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Supernatural Spinoff

Supernatural EP on Spinoff's 'Different Set of Stories' and New Characters

If at first you don’t succeed, try again — and that’s exactly what the Supernatural team is doing after its unsuccessful first spinoff attempt, which failed to earn a series order.

Unlike Season 9’s backdoor pilot “Bloodlines,” “which was by design meant not to feel like” the long-running CW drama from which it was spawned, the female-led potential offshoot Wayward Sisters “is meant to feel like Supernatural, but a different set of stories in that world,” co-showrunner Andrew Dabb said during a San Diego Comic-Con interview.

Supernatural Spinoff Wayward SistersIn the project — penned by Dabb and writer Robert Berens — Sheriff Jody Mills (played by Kim Rhodes) and a group of troubled young women, all of them orphaned by supernatural tragedy, team up as a supreme monster-fighting force. Teens Claire Novak (Kathryn Newton) and Alex Jones (Katherine Ramdeen) will be joined by psychic Missouri Moseley’s granddaughter Patience Turner (Clark Backo), who will be introduced in Season 13’s third episode, with another newcomer set to join the ensemble in Episode 9, Dabb revealed. The group, along with Sheriff Donna Hanscum (Briana Buckmaster), will then join forces in the backdoor pilot, airing as Episode 10, to “kick some ass and tell a story that [is] in the Supernatural sphere, but will feel and play as much different than” the mothership series, Dabb described.

Despite the differences, Wayward Sisters still “very much [has] the same sensibilities, the same driving forces [and] the same core themes, which are family,” Dabb added.

As for why now is the right time to try to once again expand the Supernatural universe, Dabb noted that this particular idea was “something we have been talking about, internally, really since we introduced Claire Novak to the show [in Season 10].” And with Alex living under Jody’s roof, the producers thought, “‘Oh, this might be a real opportunity to make this happen.'”

“That was something that simmered for us, and fans really latched onto it in a way we could have never expected, in a really awesome way,” Dabb continued. But the creatives had to wait for the show’s storylines to align. “Last season, because of the British Men of Letters and Mom, it didn’t feel right. This season, it feels right. And the way it’s going, as you’ll see as you watch the show, it evolves very organically out of the first half of the season… because we have such a high amount of lead time.”

Supernatural Season 13 premieres on Thursday, Oct. 12 at 8/7c on The CW, where it will now lead into Season 6 of Arrow.

Supernatural fans, are you looking forward to (re)meeting the Wayward Sisters?

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  1. The Wiz says:

    Dabb and Singer are full of it. The fandom is the one that introduced this spinoff to them. Claire Novak is hardly a fan favorite but yet they use her to say that’s when this idea started.

    I’m not excited for this spinoff. We’ve had far better characters than these that deserved a chance at their own spinoff. And Supernatural is already one foot out the door. That universe should just end completely. When Supernatural ends let it end. It’s to late for a spinoff.

    • S says:

      Is someone forcing you to watch? Don’t like it don’t watch. Why don’t people understand that?

    • Angel McCue says:

      Your wet blanket could fill a lake. Why does a show have to move on simply because YOU don’t like it anymore? How about YOU move on?

      • The Wiz says:

        Is this the part where I come up with a witty comeback? It’s funny how no one can just take a negative comment about something they like. Like I was insulting them personally. I’ll pass on the teenage cat fight.

        • DL says:

          Well, you’re making sweeping generalizations about something people like a great deal, with no evidence or reasoning to back it up. And when you say “we” instead of “I,” you’re purporting to represent the whole fandom. It’s only natural that those who disagree would want to refute you.
          Next time don’t be so declarative. It’s just your opinion, which has no greater or lesser weight than anyone else’s, unless you happen to work at CW. You have no authority over the show, or its viewership, despite representing yourself as a voice for some (possibly nonexistent) group of disgruntled fans. Next time speak for yourself and not some eponymous “we.”

          • The Wiz says:

            Your comment collapsed on itself. Where did I speak for anyone but me? I simply voiced my opinion and as usual I get my head bitten off because someone disagrees. But wait.. because I voiced my opinion I must have some affiliation with The CW. So I guess that means anyone with an opinion works for them too. I never said anyone’s opinion didn’t matter. But what you teenagers need to understand is that people agree and disagree. And they have a right to voice their opinion whether one likes it or not. And if you need a reminder again I’m not saying “we” as you like to claim I do. This comment is for me. “I”

      • Patricia says:

        I love supernatural the guys are so sexy I don’t want no women killing zombies and others. You should make both the devil s. Fight each other? That would be great for a show.

    • Deb says:

      I agree this was definitly an idea started with the fandom. But I am excited for the spinoff, or at least the intro episodes. See how they go. I think episodes with Jodie Mills the last few years have been among the best of the seasons. I haven’t take to Claire Novak the same as so many others, but I’m willing to give Kathryn Newton the benefit of the doubt, and hope the bratty teenage attitude will be gone right quick. (Writers take note!) You say it’s one foot out the door, but done properly, this could be a new lease of life. Casting needs to be spot on and the writing is key. Bring it!

      • The Wiz says:

        I appreciate your not so arrogant counter argument. I have voiced my opinions about this spinoff and everyone acts like it’s a death threat. I realize my comments may come off as rude and bashful. And maybe your right, maybe these characters will be better written on a show of their own.

    • thebikeboy says:

      Expressing your opinion is one thing; condemning something you have apparently liked with NO BASIS GIVEN, other than your personal tastes, is presenting your opinion as authoritative. You simply come off as, as was said, “a wet blanket”. Opinion or not, discuss intelligently or not at all.

      • The Wiz says:

        So let me get this straight people are upset because I didn’t voice my opinion like you said “intelligently?” I think the real reason everyone’s upset is because I’m not happy with this spinoff. The headline of my comment was Not Excited For Spinoff. And I wrapped up the “basis” with the gist of truth. Now If you can’t understand or won’t it’s not my problem to convince you since you don’t agree with me not liking the spinoff.

  2. maermae says:

    “This season, it feels right. And the way it’s going, as you’ll see as you watch the show, it evolves very organically out of the first half of the season… ”

    Just no. If you want to do a spin-off, do a spin-off but do not compromise SPN to set-up for the new show. I understand giving an episode or two to do the backdoor pilot for the spin-off but I don’t want SPN’s arc to have anything to do with this spin-off. Supernatural’s first priority should be the Winchesters & their world, not setting up the Wayward Sister’s world, which despite the writer’s assurances, is a VERY different world.

    I guarantee this current crop of writers are not talented enough to make it feel organic. It will feel clunky & heavy handed.

    I can already see the writers making Claire this hunter protege who teaches Sam & Dean some lessons and/or saves their hides..even though it makes absolutely no sense & will do a disservice to the Sam & Dean characters..who were raised to be hunters & are literally the best of the best.

    I love Jody, I like Donna but I just don’t see this spin-off succeeding. Yes, fandom likes the Wayward Sisters..but fandom is not general viewership and fandom alone cannot support a show. Just ask Kings of Con.

    • June Bug says:

      “If you want to do a spin-off, do a spin-off but do not compromise SPN to set-up for the new show”

      Thank you! I know some fans are excited about the pilot and for their sakes, I’m happy things are moving forward. But personally, the whole Wayard thing isn’t something that rocks my boat and I don’t see myself watching if it goes to series. So it kind of sucks to have not one, not two, but three Wayward-related episodes this season. That’s a lot of time setting up another show that has little to do with the Winchesters (and Cas, since he’s an honorary Winchester in my book.)

      Are Dabb and Singer even remotely interested in the original show/characters anymore? I had my doubts after the Mary/BMOL/Lucifer/Lucifer’s spawn- heavy last season and now with this….

    • S says:

      Well its pretty hard to do spin off of a show without a backdoor pilot. Everyone does it.

    • geegee says:

      They produce 23 episodes, they got plenty of real estate to plan and develop it organically without “ruining” anything. It’s all about the writing now. Anyway, this last season Sam and Dean were noticeably less on screen anyway, and it did not suffer (too) much.

      • Diana says:

        Oh, I disagree. I thought it was pretty obvious that the brothers were peripheral to last season. They did the filler standalones while Mary, Mitch, Ketch, Cas, Crowley, Lucifer, Kelly, Dagon handled the big mytharc storylines. Bringing in and focusing on other characters again next season just makes me think it’s going to be more of the same – the brothers put in the required screentime for the Js to get paid while everyone else gets the actual plot.

        • geegee says:

          It’s still SPN, love the stories and the mythology, & I dont mind if the arcs are not carried solely by S&D.
          My guess is J2 requested less screen time… I am practical, less is better than no SPN at all.

        • Kathy says:

          J2 requested time off to be with their young families. I don’t have a problem with that. I liked seeing more of Mary.

    • “this current crop of writers are not talented enough to make it feel organic.”

      In Berens we trust….

    • Lulu says:

      Which is why I hope Jared and Jensen never guest star. It’s not hard to image the writers throwing the Winchesters under the bus to prove just how much more badass and superior their girl hunter creations turned out. It happened with a bunch of times with Charlie: the brothers would suddenly become bumbling novices so she could jump in and save the day. I could easily see it happening again on the spinoff. I think Dabb and Berens should respect the legacy of the Winchester brothers and just let them be.

  3. Kepler says:

    Wow I couldn’t disagree more, The Wiz. I can’t remember the last time I was so excited to see a pilot. I think this show could be *everything* I could ever want. I love Jody (I don’t know who you think is more deserving of a spinoff than Jody!), and Donna, and Claire.

    • Same here, I am SO excited! The Jody/Donna/Claire/Alex dynamic is so amazing, and blatantly the best idea for a spin-off. I wasn’t even THAT big a fan of Claire, until her last episode, where they gave her some really great character development, and a lovely insight to her relationship with Jody (I shoulda guessed right there that they were picking up the fans’ concept seriously!)
      In an ideal world, they’ll cross paths with Krissy Chambers, and at some point Donna will have to rescue a squealing Doug 1.0 from some terrible fate.
      Oh hey Bobo – I have ideas! Listen to me!

  4. Ann Edelman says:

    We are really interested in the Winchester Brothers, and would rather have you focus on them. However, the characters of Bobby Singer and Jody Mills are great together. Bring them back as a couple and partners to help the Winchesters just like Bobby did.

    • Much as I love Bobby, he and Jody never got to be a couple so it’d be a bit weird now. She has definitely moved on (she had that whole ‘thing’ with Asa Fox) and anyhow, she has a whole life now that doesn’t necessarily need a man in it.

      I am really excited about this show!!

  5. Will Gerits says:

    Big fan of the Winchesters. But the episodes with Claire Novak were mostly weak. Don’t understand why the producers didn’t do some due diligence. The fans are not waiting for this. Smells a little like the female Ghostbusters fiasco.

    • Bob says:

      Oh, do tell, what was the “female Ghostbusters fiasco” you’re speaking of?

      And stop speaking for all fans.

    • Angel McCue says:

      Sorry but that sorta reeked of sexism. Admittedly, the Ghostbusters movie wasn’t all that, but it had nothing to do with ovaries and everything to do with crappy writing. I happen to like Claire Novak and I love Jody Mills. I am willing to give the spinoff a chance, see if I like it or not and if not, oh well. At least I tried it. I am a die hard SPN fan and it “Wayward Sisters” will have some notably large shoes to fill.

      With that said, people need to have a bit of faith in the writers. They have managed to keep a show alive for THIRTEEN years, and one that is in a very selective demographic and still keep it interesting.

      • Kriston Troy Brannan says:

        The problem with the Ghostbuster’s reboot is that it was a stunt designed entirely to appeal to a specific demographic who wanted to see more female lead movies. Instead of doing that organically by casting one or two strong female leads to be a part of a new team, they pulled the “all-female” reboot stunt. This feels nothing like that, specifically because they are NOT trying to shoe-horn these women in as “Sam and Dean with vaginas”, but have instead let the characters and relationships develop over the course of several seasons. I was one of those who were pissed at the glaringly obvious attempt to pander that was the new “Ghostbusters”, but this spin-off doesn’t bother me in the least. In fact, I love that its filled with strong female characters but doesn’t seem to be trying to use that as some kind of statement.

        • geegee says:

          Exactly, Jodi and Donna feel like real developed characters who are women, not women who are only characters because of their womanhood.

    • Google ‘Wayward Daughters’ and tell us again that fans are not waiting for this.

      Also, I loved the new Ghostbusters, so if it’s as fun as that I’ll be happy.

  6. Wendy says:

    Show runners – listen to the fans again – fill up that writers room, casting call sheets, and director chairs with women, including women of color. Get at least one EP working daily on the show that is female.

    • Kriston Troy Brannan says:

      This is exactly what they SHOULDN’T do. If they attempt to make this show into a political statement, it WILL fail. Hire writers, directors, and EPs because they are the best you can find, and will deliver an amazing show that lives up the spinoffs potential and the legacy of SPN. If that means a crew full of women, awesome. If not, that’s great too. As long as it brings us the best show possible. The side effect of this will be that this female lead show will garner more viewership and critical praise, which will do far more for the promotion of female leads on Sci-fi / Fantasy television than any equality-based hiring / political statement ever would. They’ve managed to organically develop an idea for a female lead spinoff without it seeming like a political stunt. If they turn it into one, it’ll alienate a lot of viewers.

      • I agree to a great extent – I mean, for every Nancy Won there’s a Eugenie Ross-Lemming, after all. And I adore Robert Berens’ writing for many of my fave characters, so I have complete faith in him.

        But an anecdote just popped in my head, about the first episode of Kings of Con. Kim Rhodes had a line that was an instant fan favourite, (about going into the closet for a cry) and when receiving praise for it, Richard said “that was all Kim, we could never have come up with that” because it reflected something that is perhaps an almost uniquely female experience, and yet so widely recognisable that fans LOVED it. And that is what we need more of.

        I’m not saying men can’t write great female characters, cos that would be a ridiculous statement to make. But there are things they simply can’t know, and so can’t write about, that can really connect and light up a character/story.

        Similarly, I read a great article about the female gaze in Wonder Woman, and the little things that Patty Jenkins brought that just made the film look different to most superhero movies, because of things she did (or didn’t) do that were atypical in the genre.

        So it needn’t be an overtly political thing, it’s just about a different perspective, and the lived experience of being a woman.

  7. Sharon says:

    I’m definitely curious about how “Wayward Sisters” is going to fare, considering “Bloodlines” bombed miserably. I’ve watched “Supernatural” since “Dad went on a trip and he hasnt been home in a few days”, so I hope the same creativity goes into “Wayward Sisters”.
    Note: I had hoped that Missouri would show up seasons later (Loretta Devine was wonderful) just to stir things up a bit. I see that her granddaughter is a cast member. Here’s hoping that her psychic abilities do a walk on😊

  8. Eric Whitman says:

    very excited and interested to check this out.

  9. Lise says:

    Some of the comments…geez, unclench, people. The Originals is a spinoff of The Vampire Diaries, big whoop.

    If you’re not interested, don’t watch it, but it will probably have some Supernatural fans tuning in and some totally new fans. I’ll give it a try.

  10. Key says:

    I loved watching Buffy and Angel side-by-side once the spin-off got going, hoping we get another situation like that with SPN and Wayward Sisters :D
    Jody Mills is my favorite Supernatural character and I’m so excited to see where this goes~<3

  11. Patricia says:

    I love supernatural the guys are so sexy I don’t want no women killing zombies and others. You should make both the devil s. Fight each other? That would be great for a show.

  12. Nemo says:

    Slogan: “When their periods align, the demons will pay!”

    But seriously, I’d give this a try. I wanted to like Supernatural, but it was always too much of a sausage fest for me.

  13. Amy J says:

    “Wayward Daughters” as a concept dates back to 2015. The momentum since then has been driven by fans and actors. I’m very glad this pilot is happening, and I have had zero involvement in the Wayward AF promoting, but a little more credit is due to the fans rather than the producers having genius ideas.

  14. Jelly says:

    *weary sigh* God, I hate Dabb but instead of screaming about it and this thing I have zero interest in I’d like to remind everyone that Wayward Sisters was originally Wayward Daughters, a fan conceived idea [that we’ve already seen]. So if you like this spin-off don’t go to SM to gush about and thank Dabb, or Berens, or anybody else who decides to take credit. Thank the fans who came up with this concept, put time and love into it, and were so passionate and proud of it that it was brought to Kim and Briana’s attention and thus the producers and network.

    • kalli says:

      Are those fans being paid for their idea? …

      • and that’s why the change to ‘Wayward Sisters’ not ‘Wayward Daughters’…!

        (also why writers and producers steer clear of fanfic/fan ideas generally – but this was too big for them to ignore)

    • The fans were responding to an episode of Supernatural which set this whole thing up. You know who wrote that episode? Clue: not the fans.

      • Jelly says:

        If you are referring to episode 12 of s11 that was based off of the fan idea. The idea was inspired by events in SPN, and born out of the desire for more strong female representation in the show, the love they have for this particular set of characters, and their desire to see them all interact and build relationships. The fact that they didn’t write the episodes that inspired them does not negate that fans are the ones who came up with the concept and developed it.

        • So the writers developed the characters and put them all together, which gave the fans the brilliant idea of showing them all together?
          I love Supernatural and have watched it since day one, but the fans are just infuriatingly silly at times. The fangirls are the ones that have prevented strong female representation since season 2 of the show, throwing a tantrum every time a woman shared a scene with the Winchesters. Ellen and Jo were written off because of fangirl whining. Lisa was never developed because of fangirl whining. The only time the fangirls didn’t go crazy was when the female characters were either gay or too old to be a serious love interest… Because apparently the fangirls think they have a chance with fictional characters.
          The idea that the fans came up with the idea of putting Jody with these girls and featuring them in stories is just insane. And the suggestion that fans have been wanting strong female representation on the show is just laughable.

          • Jelly says:

            No. The writers created a set of characters. Some in this set of characters interacted with one another. The fans, liking this interaction, decided to play with the idea of the whole set interacting with one another at the same time, building relationships and becoming a family. What started as headcanons grew, it got a name (Wayward Daughters) and got a little bit more polished.
            Welcome to the world, it’s insane and laughable.
            Yes, there are fans who complain about every single female character on the show who gets too close to the boys, but there’s also a pretty decent number of, predominantly female, fans who wish to see more strong female representation in the show. They just don’t scream as loud.
            I do agree with you on one point, some fans are infuriatingly silly. But that’s fandom.

          • The Wiz says:

            I like you.

          • The concept is roughly based on the episode “Freaks and Geeks” from season 8, and the fact that Jody took Alex in in the episode “Alex Annie Alexis Anne”. The writers have been thinking about this setup since they reintroduced Claire in season 10. So I hate to break the bad news, but this isn’t the fans creating and developing the idea, it’s a group of fans watching the show and seeing what the writers are setting up. I wanted Charlie dead since her first episode, but the writers didn’t rip off my idea when they killed her (though you could argue that the death was kinda similar to Jenny Calendar).
            Watching a show is not the same thing as writing the show. The fans don’t get bonus points for managing to grasp the story arc that’s being established. And it wasn’t headcanons. This new spin-off is just going to show us what has been actual canon since Alex moved in with Jody.

          • Amy J says:

            HAHAHAHAHA. Dude. No. Go look at the TVline article from August 2015 about the Television Critics Association summer press tour. It clearly states “(For the record, Pedowitz (CW President) had not heard of the Wayward Daughters offshoot fans are campaigning for.)”

          • Haha dude, that was after the premise had been set up on the show. The writers had been working with the idea in mind, which is why they put Claire with Jody in the first place. So unless you can show me where the fans had this idea before Jody started taking in wayward orphan girls, the fans did not come up with this idea. But I think it’s adorable that people can’t tell the difference between understanding the story on the screen and coming up with the story yourself.

  15. Monica says:

    Hell no…no teeny bopper stuff for me…sure help the spinoff but dont poison supernatural….me amd my 6 sons will NOT br watching any wayeatd sister junk….sorry its just not SPN.And hey I am single mom with 6 boys why the hell would we watch that ….I dont have a interest and neither do they….and we are all fans.

    • Lulu says:

      I think that’s the biggest challenge facing the spin off. With that premise and an all female cast of mostly teenage girls, it seems geared towards a very specific demographic. Will it appeal to the wider general audience? I’m not sure. There’s nothing I’ve heard so far that interests me and I’m a hardcore Supernatural fan.

  16. lisajsien says:

    I lived the Claire/Alex/Jody/Donna episodes and I can’t wait to see this new show!!! Feels like some aren’t giving it a chance before it even starts. But when SPN dies finally end well at the very least have something from to “carry on” our beloved characters!! And maybe cameos from J2 and others! I look at it as an extension of the family. 😊💜

  17. I like the idea. I just have two hopes:
    1. The show is like early Supernatural, with a more subtle, scary horror movie vibe and filming style. (This means no Heaven, Hell, or angels, with demons rarely showing up)
    2. The show isn’t so “girl power!” that they have a no-men policy. Supernatural has great female characters that evolved naturally. This show should do the same. For example, Cole might be a good recurring player.
    I’m excited to see what they do with this though. Supernatural is a great universe to play in.

  18. Scott MacHattie says:

    You know what first I can’t for season twelve on Netflix, and also I can’t wait for October, and wayward sisters.

  19. ami says:

    I’m excited about the idea, but i worry that they’ll do it wrong. They need to remember how the driving force in SPN is the idea of FAMILY and all the craziness that derives from it, and make sure they keep that at the center for Wayward Sisters. But I worry they won’t…

  20. Carrie says:

    I think this is a really great idea. I’m excited about this, and I love the name of the show.

  21. Wendy voytovich says:

    Been a fan since the beginning!! I am very enthusiastic about a spin off ! Cant wait to see the new season and my 2 favorite characters back in action !

  22. I have been a Supernatural Fan for a long time. I have to say the
    Chemistry between Kim Rhode and Briana Buckmaster is amazing! You can see the same kind of bond between them building that the Brother’s Sam and Dean have. Kathryn Newton well she it just amazing. I would like to see Claire develop a close relationship with Alex (Katherine Ramdeen). Dean has always been the brother wanting to hunt with Sam wanting a normal life. I see this in Claire and Alex. Claire and Alex are the female versions of Dean and Sam .

    • Key says:

      Dude, that’s true. I hadn’t even considered that aspect before : D That’s really cool. And (iirc) Alex is even coming around because of the moral obligation… just like Sammy did.

      Unfortunately, though I wanted to, I never liked Claire that well… but she is coming around. Hope she only continues to improve with the new episodes and show<3

  23. Chell says:

    Unfortunately, this seems highly uninteresting to me. However, if this show gets a series I’m pretty sure it’ll find it’s audience. Many people on here seem excited and that’s great, it really is. I’ve just never liked shows that mainly have a female cast, and that’s just my preference. It also really doesn’t help that Claire is an extremely irritating character. With all that said, I wish the show luck, but I’ll be saying goodbye to my beloved SPN when Sam and Dean’s story ends.

  24. Jason Bales says:

    Okay THIS is how you do a spinoff! Even the new character has ties to the history of the show (I live in Missouri and I was already a fan of Ms. Loretta Devine so even if she’s only been in one episode (so far) I remember her well). Looking forward to this one! :)

  25. Jelly says:

    @authorkyleandrews *sigh* Y’know a quick google search would really make this conversation short enough that I’d still be able to directly reply.

    Inspired by a line in 10.20 (“This is some sort of halfway house for wayward girls?) two female fans (Riley Keshner and Betty Days) took to the internet (tumblr and twitter to be specific) [the day after the episode aired] to create a campaign and petition for a Supernatural spin-off about Jody and Donna running a home base together for young female hunters, they named this concept Wayward Daughters Academy. It would eventually lose the Academy part and be known as Wayward Daughters. This concept was embraced by Kim and Briana who helped push the idea. they even worked with Creation to sell Wayward Daughters merch. One fan even proposed the idea off Robert Berens as head writer in a tweet. This was all back in 2015.

    The writers weren’t planning on this, the fans created it, the fans (with support form the actresses) pushed it.
    Dabb’s has been looking for an spn spin off since Bloodlines (that one was actually his idea), he saw fan support for Wayward Daughters and here we are today.

    You’re right the writers didn’t rip off your idea for Charlie dying. Because you didn’t have an idea, you simply had a desire, to see this particular character dead. A desire is not an idea. And you’re right watching a show is not the same as writing it, or grasping the storyline that is being set up. But this isn’t a case of either.

    Partially correct. Parts of Wayward Sisters was already canon, like Alex living with Jody, but other parts where [at least partially] inspired by fan headcanons.

    Now, personally I feel this discourse is going around in circles, clearly no matter what I say you’ll continue to have your opinion that the fans had nothing to do with this spin off. I’m too old to be going on merry go rounds, thus I bid you addio. I sincerely hope you enjoy the spin-off.

  26. Erick Voshel says:

    Looking forward to it. Can’t wait.