King of the Hill Revival Eyed at Fox

King of the Hill may be making a royal return to Fox.

The network has had “preliminary conversations” with series creators Mike Judge and Greg Daniels about reviving the ‘toon, Fox Chairman and CEO Dana Walden confirmed to reporters Tuesday at the Television Critics Association’s summer press tour.  “I would like to explore that [further] with Mike and Greg,” Walden added. “Given what’s going on in the country [under President Trump], I think they have a point of view about how those characters would respond. But it was one meeting. I hope to revisit it.”

Walden was quick to note that both Daniels and Judge “are very busy,” and stressed that the meeting was “a first, exploratory [conversation]…. It’s about finding time [to do it].”

King of the Hill originally ran on Fox from January 12, 1997 to September 13, 2009.

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  1. Lauren says:

    I am so here for this! Aw, what about Luann though?

  2. Easy E says:

    This is the most un-funny show on television. Never laughed at it once.

    • datdudemurphy says:

      you’re thinking of Bob’s Burgers.

    • justjesse74 says:

      Different humor, not for everyone, I HATED Beavis & Butthead, so I almost didn’t watch King of the Hill but I’m glad I did, it’s a great show!

      • Monikag13 says:

        Oh my GOD me too!!! I wasn’t going to watch but it was on right after the Simpson’s and I thought ‘this is pretty funny!’ I was hooked ever since! I have mixed feelings about it coming back. If they’re just going to rip on my President, I’d rather it stay off the air. Mike Judge is a libertarian so I would hope he’d be fair.

  3. aha says:

    I always felt like King of the Hill was incredibly underrated as far as primetime animated comedies went and am very excited for a return to Arlen.

    • Rex the Wonder Dog says:

      I liked it too. It always gave off a feel of a live action show, but animated. Like it could have been done live action and basically it would have been the same show. While Married With Children always felt like a live action cartoon.

  4. william says:

    I loved the show, but I guess Hollywood truly has run out of ideas if they are just reviving all the old shows again.

  5. Chandra says:

    Oh my gosh SO hope this happens …..our whole family likes this show.

  6. kmw says:

    Keep up with the revivals FOX. While I liked King of The Hill I don’t think reviving it will help FOX at all. But I guess FOX cannot come up with different cartoons on Sunday which is also why The Simpsons will never end.

    • iHeart says:

      but does fox even need help? after KOTH ended their Live action programming found it’s legs again (not that I’m saying KOTH caused anything) to be honest I’d rather see reruns than see a revival. FOX has tried coming up with different cartoons but they haven’t had any success with any new cartoons since Bob’s Burgers, how that show became a hit I’ll never understand

  7. Ann says:

    Is FOX going to treat that show like leftover garbage like it did during it’s original run? Most of the final seasons were pre-empted or cut to “show in progress” by NFL football that ran late. They treated this show pretty awful.

  8. Brennan says:

    Not sure about this, it wasn’t the same after season 6 when Mike Judge wasn’t involved as heavily anymore and it really should’ve ended at season 10 they had a finale and everything but seasons 11-13 just dragged until I honestly didn’t even know what show I was watching. Although, they may write out Luanne and with her, Lucky who is what initially ruined it for me so if he’s written out it I may check it out. If The Simpsons and Family Guy can run this long, King of the Hill certainly deserves another shot. It was the only animated sitcom of its kind that I enjoyed. Never did care for anything from Seth Mcfarlane, or even South Park. Have only seen The Simpsons Movie and a handful Treehouse of Horror episodes oddly enough. I’d be willing to return to Arlen. But I want a show like the first seven seasons.

  9. Johnny Bullins says:

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE BRING BACK KING OF THE HILL. My son and I still watch it almost daily. It was a great show and I would be thrilled to see it return. Please make It happen :)

  10. Brenda says:

    I enjoyed King of the Hill, but maybe this should be a case of been there, done that. Someone, somewhere must have an original idea!

  11. Joey says:

    ….Could you imagine if Hank found out that Bobby’s favorite show is Rupaul’s Drag Race?

  12. patjd1 says:

    yes yes yes……

  13. Aubrey says:

    Should’ve never went off the air if we’re being honest. I always found KOTH to be very underrated.

  14. Steve 2 says:

    Please make it so!

  15. Jim J. says:

    I am a person who always have reservations about reviving long-running scripted TV series. Why can’t any “King of the Hill” revival just be a one-off reunion special? How about we see Bobby in high school, or even college?

    And because of Brittany Murphy’s death, I also think they could write off Luanne somehow (as cruel as this may sound, Luanne could be killed off in a horrific accident or something).Because if Luanne is kept alive in any “KotH” revival despite Murphy’s death, then debates will be sparked if anyone likes any new replacement actress for Luanne.

  16. Temperance says:

    Why would one want to revive the worse animated show ever? Truly garbage.

  17. Leesa says:

    I love King of the Hill. It would be great if it came back with all the same voice actors. Of course they would have to find an actress who sounds like the late actress Britney Murphy who voiced Luann.

  18. A.D. says:

    Yes please!

  19. justjesse74 says:

    King of the Hill is so funny, I would LOVE if it came back. It would be slightly bittersweet with the loss of Brittany Murphy though.

  20. PLEASE, please bring back “King of the Hill”. I loved that show. I’m from Texas and it is so spot on for Texans. I have watched re-runs whenever I could find them. Didn’t matter how many times I’d seen them – still love to watch.

    • Monikag13 says:

      Watchcartoononline.i something. Just type in the first part and you’ll find it! Every. Single. Episode for free! And you can put it in player mode. It never gets old! I even bought my bloodhound girl a red collar like ladybird’s!

  21. Ram510 says:

    Can we get a Futurama revival instead?

  22. christina says:

    Yes Please!!! I love love Hank Hill. This show needs to be back on.

  23. Buffy davis says:

    Yesssssssssss! We love the show got the whole series sad when it went off please bring back! Thanks fan 4ever

  24. eric-in-NJ says:

    I loved this show and felt it was very under rated. However, if it is coming back to simply be yet another bash Trump vehicle (as the article seems to suggest and because of the rumors Seth Macfarlane will be involved) then I doubt it will last long. The old audience will likely not watch long and there are already tons of shows that are popular and running that bash the Donald.

    • justjesse74 says:

      This is Mike Judge of Beavis & Butthead fame, the story takes place in Texas so who knows? They didn’t do it last time that I can remember. Seth MacFarlane is behind Family Guy, Bob’s Burgers , etc. I don’t watch those bcuz that’s not MY taste, but I’m not going to disparage someone else who enjoys it! I feel MY TASTES are pretty on point!!

    • Monikag13 says:

      THANK YOU!!!!! Other than the big cities, President Trump took Texas!!!! Liberal hollywood needs to put it to bed. I love it when KOTH makes fun of Austin though :) except for Ann Richards…she was a mighty fine lady!!!!

  25. KOTH is love KOTH is life says:

    PLEASE BRING THIS BACK, this show was so F* amazing.

  26. Glenn Bethel says:

    Please bring back King of the Hill, My life hasn’t been the same since you took it off.