to myself b4 the final Twins score was put up that if Eva doesn’t win then it was a rigged final, and when I saw the 97 from JLo I new it was. The problem I have with the Twins is that they seem like all of their ‘dances’ were nothing more than hand and arm movements in sync, I was completely bored with their style. In my opinion, that is not dancing.

  22. Mike says:

    Le twins were Le crap Eva Igo deserved that win

  23. lee says:

    It appears that the twins were going to win all the time. Isnt fair for such professionals to compete against a 14 year old. This be all geared for the twinss to win. Fikshin was bettee than thwm

    • Belinda says:

      OMG how did so many people miss the fact that all the competitors were invited and had danced professionally!! It wasn’t amateur hour. That was the point. They wanted the best of the best on there. Alternative facts I guess.

  24. Michelle says:

    An incredible night of dance and artistry! However, I think most will agree that they got the winner wrong. Les Twins are absolutely amazing dancers but since the injury they simply haven’t performed to the phenomenal level they normally do. They should have gone home last round. K&M outdanced them then and Eva Igo out performed them tonight. Judging seemed pretty fair until these last two rounds. Serious bias prevailed in the end. Very disappointing.

  25. Big Cheddar says:

    Once the Kinjaz were eliminated, I didn’t care who won. Congrats to Les Twins, though. Hopefully TPTB will change the production schedule so the winners won’t be leaked before the show even airs.

    • Belinda says:

      I loved the Kinjaz too. If they had beat Les Twins, I wouldn’t complain. I couldn’t believe Swing Latino was put through over them. The best groups were Jabba and Kinjaz. That’s who should have been in the group divisional. The next best was Super Crew. But Kinjaz definitely should have been in the finale and if they had won I wouldn’t argue with that.

  26. Nick Juhacz says:

    Les Twins were one of my least favorite acts the whole season. I don’t get the high praise.

  27. DR says:

    I also think Les Twins were set up to win, especially after pulling the highest score of the season with one twin in a wheel chair. Yes they did a good job with it, but not enough to beat 95 and they got over 97. You could tell right there that they would not lose. Eva did amazing and yes the 1st song was not the best option but she got penalized for a song she did not choose. Weird. Definitely disappointing after a fairly good season #1. dancing from all participants was really enjoyable.

    • Belinda says:

      The point was Laurent danced in a wheelchair—and made you forget he was in one. Keoni and Mari never could have pulled that off. Les Twins dance with their entire bodies. After I saw Keoni’s dance, I thought it was super good and there was no way Les Twins could beat them. But after I saw Les Twins performance? I completely forgot what Keoni and Mari even did. Absolutely no one else in that competition could have made you forget they were dancing in a freaking wheelchair. That was insane and as far as I’m concerned, they won the competition that night.

  28. arlene says:

    Eva has it all. She has an amazing command of the stage that I have never seen before. She was robbed. Not taking any thing away from Les Twins. They are great too. But Eva had what it takes to be the best in the finale. Eva – may all your dreams come true throughout the rest of your life.


      Agreed!!!! Eva has something they will never have and they shouldn’t have even been allowed to compete in this show!!! It’s like putting a 14 year old boy on the baseball field and having him pitch the first inning of a Dodgers game! They should only allow people who have gained zero stardom and not known to the judges at all.

  29. Marie marchant says:

    Eva definatelty should have one. She is a great dancer. I honestly do not think the twins were that great enuf to have won. Obviously the judges have their favorites from the beginning
    Eva don’t lose hope. You will go very far!!!!

  30. I totally agree Eva should have won and agree w comments below it seems the twins were gonna win from the get go. We know the judges have their favorites. Good Eva. U will go far and we will see you dance again

  31. Robert combs says:

    Come on guys, I think you’d are a little biased, Iva Ego far outdancd les twins

  32. Eurydice says:

    I love dance shows, but for some reason I don’t love this one. Maybe it’s the staging or the murky lighting; somehow the whole thing feels like a disco in someone’s basement. And I couldn’t get excited about the acts because everything seemed planned for the most predictable acts to win. Oh well, I’ll probably warch it again next season, but I won’t love it.

  33. Frank says:

    The judging is fixed. J-Lo had in mind be who the winner would be last episode. This show, while entertaining at times just falls flat with the concept

  34. sladewilson says:

    Les Twins deserved the win. It’s not the big moments but the subtle actions they use which makes them so highly wanted as dancers and choreographers. Eva Igo was fantastic but her first dance fell a tad short. I actually thought Swing Latino shouldn’t have been in the finale – it should’ve been Kinjaz. Neither here nor there, it could’ve gone either way. Les Twins were awesome. They did a routine in a freaking wheelchair!!! Now it could’ve been a tad biased but you all realize that with the exception of Les Twins, everyone else is eligible to come back next year. Maybe that played into it?

  35. Mary says:

    Eva should have won. The twins dancing was horrible. That was not dancing. I was so mad they won. This definately was a fix. I will never watch this show again.

    • Belinda says:

      It wasn’t dancing? Where in the world do people like you come from? Is dancing only dancing if it’s slow and the same movements over and over again? Great, Eva can do contemporary-like a million others. Les Twins can do any style of dance they want. Give it up, she lost. Les Twins won fair and square.

  36. Danielle says:

    The finale was a complete and utter joke! The show is rigged to whoever Jenifer thinks should win. Les Twins shouldn’t have even made it to the finale.
    Eva was the real winner of the night, and the judges should be ashamed of what they did.
    Never watching this show again, I’ll stick to real dance competitions like So You Think You Can Dance.

  37. Vicki says:

    Eva Igo should have won, hands down!!!

  38. Jack says:

    The fix was in Ist. Be lo chose a son get for a dancer not used to that style. Why not give Latin group a waltz? 2nd. J lo caught on camera talking to judges about technical opinion criticizing just as they where voting on Eva’s 1st. Performance. I had not Made up my mind but by the end it was obvious, the fix was in. Shame on the judges. I guess the two guys want their jobs back if there is a 2nd. Season.

  39. Mark Caron says:

    As with all reality tv, the fix was in and the winner determined by the producers. Has nothing to do with talent or performance.

  40. Kathy Signer says:

    Eva I go killed it!!! I love hip-hop and remember when Jabbawockeez, Super Crew, and Kinjaz were in America’s Best Dance Crew. I watch this show for them. Then came Eva Igo… She won me over, and should have won this show.

  41. Barbara says:

    Eva should have won—–period !!!!!

  42. TV show was goid. Judgement BAD. I love all the judges. Truly made a HUGE MISTAKE.

  43. abaker20 says:

    I can understand that the Twins have something special, even if I can’t figure out some of their moves in storytelling but Eva should have won in the finale. She really put everything out there in her last performance and I thought it blew the roof. Hell, I thought that couple in last week should have won over the Twins too. But I respect what the judges decision, they see something there that I probably can’t see.

    • Belinda says:

      Thanks for at least admitting the judges know more than all of us. I don’t agree Eva should have won because she can’t do but one style of dance. I do think if she keeps working she will learn to branch out.

  44. ellajasper says:

    I know everyone can’t be a winner, but really thought Eva had it. Is there any money for second place? Les Twins were very good, but Eva did it all by herself and did such a wonderful job. I’m disappointed for Eva. She always had a smile, no matter what happened.

  45. Donna Aniol says:

    JLo made sure LeTwins won with a ridiculous high score. Come on, they advanced while one was in a wheelchair last week. Eva and Latino Swing really danced but Eva Igo stole the spotlight.

  46. becca says:

    no one had a chance, the twins were favorites from day one, too bad there wasn’t a prize for less professional dancers.

  47. Deborah Wagner says:

    While I feel like Eva definitely deserved to win, I felt Keone & Mari, deserved to win, over Les Twins last week. While I love the dancing, this show should be live, so the audience could vote, instead of just the three judges.

  48. Hank says:

    Sorry, didn’t see anything special about the twins. It’s not just about winning the $1M, it typically leads to live performances. Ask yourself, would you pay $20 – 50 to watch them dance? Not this guys!

  49. Gary says:

    Eva lgo was clearly the winner. Money or not I think the viewers clearly know who won. This turned me off. I feel that the show is rigged. I’m a big fan of JLo but I did’t agree with her judging this season knowing that Le Twins have worked for JLO and company in the past. In any other competition that would have been viewed as a possible bias situation that would not allow a judge to be objective in the decision making process. Lost a viewer next season…

  50. Nalani Weiner says:

    Biggest disappointment of this shows 1st season. You picked a duo who were professional dancers, paired them with a little girl who left her heart on the floor.
    Such a shame someone who had
    All the potential with popular vote did not win.