General Hospital Two Jasons

General Hospital's Steve Burton Returns: 'There Is Almost Nobody Who Won't Be Affected,' Says Soap Boss

As one might guess, Steve Burton‘s return to ABC’s General Hospital “is going to shake everything up,” executive producer Frank Valentini promises — especially since Billy Miller is currently filling the role of Jason Morgan, for which Burton won his first Emmy back in 1998.

Following an Emmy-winning run on rival sudser The Young and the Restless, Miller joined GH in 2014 as, we were told, Jason, whose appearance was altered by post-car crash facial surgeries.

Or was it?

Valentini of course won’t confirm whom Burton is playing, but says that the arrival of someone who at the very least looks like the old Jason is sure to cause double takes.

“Jason’s life affects, like, 30 people on the show. There is almost nobody who won’t be affected by his return,” the EP told TVLine at ABC’s summer TCA party. “That whole paradigm — ‘Who’s the real Jason? How will people react to him?’ — I find to be very interesting, and it will be fun for the audience.”

Speaking of the soap’s passionate viewers, Valentini says that despite having myriad theories about what exactly is going on hurled and tweeted his way, “No one has guessed right. They think we’re making it up as we go along, when it’s all been laid out.”

Burton’s return trip to Port Charles began about four months ago, says Valentini. “When we knew that he was available and interested, we started to brainstorm ideas about what we wanted to do.” Eventually latching onto one particular story idea, “We thought, ‘That’s interesting, that’ll work, and that will fit in with what we’ve got going,’ so we just ran with it.

“We’re really excited to work with Steve, because he’s a really important part of the show.”

As fans of ABC’s defunct One Life to Live know, Valentini has been down a similar road before, having brought fan favorite Roger Howarth back to the canvas after Todd Manning had been recast/his face “changed” with Trevor St. John. Any lessons learned? “Yes, absolutely,” he says. “The thing about being an EP for as long as I have is you learn what not to do, and I try never to make mistakes twice. Not that I haven’t made them twice, but I try to learn from my mistakes.”

Burton himself has said that he will be back on GH for “a while” — while Valentini says that the effects of the encore will be felt “for probably about nine months, before we settle into the next big thing.”

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  1. Kevin Tran says:

    One has to assumed that maybe Steve Burton is going to be the real Jason Morgan and Billy Miller as the faux version of the character.

    • Carlos Lee says:

      Like “Days of Our Lives” did with John Black and Roman Brady?

    • Pam says:

      Not… His memory has completely come back…

      • Nancy says:

        But what if his(Billy Miller’s or Steve Burton’s ) memories were implanted by Helena then it would of course make perfect sense because her family does things that all the time so I say let’s light this candle I’m excited to get started and see what happens!!!👌😎💯

      • Janette Marashlian says:


      • Satan says:

        Memory means nothing on a soap, especially when sci-fi super-villains like Helena Cassadine are involved. When Days of Our Lives did the “Two Romans” thing, the “new guy (also known as John Black) had all of the real Roman’s memories implanted in his brain. At first, they were in his subconscious, as he had total amnesia when he first arrived on the scene. They pretty much copied this scenario (so far) for Billy Miller’s “Jason” – aside from the ridiculous plotpoint of him needing facial reconstruction because Ava ran over him in a stolen SUV.

        • joe says:

          What if the person who got away from Helena and saved Robin wasn’t hit by Ava’s car. That was just an unfortunate stranger who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. What if the man Elizabeth called Jake was later brainwashed by someone working in the hospital. Does this mean the so called real Jason could be terminal and the Jake Jason is asked to take care of Sam. Or does this give Elizabeth another chance with Jake?

          Why is the original Jason returning such a big deal a when a popular actor on the show has played three or four characters that all look the same.

    • Doris J Fuller says:

      I hope he come back as the real Jason. no one else please!

    • Patricia Prieto says:

      I like the way Billy acts. He stepped in Jason role real smooth. He’s a damn good Jason. Don’t get me wrong I loved the first Jason. But Billy he’s doing a great job. That’s just my opinion.

  2. LizWebberFan says:

    I just want to see Franco and Liz stay together. I love them as a couple, so I really hope SB return does not interfere too much with them. I’m cool seeing anything else happen with him though.

  3. ninergrl6 says:

    I don’t find Burton’s return interesting or fun. In fact, I don’t like Jason, period, regardless of who’s playing him. Miller’s character was infinitely more interesting as Jake Doe.

    • Jules says:

      I agree completely, ninergirl16. Jason the brain-dead hitman is not interesting in any way, shape or form. He and his tarp can stay far, far away.

    • Michael Bailey says:

      totally agree with this. Burton is a bore, Jason is a creep, and we lost at least two characters to accommodate his bloated salary

    • Ronnie Anthony says:

      Agree with all of these comments!

    • shar says:

      Agree, Miller’s Jason is REALLY good with Q, ELQ, Curtis and anything EXCEPT the BORING Sonny nonsense. Pretty obvious Frank has NO CLUE what GH fans want on screen, otherwise Devry AND Tyler would be on screen instead.

      • Satan says:

        ” Pretty obvious Frank has NO CLUE what GH fans want on screen”.

        Yes, that was obvious in February 2012, when he and his sidekick ReRon attempted to graft the bloated dead corpse of One Life to Live onto General Hospital. Which is what caused Steve Burton to leave in the first place. At least ONE of this regime’s mistakes is finally being corrected. Now if we could just bring back Robert Scorpio, Luke Spencer, and find some way to get Lucky & Nikolas back on the canvas. That last brief Nikolas recast sucked dragon ass, but maybe they could get the guy who played him around 2001 or so. Steven Martinez, or whatever his name was? Don’t know who should play Lucky….. Nashville ain’t going to be on the air much longer (pretty much a trainwreck since Connie Britton quit) so Jonathan Jackson should be available again soon enough.

        • shar says:

          I didn’t watch back then, but I completely agree too many OLTL actors were added, and given how vital nik and lucky are to canvas, BOTH need good recasts and BACK on GH.

    • Hannah says:

      Agreed. Jake Doe was an infinitely better character than the douchey morally superior hitman Jason. I honestly skip his scenes, which sucks because I quite like Billy Miller.

      • shar says:

        Jake Doe comes back every time Jason’s in scenes with the Q’s or with Curtis so we glimpses of when Miller was fun to watch. Amazes how many great characters are WASTED propping the BORING Sonny character. Curist and Jason were SOOO fun to watch.

  4. Dude says:

    I like Billy Miller in the role so I’m kind of hoping he returns as a different character who merely looks like Jason. Ie. long lost twin brother…

    • Tee says:

      I agree! Keep Billy as Jason, the real Jason, sand have Steve play a different character… he could be the real Franco for all I care.

  5. D says:

    I enjoyed the tale of 2 Todd’s on OLTL, so I hope they do the 2 Jason’s story justice.

    • Normandy says:

      The setup of the two Todds was interesting, but the reveal of why they Victor thought he was Todd was one of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen.

  6. Denise Daniel says:

    I have no desire to see one Jason let alone two. The show did better in the ratings when Jason was “dead” and the Mob faction was dialed way back. The show is already being choked to death by Sonny,Carly, Jason #2 & Sam.
    However it shakes out just please keep my Elizabeth away from that vortex of suck. She’s strong, determined & finally has a man who adores only her & her children.

    • p says:

      I agree!! I love Elizabeth and always have!! Didn’t agree with her not telling Jason who he really was but she have an awesome performance!

    • Tee says:

      I never likes Liz until now so I do hope they don’t shake her story too much. Even if Franco isn’t the real Franco.

    • ninergrl6 says:

      The less mob, the better IMO. The show was on a good trajectory a few years ago with Carly out of Sonny’s clutches, Michael turning his back on his father’s murderer, and no Jason. That’s all been retconned and it’s SO BORING. More power to Josslyn, the only character who is half as sick of Sonny as I am.

    • Hannah says:

      Sing it! The mob squad is always the dumbest part of the show – those four need to go sit down somewhere and be quiet.

    • MBE says:

      I thought I was the only one sick of the mob show. GH does nothing but focus on Sonny, and the mob, if no one is involved with his character they get no air time. I would love for them to focus on other characters and give the mob a rest.

  7. Suzanna Rodriguez says:

    I really am NOT looking forward to a Teo Jason storyline. And please I hope they keep him far far far away from my girl and her new Man Franco

  8. Lee says:

    I have to wonder how long Steve Burton will stay at GH. He’s a good actor but I’m tired of him flip flopping shoes at a whim. The producers ax actors and storylines to make room for Burton. I sincerely hope Billy Miller continues to have lots of screen time.

    • Perette C. says:

      I totally agree. Why does SB get to go back and forth? What kind of fan loyalty is that? Be gone, stay gone. Yes he’s a good actor as Stone Cold but I don’t see him playing these emotional scenes going on lately.

      • ninergrl6 says:

        Same thing happened when Jonathan Jackson decided to come back as Lucky. I love the guy, but I love Greg Vaughan too and he got screwed. Then Jonathan left again a couple years later, and they wrote Lucky off in such a nonsensical way (he’d never leave his kids!) that it trashed the character IMO.

  9. I like the chemistry that Kelly and Billy bring to the canvas if it not broken please do not try insert Steve as Jason bring in as a new character if you drop billy i will stop looking at gh I been the gh since 1970 I will stop watching

  10. gerri sutherland says:

    Rodger Howarth is great as Franco. However, I really miss the original Franco who was played by James Franco. The original Franco was highly Disturbed and psychotic a very intense man and James Franco was gorgeous and easy to look at! The current Franco is so totally different that I find him amicable but almost completely unbelievable as the same person.

    • Beth says:

      I agree. Now that ABC owns the One Life to LIve characters again, get rid of Franco and bring Roger back as Todd Manning

    • rebecca says:

      Agreed!! James did something so interesting with that character, and for awhile GH was absolutely riveting television. I can’t get used to some of these new characters, or storylines. I am glad Steve is coming back, and I love Griffin (although maybe not so much with Ava) I was just hoping someone would give James Franco a shout-out on this thread. :)

  11. Susannah says:

    Personally I thought the show was great without any Jason but I’ve grown to appreciate BM’s acting and his version of Jason. I hope the show doesn’t regress back to the days when SB’s Jason was the hero of every story while all the other characters except Sonny, take a back seat.

    • shar says:

      That’s my fear, but I doubt it would last long, since cancellation would be both inevitable and likely swift. Frank is just so clueless.

  12. Raquel Brice says:

    I’m sorry but nobody is better to play the character of Jason than Steve Burton. I have missed him so much, not to say Billy Miller hasn’t done a good job he has. But Sam and Jason were better when Burton was Jason, General Hospital was better when he was on it. Not to mention the connection he shared with Sonny, Michael, Carly is just not there with Billy Miller. And all those connections is what made GH great and the absence of it was truly felt when he left.

    • Ronnie Anthony says:

      So let him go perform at your house for an hour a day so the rest of us don’t have to deal with it. It’s a win win!

    • Lynda says:

      Thank you Raquel, no one plays a better Jason Morgan than Steve and no on had or has had a better connection with the cast than Steve. These people just jumped on the band wagon they know not what they say.

      • grazelled says:

        Oh yes I do! I love BM’s version of Jason even though the writing and production value on GH these days is much lower compared to when SBu was on as Jason under a besotted mob lover Guza. If SBu plays Jason as remembering Everything about Jason, his Morgan and Q sides, then maybe I’ll bite but if 100% mob related then no thanks… I want BM as Jason. Steve needs to study the growth Jason has had since he returned and I don’t want Jason as a one tone Stone Cold anymore. So did bandwagon jumper huh….

        • Taquilla says:

          Sb made that character whst it is period. The whole Sam and Jason thing is what’s boring. BM has done well playing Jason but now that he and Sam are back together , his character is boring. and the mob thing is what kept ppl watching. I think its unfair to blame the actors when it’s the storylines that are the problem

    • ninergrl6 says:

      If only they could spin off the mobsters and mobster-apologists to their own show (that I wouldn’t watch) and leave the rest of Port Charles alone.

    • Mary donovan says:

      Bring Burton back as Jason. He played it so well period I have been a fan for over fourty years now I like the idea of Helena doing her funny business with the characters I like Miller as well so keep him and if u don’t like the mob scene you haven’t been a fan of this show it has been a part of it for years

      • Dee Bianchini says:

        So true!!

      • ninergrl6 says:

        I’ve been watching GH for almost 30 years and I’ve hated the Corinthos mob storylines since Sonny’s very first day. That’s why I was (and still am) a Jax fan; he hates Sonny almost as much as I do. I can be a fan of the show but not the mobster storylines, although I’ve considered quitting numerous times in the past 20 years. Instead I just fast-forward anyone named or associated with a Corinthos.

        • Erika says:

          Totally agree with this!

        • Brigid says:

          That’s why I stopped watching the show 20 years ago. I couldn’t stand the glorification of Sonny the mob boss. This man is a criminal and all they did was prop him up like some God! Blech! General Hospital was a show based around the lives of the doctors and nurses of said hospital, not a show based around a crooked mob boss who sucked the life out of everything he touched. It seems to me that after 20 years of not watching, it’s still the same old story line, glad I ended that tragedy when I did.

    • Dee Bianchini says:

      100% agree!!!!!!! I think having steve Burton come back and play his role Jason Morgan… would bring ratings back up! The chemistry he had with sam that sorry Billy not it… and the connection he had with sonny, the fam. Especially Carly.. again…sorry Billy has not come no where near to any of these things. I will always b a steve Burton fan! And always feel hes the Jason that needs to play the role. Billy stayin as jason will juz suck gor lots if us!

    • Ethel Strong says:

      I totally agree. I’m not taking anything from BM….he’s an excellent actor. But SB is Jason through and through….you can’t take that away from him.

    • Jennifer Fee says:

      I agree wholeheartedly!!! Something about the way he looked at Kelly Monaco during their scenes together made me wonder if it made his wife squirm when she watched!! ELECTRIC! I haven’t seen that with Billy Miller even once. Also, his scenes with Spinelli were the best! No one can ever replace Steve Burton as Stone Cold!

    • Karen Meltz says:

      I 100% agree with you & have been saying the exact same thing for 5 years! Billy Miller has ZERO Chemistry with the key characters especially Sonny who is his best friend & was his boss & Carly, Spinelli, Michael, Monica, Elizabeth, etc! Steve played our “ONE & ONLY STONE COLD JASON MORGAN” for 21 years better than any other actor could play he didn’t even need words in some scenes too convey his emotions a mere stern look would say it all Steve has the Essence of Jason Morgan down so cleverly Billy is a good actor but cannot compare too Steve as Jason Billy is a Horrible Jason i loved Billy on Y&R but not in the Jason role it has too be STEVE that is the REAL Jason!!

  13. Lone Palm says:

    Not interested in Steve Burton returning at all. I never cared for his portrayal of Jason.

    I have thoroughly enjoyed Billy Miller as Jason Morgan and his chemistry with Kelly Monaco is spectacular.

  14. Scott says:

    Steve Burton. ZzzZzz

  15. Joe says:

    Somehow Heather is involved and stole one of the twins, sold him off.

  16. My belief is that Steve will be returning not as Jason but something similar to what they did when the bought Easton back. And, what his role will be is that of the person taking over Sonny’s organization.

  17. Kathryn Whitworth says:

    Omg…best news! Please just let him take on role of Jason and get Sam back track. And let the universe continue.

  18. Juanelle says:

    Can’t wait.

  19. Helena Mosley says:

    I missed Jason on GH
    I miss Billy on Y& R

  20. Carolyn skinner says:

    Don’t take Steve as Jason away from him he’s great in this role we are used to him. 😡😡😡😡👌

  21. casavon says:

    I’d like to see Steve come back as Jason-with all of his memories intact. Going to med school, knowing his family. Maybe another head trauma will bring back everything. I’ve always wanted the “real” Jason back.

    • ninergrl6 says:

      Now med-school Jason I can get behind! I hoped that’s what they were going to do when Billy Miller came on: his head trauma would make him go back to being Jason Quartermaine. GH FAIL.

    • jeneifert says:

      I can’t wait to see SB return hopefully as Jason! But if there’s a 2 jason story line? I’d feel so bad for Sam she will have a daughter by the “imposter” Jason and a son by the real Jason 😳😬

  22. LT says:

    Can someone just be the real Jason Quartermaine???? and the other the ridiculous Jason Morgan????

  23. Kathy Alagna says:

    Hopefully Steve Burton will be the real Jason.. the chemistry between him and Sam was really fantastic and never boring!

  24. Pam says:

    Todd was brought from a nother show which was great… And had a face change but he is also not as bog a actor as Steve was when he portrayed Jason in his day… I really hope he isn’t brought back to take Billy Miller’s place because it has already been explained as to how his face has changed and his memory has completely come back… I really liked Steve as Jason but no longer… He had his time… He needs to have his own character… Maybe he can be a distant cousin or relative… GoodLuck GH

  25. Judy lackey says:

    I think Steve Burton will come back as Morgan but just guessing.

  26. Kerry Ann Lewis says:

    It so not the right thing to do to Billy Miller. I think I’ll quit after 50 yrs of watching I’m done. Won’t be long before you’re cancelled . So bye. I’m devastated.

  27. raddadtone says:

    I’m calling it now, Steve Burton will turn out to be Nikolas with plastic surgery to look like Jason. Why? I haven’t figured that one out yet

  28. Mary says:

    Ugh, I will give it a shot but I don’t want him as Jason Morgan. I actually like the development of Sam and Jason now. The story line has been great and I hope they don’t screw it up. I would also like the Bromance between Jason and Curtis to continue. I am not to thrill that they are screwing the Hayden and Finn story and I suspect to make room for him. I have been a faithful viewer for years, but lately they have been testing my patience – we shall see.

  29. Jan Miller says:

    Please leave Billy Miller on the show!!! He is great!! I know a lot of people like Steve Burton, but he chose to leave. Billy is our Jason now.

  30. Virgilia Resetar says:

    Steve must be coming back ,as the person whom Sonny will be trusting with the control of his business i could feel this.
    Welcome back, Steve Burton
    I miss my stone face .
    No one could play Jason the way do.

  31. LaLa Hart says:

    Steve Burton IS JASON. I love Billy Miller and I hope they keep him intertwined with all the people who’ve come to love him. BUT…he’s never been Jason in my eyes. There’s NO interaction with Carly’s BEST friend, confidant, Michael’s most trusted ally and who loves him and protects him like he was his own son, that’s not been there and of course Sonny. There’s really been no story other than him trying to control everyone’s life. BORING. I truly hope it’s Jason..the REAL Jason coming back. Steve played him so good, you could just tell by some of his facial reactions what he was thinking or about to do. I’ve missed him!

  32. Chris says:

    About Steve Burton..the article said every idea about who is he is NOT Jason..Franco has not been gone 3 months as someone wrote .After a character has a ling storyline..they have time off..Just because u don’t like Franco means he’s dead weight .there are some i don”t like but i don’t consider them dead weight.

  33. Love to see Steve Burton .playing back on Young and restless. That plays as Sharon case husband they .made the show happen. We.and all watches young restless. Want him back .as Dylan

  34. Tammy says:

    OMG not Jason Hype again didn’t we go through this when Billy came in?

  35. Kim says:

    So happy. Finally

  36. Alice says:

    Best thing for GH. Stone Cold back

  37. Vince says:

    Did u guys forget about the mayor tampering or what

  38. Craig says:

    He’s coming back as Nickolas Casadine.

  39. Annie N. says:

    I wish Steve Burton would stay home and Maurice Benard would quit. With those salaries gone, GH could hire at least 10 new actors and keep our current favs on!

    • ninergrl6 says:

      +1 Then maybe characters like Carly and Michael could regain some semblance of integrity.

    • Satan says:

      The show would be dead in 6 months without Sonny.

      Steve Hardy is dead, and not coming back. Luke Spencer is retired, and not likely to return – barring an occasional visit MAYBE (hopefully the next one will be longer than 5 seconds without a word spoken)

      This show has had three undisputed lead characters in it’s 53.5 year history. Sonny Corinthos is the third .

      Who’s going to replace him? Frodd “Baldwin”??
      McBainSilasVampireWhoever he is this week??
      Hell, even Steve Burton, with 21 years under his belt, couldn’t really be “THE Lead”. Not that I don’t welcome him back.

      Sonny Corinthos ain’t going anywhere until the day this show is gone for good.

  40. Camille Modena says:

    Didn’t they rule out twins months ago.Maybe Alan had another child out of wedlock.Only hope this helps the ratings or we could be watching another talk show…

    • Cathy Wright says:

      I’d love a long lost Quartermaine heir. I even had hopes for the far fetched Turkey girl with the blue eyes. Now that Dillion is gone they need a new Q.

  41. MF says:

    I’m not sure what plan they have for this, but the stupid is guaranteed. What I would like to see happen for Jason: he teams with Curtis and Sam as private investigators. Then, create short story-type cases (like a couple weeks or a month) were guest actors come on as the case subjects. Guest actors could interject new interest.

    Anyway, why do the soaps always paint themselves into a corner? When they kill off a character, is that some kind of revenge against the actor? Somehow, these dead characters always end up alive again. As writers, have more imagination.

  42. Lydia Ingram says:

    I don’t care how they bring him back I’m just so happy they’re bringing him back love me some Steve Burton

  43. Julia Michael says:

    For a while? WHAT does that mean? Is he going to be full time or part?

    • Mandy says:

      Sounds like he will only be back for this storyline.

    • Jules says:

      Hoping that means he will be a ghost or a figment of somebody’s imagination. A hologram. A poltergeist. The Ghost of Mobsters Past. He can appear to call Sonny and Carly to the Other Side or the Bermuda Triangle or anywhere that escorts them off the show. I honestly don’t care who he plays as long as he doesn’t stay long enough to hog up the whole show with his dead eyes and stoneface acting and he LEAVES. Preferably with Sonny and Carly.

  44. Pam Pam says:

    Steve and Sonny go together like milk and cookies somethings should not change Billy is good be not for the role of Jason plus am sure the rating will sky rocket Steve and Sonny are a perfect pair Steve was good on Y&R but even as Dylan didn’t do him justice…bottom lane Steve is Jason..y’all need to make it happen..P.s. A true fan

  45. Mary says:

    Yeah…so glad Steve Burton coming back. He is the ONLY true Jason! Anyone who has negative comments is not a General Hospital fan!

  46. Alice Trask says:

    I’ve never seen people go back and forth between 2 shows as they do with GH and Y&R.

  47. Linda Elmore says:

    I Like Steve Burton, but is don’t want Billy Miller to leave, if Billy leaves, i probably won’t watch general Hospital any more. i have been watching this show since the 1980’s. I record it every day. Please find a way to keep both on the show, especially Billy.

    • May says:

      Billy Miller isn’t leaving he just signed a new contract and Kelly confirmed on her fan event she will be staying by her man Billy Miller Jason.

  48. Lia Marshall says:

    No one has guessed right, until now! Steve Button is really Nicholas Cassidine, courtesy of the presumed dead Helena. And don’t go trying to change the storyline, just because I figured it out.

  49. If cold Stone not the real Jason. Then he came into tjd picture being one of the twin that took his brother identity. That would b crazy

  50. kkgator says:

    I guess it’s just too hard for Valentini and company to do ANYTHING remotely original. This whole thing has disaster written all over it. Are they TRYING to get the show cancelled?