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Carlos Bernard Supergirl

Supergirl Casts 24 Vet Carlos Bernard as Maggie's [Spoiler] in Season 3

Supergirl is staging what may be a very awkward and intense family reunion.

24 alum Carlos Bernard will guest-star during Season 3 of the CW series as Maggie Sawyer’s father, TVLine has learned.

Like his daughter, Bernard’s Oscar Rodas is also a cop. It was revealed last season that Maggie grew up in a very conservative family that did not approve of her being a lesbian. After she was outed, Maggie and her parents got in a big fight, which resulted in the teen getting kicked out of the house by her dad.

Will pops drop by to make peace and give his stamp of approval to a possible engagement? At the close of the Season 2 finale, Alex popped the question to her girlfriend Maggie, whose answer remains a mystery for now. And although Maggie’s portrayer, Floriana Lima, will step down from series regular to recurring for Season 3, executive producer Greg Berlanti doesn’t believe the change will be perceptible to viewers.

“Any character people love is not there as much as people want them there,” Berlanti told TVLine at the Television Critics Association summer press tour this week. “[But] from my perspective, we will use her as much as we can.”

“She’s wonderful on the show, and she’s got some real ardent fans, as she should,” he continued. “We wanted more of her, but she’s got other things in the hopper, other things she wants to consider.”

Bernard — whose TV credits also include Dallas and Scoundrels — first teased his visit to the CW series via Twitter earlier this week.

Supergirl returns Monday, Oct. 9 at 8/7c on The CW, now leading into the freshman military drama Valor.

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  1. Bella says:

    Very excited for this.

  2. Martes says:

    About time Maggie got some backstory. Nice casting by the way. I miss Tony Almeida.

    • daryl says:

      it’s rather strange they’re building on the foundation of the character in the season where she’ll be leaving

      • Maria says:

        She’s not leaving. Multiple people involved with the show, including Greg Berlanti, said that the audience wont even feel her status change.

        • Muffy says:

          That depends on her time. If she’s busy with something, viewers will barely see her. Especially if she’s doing a movie, Broadway or another show.

        • Edyn says:

          Usually when people start looking into other things( ie recurring role,) it means they are looking into better things and better things mean that she will/may be leave in the future. Many TV actors/actresses use a show to propel their careers further, especially if they were on a good hot new show, then get their name known and leave. I never heard of Grant Gustin, Melissa Benoist, or Darren Criss until I saw Glee and 2 end up in a show that revolves around them. It is the same with Arrow for me. It will not surprise me if Lima leaves for something better or equal to Supergirl.

          • Lindsay says:

            I guess we’ll have to wait and see . I hope she sticks around and comes back as a regular in season 4

      • Rex the Wonder Dog says:

        From what I understand Maggie will be a recurring character. Meaning that when Ms. Lima is available to shoot scenes, Maggie will appear. Sort of like Diggle’s wife Lyla.

  3. Maria says:

    Floriana always kills the emotional stuff. Cant wait.

  4. Meme says:

    Looking forward to this storyline/episode. #MaggieSawyer #Sanvers #Supergirl

  5. Phun says:

    It looks like it’s going to be a very emotional reunion….

  6. Lindsay says:

    Is this one episode or more?

  7. datdudemurphy says:

    I think it would be a lot more interesting if they introduced Maggie’s daughter from her previous marriage…. like from the comics.
    Normally, I’d consider kids to be a show killer…but with Maggie’s reduced screen time this year, it wouldn’t be a huge issue. Plus it would add a wrinkle to the incredibly too easy Maggie-Alex relationship.

    • Martes says:

      Show Maggie was never in a relationship with a man, never married one. Never had kids. She was kicked out at 14 for being gay so they are following her show backstory.

      • datdudemurphy says:

        Uh huh. I watch the show, I know her story…. doesn’t actually change that I think using the above mentioned bits of her comic book history, would make for a more interesting story.

        • Rex the Wonder Dog says:

          But how would that work. Maggie knew she was lesbian since she was 14. Why would in the intervening years she decide she was straight after all, get married to a man, and have sex with him, and get pregnant. People who are gay don’t just all of a sudden realize they were straight after all, and then later on that they are gay again. It would make for a very stupid story because it wouldn’t make sense.

          • datdudemurphy says:

            Because no one who is gay has ever had a straight relationship? Little Richard and Elton John were both married to women at one point. Wanda Sykes was married to a guy, Meredith Baxter was married to 3 different guys. Billie Jean King was once married to a man….It has happened a lot.

    • Edyn says:

      That would be interesting. Make her bi-sexual. Have a kid like in the comics. The producers change the material a little when they go from a book to a series show, tweaking slightly for a better story. I knew someone like that. Married to a man, has a college son, divorced the man, and turned lesbian. It can happen.

  8. Kevin Tran says:

    Excited about Carlos Bernard’s new gig on Supergirl. He’ll always be Tony Almeida from 24 forever.

  9. Natalie says:

    How old is Carlos Bernard to be playing the father of a 36 year old woman? He must have had Maggie super young, like in his teens, because MS is not as young as KD. Either way, I always liked this actor, I wished I cared about Maggie as much, but I’ll enjoy him on SG.

    • Lindsay says:

      I don’t think Maggie is 36 on the show maybe 30 and you would like Maggie more if they invest more in her hopefully they do this season

      • Natalie says:

        Yeah, that makes more sense since Alex is thirty. I’m all for more MS development, do I think what they write for her will make me care more, not really. But I’m so hoping to be proven wrong. Now maybe give James an episode or two about his own bg, that’s what i hope as well for s3 since he has been just a prop for the s2 in its entirety.

    • Martes says:

      Dude, Dean Cain plays Chyler Leigh’s father.

  10. Shaun says:

    There is a difference with recurring though,they can get offers from other shows and just skip town(IE Alycia Debnam Carey who was on the 100 but was poached before they could make her a regular).

    • Jami says:

      The only show that Alycia Debman Carrey will ever be known for is The 100. she was only a guest star and not a re-occurring character. I am sure she wishes, the EP would have offered her a deal and promoted her to the main cast. Mistakes made all around taking that part on FTWD has done nothing for her career. However Lexa or Clexa will live in infamy on the CW.

      • Shaun says:

        In the 2nd season she was in like half the time,that is not a guest star!!Her character on FTWD isn’t too bad.

  11. Joey Padron says:

    Good casting to play her dad. Looking forward to learn more about Maggie’s past and family in the new season.

  12. Uno says:

    So I’m guessing Sawyer is her moms name??…and I see they got a Latino guy to play her dad that’s cook seeing as she’s pretending to be one for the show.

  13. Jami says:

    Dean Cain 51 Carlos Bernard 55 They had their daughters when they were 16 and 19 LOL. Nice to see men now playing fathers, of adult women in their mid 30’s. Woman have been doing it for years in hollywood.

  14. Edyn says:

    Tony Almeida rocks and looks good for his age. I am glad Lima is leaving to do other, better things. I do not want wedding bells…

    • Pamela says:

      I agree. It’s too soon and most people don’t end up together forever with their first girlfriend/boyfriend. Besides it’s the cw, they have to break up, have a season go by and almost make up for the season finale, have a triangle for a bit, and *then* get back together forever or get back together and have one of them die the next episode.

      • Edyn says:

        Thank you Pamela for agreeing. Look at Barry and Iris, how long did it take them and Barry loved her from the start. Iris just caught up, lol. Recurring roles can be a lot or a little depending on the time of the actor/actress, but I am glad she is moving to hopefully better things

      • K says:

        So, this is what’s unrealistic on a superhero show about aliens, someone marrying their first love? lol I’m guessing if Lima wants to stick around in a recurring capacity, they’ll just Lyla/Diggle them. Kara is the main and she’ll continue to get most of the romance drama, especially if they follow Mon-El’s story from the comics, which they have hinted at.

    • Lara says:

      Well you must have missed some spoilers. A wedding is definitely happening and Floriana isn’t leaving. She will just have “reduced screentime” but Berlanti said the audience wont even notice her status change.

      • Edyn says:

        I will notice and I am sure others will also. How can one not see the change that big where one character goes from many episodes to a few episodes depending on what other acting pursuits the actress has? That is a big thing unless they fill the screen time with another love interest or character.

    • Rex the Wonder Dog says:

      Where was it stated Ms. Lima was leaving the show. It was my understanding she has a recurring role. Basically the same situation as Calista Flockhart.

  15. daryl says:

    it’s rather strange they’re building on the foundation of the character in the season where she’ll be leaving

  16. Tony Almeida is old enough for a grown GROWN daughter now? DAMN WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN.